WACLA Visibilty Action = Banner Preparation and DVD - - sticker, stamp and stuff!


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We got together to put stickers on 1200+ DVDs, stamp the sleeves with the WeAreChangeLA contact info, and stuff the DVDs into the sleeves. We also laid out all of our banners and gave them a good cleaning. This is all in preparation for our participation in the anti-war march here in Los Angeles. Can't wait!

By doing this out in the open at a popular park, we created a visibility action for passersby to learn about 9-11 Truth. Everyone brought flyers and displays for this fun outreach.

Steve Wright did a great job interviewing the passersby and he put together a fantastic video. Check it out!


Well done! Good organizing, good banners, good DVDs, good quality of interaction with passers-by. This will get the job done!


The Way to Get it Done.


By the end of that video all I could do was cry. I feel so honored to be a part of such a beautiful movement!
Thankyou for your passion and good work

I love to see the interaction!

Way to go WACLU!

Wonderful video

The man on the street interviews are telling. We're winning this thing. Great job LA.

You people are awesome! + batch duplicator...batch disk printer?

You people are awesome!

With such large numbers of disks that you distribute I am wondering if you have considered getting a batch duplicator and/or a batch disk printer.


Keep up the amazing work.


FT or Anyone...

What are the best batch duplicators?

What are the best batch disk printers?

How much does each run?

Where are the best places to get them?

MANY thanks!

Google is your friend.

Just research it.

There used to be a hub for ordering these - we need copy and distribution centers I think. Would any one care to run one of those? Where the disks can be cranked out and sent out by the 1000's? How could that be done?

I do not know because I do not own one

That said, I believe there are machines where you can put 50 to 100 disks in and come back later to a stack of good looking DVD/CDs.

The big machines unfortunately are more that I would have thought

For example: http://www.primera.com/


Thanks for posting this video!

It's ALWAYS deeply inspiring to watch true patriots in action!!

Who knew, in 1776, that the uniform of the 21st century American Revolution would be shorts, jeans, t-shirts, and sunglasses?

Gotta love it!!

Try clapping your hands 110 times in 10 seconds

That's a good one.

And "for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction." (Sir Isaac Newton)

I've always liked to point out the thought experiment regarding the near freefall of the twin towers (to within 2 seconds of absolute free fall), and then I ask the question

Which is stronger - steel, or AIR?

Those buildings were blown up from the top down. The plane impacts and fires at around the impact area were not and could not have been the cause of the total destruction of those buildings. They did not "collapse" at all. They blew up. Right there is where the Zelikow myth falls apart and crumbles to dust.

Notice how grateful the people were to be recieving the info..?

We need so much more of these actions and Youtube videos of these actions - there's a hungry public out there thirsting for the information and the truth, because all people seek truth, understanding, awareness, and what is right, and just. People are hard wired for that - they want to be entirely reality based. This is not an episode from the writings of George Orwell, this is real life, and something must be done. One generation is all we need and we're getting it.

Clapping hands a street action which attire attention.

If we do a series of clapping our hands 110 time in 10 seconds in the manifestations and then fall down, people on the side watching, will be attracted to this action par curiosity. At the 110th clap we need to fall down on as did WTC7. Instead of it being London Bridge is falling down, falling down, it is the WTC7 which is falling down. Perhaps some one can write up a choreographic on it.

Thanks.Good exemple on how we can all organise our participation

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
thanks so much for this video. It gives us all so much exitement for the 20th of March. It helps us see how we also can organise for today and for the other manfestations. Not forgetting the 11th of each month world action
. http://911blogger.com/comment/reply/22972#comment-form

. http://www.google.fr/search?hl=fr&rlz=1G1ACAW_FRFR360&q=%22onze+bouge%22...

One woman in the video sait the "CIA building" which of course is the WTC7. Actually I find to call the WTC7 the CIA building could be helpful to let people know that this building had important occupants. The CIA should never have abandonned this building unsurveyed. Anyone could have stolen state secrets etc.

Your banners are super !

Liked the bit "best anti-war message" 911 truth will end the war ( ~10:08 )

Yours John

Good Work


Nice to see the persistence and accessible approach.

Yet again WAC-LA sets the standard...

My support, admiration, and respect of Katy and Bruno and the gang [WAC-LA] not only continues, but it expands yet again!

I've met Katy and Bruno and several other members of WAC-LA...and they are some of the FINEST amongst us...

Please consider this post as being a partial answer to a previous post of mine which EXPOSED the wrong headed tactics of confrontation as a method to make progress with the American people. That subject was a video of Amy Goodman being harrassed by a Truther.

Movements are movements because they grow in size amongst THE PEOPLE. This is why the 9/11TM runs the risk of coming to an END with any expansion of confrontational attitudes or behaviors that OFF-PUT citizenry. Its NOT JUST THE FACTS...its winning over the masses...carrying the world's most difficult story to tell or to accept.

The point is that "demonizable?" styles of confrontations are exactly what the HI PERPS want to happen in order to defeat us in the minds of the public. Its just like what happened to the peace movements after the 60s when in that scenario cointelpro infiltrated and unnoticeably agitated the peace activists and organizations into behaving UNpeacefully. And of course the cameras and news focused upon that angry and often violent behavior and noted that it was supposed to be a "peace movement". Eventually the peace movements lost the masses from participating in their events etc.

The Amy Goodman episode is a perfect example of this emotionally volatile dynamic.

THANKFULLY...here comes WAC-LA showing a far, far better way to be by simply being part of their community and politely moving ahead...with comfort and smiles...soon to join a "more welcoming" peace community in their peace event.

At this stage, and after all the discussions exposing the "public behavioral approaches" that are preferred and much more effective [and those that are problematic], I do feel that any agressive, confrontational or hostile public conduct by any truther [as seen against Amy Goodman] is surely a sign of either cointelpro [as suggested by Cass Sunstein] or somebody's completely separate agendas that are WAY off the subject of 9/11 Truth. Perhaps its what We Are Changes are actually about?

For the record, I am very angry and upset at my country and all their "media tools" also...but I keep control and keep my goals in mind.

And I do feel feel that Amy is somewhat compromised...

...and a left gatekeeper...

...and it does indeed surround Israel's involvements in 9/11...

...and I feel that the same goes for Chomsky's lack of respect for, and his approach to 9/11 Truth...

But exposing the truth, informing citizens and calling for a peaceful revolution by throwing the bums out of office and by bringing legal charges against the real criminals who perpetrated the attacks on 9/11 are our best plays.

The WAC-LA way is a far, far better way...and we need to discipline ourselves a lot better to STOP any confrontational behaviors as seen in the Amy Goodman episode.

An exception in WAC-LA is Jeremy's predictable and now clear negative behaviors.

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

love, peace and understanding

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

PS: So much dependency on RT...a hightened rejection of 9/11 Truth in corporate and Indie media...the Fort Hood Muslim connection...the underwear bomber Muslim connection...Cass Sunstein...and this example of bad and confrontational behavior...

...informs me that the Pentagon and its Intel-cointelpro sections are still hard at work agaianst us...its all too coincidental, to predictable and to systematic for me.

And some of this "push back" has happened as:
...the work that Gage, Jones, Chandler, Ryan, Harritt and others [sp] is gaining significant traction...
...after the Treason in America Conference was announced...
...just as the 9/11TM had successfully built a bridge to the peace movements with Cynthia McKinney's position put forth in England, and Cindy Sheehan's setting up camp in WDC with "Truthers" welcome and indeed part of the "Peace Of The Action" Movement...

The peace bridge is far, far more important than one might think...

The merger of the 9/11 TM and the awakening-changing-modernizing of the peace movements is what the HI PERPS fear most...

Again, cointelpro had infiltrated the peace movements since the 60s and have had them right where they have wanted them for the last three decades...asleep, ineffective and a one trick pony. That is of course until 9/11 Truth Movement began to rewrite the rules of conduct and tactics of public activisms...rdh

Thanks for the support, but...

Thanks for the support, Robin, but I have to wholeheartedly disagree with your take on Jeremy. Jeremy Rothe-Kushel is at the top of the list of the most effective 'truthsquadders' in the 9-11 Truth movement. He does not always keep his cool, and that is because he is passionate about the issues. He is human, and you gotta love him for that. Overall, Jeremy finds the right words to instill guilt into the member of the cover up that he is confronting. They go into a retreat mode because they realize that Jeremy knows his sh!t. He leaves them speechless, because they can't possibly give an adequate answer. Any words from them would further expose their criminal complacency or criminal participation in the treasonous cover up of the crimes of 9-11. WACLA would not be what WACLA is without Jeremy Rothe Kushel as a member. As individuals we stand alone, but as a team the diversity in our strengths, styles and tactics makes us more powerful. The same goes for any 9-11 Truth team out there.

With you in the struggle,

P.S. Our participation in the Anti-war march yesterday in Los Angeles was phenomenal. We changed the march into a 9-11 Truth = Anti-war march. I get chills just writing about it in this post script. Hopefully a video and photos with an article coming soon.

Thanks Bruno

I agree with your compliments regarding Jeremy. Thanks to all of you at wacla for your courageous work!
I am looking forward to news and videos of the Saturday march.