The 2002 PBS VIDEO: "America Rebuilds" - Collapse vs. Explosives

One more 9/11 lie is slipping down the Memory Hole

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The 2002 PBS documentary "America Rebuilds" is understandably becoming more difficult to find. Amazon offers the 2006 version: "America Rebuilds II" but no longer lists the more incredulous 2002 DVD, filled with impossible assertions. One scene wants America to believe that jet fuel was responsible for the two months of underground "fires" at ground zero. Another scene shows Larry Silverstein confessing to a "terrorist" act.

The original includes a graphic depicting a free-fall collapse of both Twin Towers and WTC-7. The clip is useful in reminding us what a gravitational collapse should look like compared to the violent explosions that we now know destroyed the Twin Towers and WTC 7. This brief video was produced as an intuitive teaching tool for a wide range of audiences.

at 2:16 into clip.

at 2:16 into clip. Whats that little flicker/sequence of lights along very bottom right of image?