An e-mail from a friend; thoughts on a good reply?

I received the following e-mail from a good friend and anti- Drug War activist. Now before you think, "Oh, come on Adam! Don't you know your 9/11 stuff better than this?" my main reason for posting this is that my friend is definitely on board with 9/11 truth, but seems to think that the military should have been on the scene immediately, including on the ground at the WTC. His friend emphasized the city/state sovereignty issue.


I have been questioning the lack of military response during the events on 9/11/01. I totally do not understand where the military was on that day at all. Recently, I mentioned that to a gent I was talking to and he said that it has to do with the sovereignty of the states and the governor of the state of New York, nor the mayor of NYC ever requested military response. I am curious about this and wanted to delve into the issue and look further into other events that happened in U.S. history such as the black riots during 1964, and even Kent State in May, 1970.

It was awful to watch the police and fire departments of NYC have to fight this on their own with no help from the military even though this should have fallen under an Act Of War. I would also like to know where the military was during the attack on the Pentagon on the same day. Why were they able to have 4 fighter jets around golfer Payne Stewart's plane within 11 minutes after it went off course and did not respond??

I would appreciate any information anyone has regarding these issues. Thank you.