A True “All-American” Betsy Metz Exposes “Treason in America”!

A True "All-American" Betsy Metz Exposes "Treason in America"!

A Visibility 9-11 Podcast
Interview by John Bursill - Listen Here.

betsy metzIn this motivating interview I talk to organiser, activist and philanthropist Betsy Metz. We ask Betsy about the highly successful conference she organised and facilitated this month. The March 2010 "Treason in America: 9/11, the Wars & Our Broken Constitution" Conference was a milestone in the history of the 9/11 Truth Movement. For the first time in America Peace Activist, Government Whistle Blowers, Journalists and 9/11 Truthers explored recent American History together with open minds and hearts, searching for the shocking truth. See: www.treasoninamericaconference.com

So who is Betsy Metz?

Betsy Metz is the quintessential All-American gal! She is a well educated and fiercely patriotic mother of four and a devoted and loving wife of her husband for 26 happy years. Her husband is also the All-American, being a college quarterback and an ex Marine Corps Officer. Together as a family they want for nothing and by any standard they have had an excellent and prosperous life. This life would be impossible in nearly any other country in the world and it is fair to say they are living the "American Dream"!

So why does Betsy Metz matter to me and to you in this age of the awakening?

Well Betsy is a little different to the average American successful middle-class mum; "she cares" and "she acts" in the interest of her country, her family and the world. Betsy honours Truth, Justice and what she thought was the American way. The way of freedom, liberty and most importantly the way of courage, that is the courage to face treasonous tyranny in her America!

When Betsy started to see in 2003 that we had been lied to about the war in Iraq, she cared. When she found out through self education 9/11 was a lie in 2006 she really cared a lot and was compelled to act! Betsy began one of the most important individual efforts to raise awareness of the crimes of 9/11 we have seen in the world, period.

With a smile and a determination to her use her affluence for good and not for the greedy pursuit of materialism she has single-handedly done more to preserve the American Dream she lives, than any in her local community. She joins a very small group of men and women in America that can look themselves in the mirror and say I did my duty to preserve what gave me the blessed life I have had and I want for future generations.

Any one you ask about Betsy within the 9/11 Truth Movement says the same things, they love her and they know she can be counted on to produce the goods, time and time again!

This month of March 2010 Betsy took us to another level with our quest for the pursuit of 9/11 Truth. I on behalf of us all around the world, thank you Betsy, and the great American family that supports you, bravo!

If the "American Dream" is still alive, it lives in Betsy Metz!

Let our dearest Betsy be an example to the many of us that have benefited from freedom and wealth America gave to our world. Lets do as she does and act now with all our means and with all our hearts to fight to expose the treason living large in America and within it's empire.

Betsy would like to thank all the attendees, speakers and helpers at the "Treason in America" Event, and she says that she couldn't of done it as well without the assistance and advice of event MC Jon Gold.

We at Visibility 9-11 wish to extend a special thanks to Betsy, who has been an ardent supporter of our website and podcast. Thanks Betsy!

Listen to the Interview here:

Thanks for this

Betsy joins the list of my 9/11 truth heroines. Many people don't know that the 9/11 truth movement has been led by many strong women.

A short list includes Cynthia McKinney, The Jersey Girls, Indira Singh, Catherine Austin-Fitts, Janice Matthews, Carol Brouillet, Victoria Ashley, Donna Marsh O'Connor, Fran Shure, Barbara Honneger, Sofia, Bonnie Faulkner, Janette MacKinley, Laurie Manwell, Rosie O'Donnell, and others whose influence is great although they might not see themselves as part of the movement, including Sibel Edmonds, and Coleen Rowley. And there are many others around the world.

We hear about the men a lot, but the message of the need for truth would never have been heard without these women.

Yes, we are lucky to have these ladies fighting for the truth

They are committed to truth and honesty in every sense of the words, and their actions show it.


Katy Kurtzman, Sabrina Rivera, Krys Osborne, Anne Hill, Julia Jecker, Christine Blosdale... just to name a few. There are many more. Thanks and much love to all.


............You're the best ! Thank you for all your efforts. With people like you we can make a difference in America.

Another Heroine

And add another heroine to that list. Mia Hamel here in Florida was arrested for civil disobedience (2006) which became the lead story on her local FOX news station. She withstood attacks against her in public forums, organized her local meet-up, debated on cable media, ran the white rose newsletter, and spoke with congressmen. That’s the kind of example of activism we all need to emulate.



Mia Hamel, Tonya Miller, Monica Gabrielle, Jan Hoyer, Karen Kwiatkowski, Sherry Mann, Cheri Roberts, Elizabeth Woodworth, Abby Martin...

I'd continue but I'm starting to think the men in the 9/11 truth movement need to step up a little.

Let me tell you what's wrong with Betsy

... there are not enough of her in this world.

We had another 1,000 Betsy's, we'd see the cretins in the dockets this summer.

It has come to my awareness that the upper-middle class to be the hardest to make aware of the truth of 9/11.

I'm not a sociologist, but I do play one from time to time, I'm sure I could mention many reasons for this, social pressure, fear, denial, I'm sure that anyone that has been vocal in the Truth Movement has had a crash course in humane behavior over the last few years, and feel the same.

But, how do you not give praise to anyone in this movement? It is the extremely rare person that at the time of that epiphany, does not give pause for the fear that knowledge brings.

I think of the ones we already know that will no doubt be written about, as historians write about Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and other heroes of that time. Sibel Edmonds, Ray McGovern, Cynthia McKinney, Cindy Sheehan, Col. Shaffer, Gen. Stubblebine, Dr. Liebow, Dr. Jones, Peter Dale Scott, I could go on and on, damn, the historians are going to be busy! After all there's at least 100,000,000 million of us now, meaning that if only 1% are vocal, we have 100,000 heroes out there!

Now we can add Betsy Metz.

With more Betsies in the world, peace for all will come quickly.


Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,
one day I was shocked to receive from an American a
huge parcel with 911 videos, tracts, stickers and pamphlets to give out
to the french. Shocked because I did not see how I could repay this
American the fortune that this must have cost. I wrote back to this
kind woman to say I will have to paye in many times but she replied
that she is giving me all this material free. She was doing this so
that the truth can come out and by this truth bring back the peace in
the world. This person was no other than our dear Betsy. Thanks so much

We need more Betsies in this world howerver I can tell you that we
have at least one in France who goes under the name of "milongal" on
911blogger. She with other organised the "Vers la verité" the
10/10/2009 in Paris

. http://911blogger.com/node/21618

. http://911blogger.com/node/21617

. http://911blogger.com/node/21354

. http://www.verslaverite.org/

Yours John

Thanks John!

This is, as you know a world wide campaign:)

Kind regards John

Betsy is the Best!

I got to know Betsy back in 2006 when she knew very little about me except for the fact that I was fighting for 9/11 Truth. She made a very generous donation to my first big speaking event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Without that donation I would have struggled financially. I thank her dearly for that. Betsy your the Best and you get the Very Best Award for being who you are, a true American who cares deeply about her country and her fellow Americans.
Take Care Matt

Much credit to Betsy and other concerns

As I have stated elsewhere on blogger, The Treason Conference is especially important historically, in my opinion, because of the presence of Colleen Rowley.

I was impressed and heartened last year when Betsy showed me her wrist tattoo reading "Satyagraha."

Soon after the conference I requested of Chris Greuner, secretary of Boston911Truth and a licensed counselor, agreed to mediate between Betsy and me on my continuing concern that part of 911Truth culture is for people who disagree to refuse to even try to work disagreements out. He agreed and passed this on to Betsy. with no response.

Sadly, I'll be surprised if one person reading this post agrees that truth advocates in disagreement should at least try to work things out. If you do, please call me 410-499-5403.

We Love You Betsy!

Thanks for showing us how it is done.

I look at this page

and listen to the show and it's like the first moment of my life. When I was first exposed to 9/11 Truth evidence a few years ago it felt like I was starting a nightmare. But I took all my mind, and all my heart, and all my will and I started insisting on having a good dream instead. It looks like others have done this too and so many others! It looks like it's working. I look at this page and listen to the show and it's like a dream come true.

The only way is up brother!

Positive thinking will be what makes us or breaks us in the end:)

Kind regards john

"Betsy is easy to identifiy with" for many Americans.

I loved seeing the list of heroines above. It is people like Betsy who set a great example of what an individual can do. Thank you Betsy!

Wow, is about all I can

Wow, is about all I can say... I'm speechless, which is rare.

Anything I've done has been built on and trying to further the work you all have done. Including the many women listed here as well as the thousands who hit the streets every day or blog on the internet who weren't afraid to go back to sleep with the knowledge they learned.

It takes a village. :)

Thanks so much for all of your kind and overly generous words.


No, thank you ...

As I have mentioned, for those in the system it takes more courage to come out and speak than those that have long been victims of the system.

Because of you and your husband many more people will take what you have to say seriously. We all count, but some of us count more than others.

Thank you a thousand times over.

I would be interested to read an account of your awakening, how those around you responded. I can't help but but believe an account would be an inspiration for others to read, and a guide as a way for them to feel comfortable to speak out.

I absolutely agree, Betsy

you should write some kind of a memoir of how you came to look into and reckon with 9-11 truth.

This is the kind of thing that touches people on a deeper level... not just the facts, (which can overwhelm people's minds) but the human side that touches the heart, the description of how someone with this exceptional courage, enthusiasm, and optimism found her way through those disturbing facts.

It wouldn't have to be long.... maybe 20 pages would do it.... or maybe more?!?

It would provide a great companion to the interview ya did with John.

I also think that our recognition of women's role in the struggle for truth is very important; for while we must be equal before the law; we men and women do tend to bring a unique energy and expression to our work; and as a guy, I must admit that I find women particularly inspiring, beautiful, heartfelt, compassionate. I think of not only Betsy but Janet Mathews (whom John recently interviewed, very inspiring) and Carole Broulliet, and so on. I think us menfolk should continually make an effort to support and acknowledge the contributions of our sisters and mothers, 'cause in that effort we're contributing to a profound transformation of society as a whole: the re-emergence of the feminine after centuries of suppression, and a balancing of masculine/feminine.

And in this context I also have tip my hat to Kevin Ryan who really started this thread in this direction, and who has provided such a wise and thoughtful guiding voice to many a discussion here and elsewhere.

You're a class act.

muchos gracias


Well said!

Fine words friend:)

Regards John