FBI investigations that corroborate Sibel Edmonds

Luke Ryland, proprietor of the blog Let Sibel Edmonds Speak, discusses the disclosure of pre-9/11 FBI investigations that corroborate some of Sibel Edmonds’ previously unsupported claims, Turkish lobbies involved in Congressional bribery and drug trafficking, US foreign military aid (funded by taxpayers) that keeps the world awash in F-16s and lines the pockets of defense contractors and the best online resources for getting up to speed on Sibel Edmonds’ story.


Official Documents Confirm Major Criminal Investigations ...

This link is at the antiwar post, but it's worth posting here as well- Ryland article based on the info in the antiwar interview:

Official Documents Confirm Major Criminal Investigations of Turkish Operatives in Chicago

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Whistleblowing is a dangerous game

Sibel Edmonds is a courageous and honorable woman. In composing this comment I read more of the source I was intending to quote from. The more I read, the more I realize just how dangerous Sibel's righteousness is. Fortunately, I think she is too well-known for anybody to take the risk of harming her at this point.

I stumbled upon this Letter from Paul Wilcher to Attorney General Janet Reno regarding the mass murder of Branch Davidians at the Mount Carmel religious center. I've only glanced at it so far. Part of it caught my eye because it reminded me of the courage and integrity of Sibel Edmonds.

The author of the letter, Paul Wilcher was also looking into such matters as the Inslaw case and its connection to other criminal activities such as BCCI operations. The path that led me here was investigating the October Surprise of 1980. The name Danny Casolaro came up. That prompted my to revisit Fostergate.

The name Paul Wilcher kept coming up, so I decided to investigate. Turns out that Mr. Wilcher was suicided shortly after sending his letter to Janet Reno.

But even more important, my PURPOSE here is to demonstrate how the WACO tragedy fits into a much bigger (and far uglier) picture, and to present my specific, detailed plan as to how you should attack the overall problem at its root causes.

The plan I am offering here is not at all what you might expect, at first glance, for it is far more comprehensive, and deals with far deeper root causes than you have thus far been made aware. Indeed, although you may not realize it, you are still surrounded in the Justice Department, the FBI, the BATF, and elsewhere throughout the government by Reagan-Bush holdovers many of whom are determined that you will NEVER learn about the core issues and ugly truths which I have laid out for you here in some detail.

You are the only person in the federal government empowered to act on these matters. Attorney General Reno -- the only person who can approve and implement the plan I have proposed here. Indeed, the information and plan I am giving you here is so sensitive that if it fall into the hands of some of the wrong Reagan-Bush Holdovers who surround you, a number of people who now want to come forward to testify will be murdered in order to silence their testimony forever.

Sadly, Mr. Wilcher failed to realized that the Clintons are Reagan-Bush holdovers.


I am fully aware, Attorney General Reno, that blowing the whistle on the serious government-wide corruption at issue here -- even though it is clearly the right thing to do -- is by no means an easy thing to do, or something which should be done without a great deal of thought and prayerful consideration. As the Psychology Today article points out, there is often a very high price -- sometimes total devastation, or even death -- to be paid for blowing the whistle on evil, or being "an ethical resister."

But, as you can tell from my resume (enclosed in this binder), I come from a strong moral background, have a deep and abiding personal faith, and have been a "whistle blower" concerning serious attorney, judicial, and governmental corruption on a number of occasions in the past. And I have, indeed, paid an enormous personal price for speaking the truth when those in positions of authority did not want to hear it.

But the action I am undertaking here -- blowing the whistle on the truth of what really happened in Waco on April 19th, putting that ugly truth into its broader context, and presenting to you a detailed, comprehensive plan as to how that underlying system-wide corruption can finally be exposed and rooted out -- this is something far more serious than I have ever done in the past. For in presenting all this to you, I am, quite literally, laying my life on the line.

But, in spite of the serious dangers involved, I have nevertheless decided to come forward and to present these matters to you because, as the courageous men and women quoted in the Psychology Today article said:

"You are either going to be part of the corruption, or part of the forces working against it. There is no third choice. Someone, someday, has to take a stand. If you don't, maybe no one will. And that is wrong! ...

"'I know that if I don't do something, nobody would. ...

"The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. ... I feel that if I don't do something, who will?"

"Your conscience is something you deal with yourself. It is NOT a committee decision. It is whether you believe it is right or wrong -- a question of religious faith. I am the one who is going to be held accountable by God for what I do in my life."


General characteristics of Whistleblowers found by the researchers:

"Virtually all of the ethical resisters we studied had long histories of successful employment. They were NOT alienated or politically active members of movements advocating major changes in society. On the contrary, they began as firm believers in their organizations, convinced that if they took a grievance to superiors, there would be an appropriate response. This naivete led them into a series of damaging traps. They found that their earlier service and dedication provided them with little protection against charges of undermining organizational morale and effectiveness.

"Punishment took many forms -- transfer, demotion, firing, black-balling, personal harassment, ... intimidation

[and, in the case of Karen Silkwood, who tried to blow the whistle on illegal smuggling of nuclear materials out of a power plant to the Israeli government, the ultimate punishment -- death].

"The first step was usually to undermine the effectiveness and reputation of the whistleblowers by isolating them or assigning them to lesser duties, or none at all. Under these conditions, they would no longer see sensitive documents, or take part in conversations with colleagues that might influence policy or reveal new damaging information. ...

[Page 10]

"The 55 resisters we dealt with had mixed results in achieving these goals [of getting an outside authority to investigate their charges, and of putting their lives back together again after the devastating punishment they suffered for their whistleblowing activities].

"Recreating careers required flexibility about the kind of work, its geographical location, and often, a willingness to accept less money. For most ethical resisters, time was a crucial factor. There were many devastating months, or even years, of dislocation, unemployment, and temporary jobs. most of the resisters have restored at least a semblance of their former financial and emotional lives. A few have built satisfying and rewarding careers as a direct result of their protests. Many others have had to accept lower income and less prestige."

A slightly reassuring thing about finding evidence connecting the Waco murders, the OKC bombing, 9/11, Fostergate, the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, etc., the Mena drugs and arms running, Pearl Harbor, etc., etc., is that it seems to all be the work of the same cabal. Even though this cabal is deeply insinuated, and well camouflaged it does have identifiable characteristics. Exposing this entity and its participants should solve a vast array of problems in society.

Who these people are is any body's guess.