Bin Laden issues new 9/11 trial threat, warns US not to kill 9/11 mastermind

Published: Thursday March 25, 2010
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Osama bin Laden has warned Al-Qaeda will kill Americans if the mastermind of the 2001 attacks on the United States, Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, is executed, in a tape Al-Jazeera television aired Thursday.

"The White House has declared its wish to execute (Khaled Sheikh Mohammed and his co-accused). The day the United States takes such a decision, it would be also taking the decision that any of you falling into our hands will be executed," bin Laden said in the message.

"Your friend at the White House is still walking in the footsteps of those before (him) in many important matters," including in escalating the war in Afghanistan and "oppressing our prisoners that you are holding, beginning with the mujahid (resistor) hero Khaled al-Sheikh Mohammed," he added.

US politicians have "oppressed us and still do, especially by backing Israel, which occupies the land of Palestine," said the Al-Qaeda chief.

The administration of US President Barack Obama is just weeks away from a landmark decision on whether to try Sheikh Mohammed and his four alleged co-conspirators in a civilian federal court or in a military tribunal.


Convoluted Logic

Excuse me, but wasn't Khaled Sheikh Mohammed alive on September 11, 2001? So bin Laden didn't need that excuse to kill Americans on 9/11. And since when did Al-Qaeda need a reason to kill Americans? We were all told Al-Qaeda kills us because they hate our freedoms. Don't we still have our freedoms in the United States?

Oh yeah, I forgot. Bush did take our freedoms away after 9/11! That's why Al-Qaeda's doctrine has changed to that of "an eye for an eye".

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Hmmm...a bit more suspicious...

'brian78046' sure, you're excused.

My apologies and risk of over stepping my bounds, who are you?

A. Is KSM the real KSM? Was he alive on 9/11, is he alive now? Does anyone really know? Can anyone know the truth as to the mysteries of Gitmo guys? A fair and impartial civilian trial would be a steller opportunity to know the truth.
B. Its common knowledge the CIA is Al Qaeda. They came forward long ago and informed Al Queda is fictitous. Arabic translation of Al Qaeda means the "base or toilet". Great name for a badass terrorist group.
C. The CIA has killed and continues to kill US citizens for the causes of profit and power. What better way to invent enemies by killing your own citizens and blame a different group?
D. Freedoms have been compromised for sure, agreed.
E. Isnt 'eye for an eye' an old testament bible qoute as well any other major religion?

Dry Humor


you took my comment seriously. It's not meant to be taken seriously!

My comment is called Dry Humor. Don't they have that in the Arab culture too, assuming you're Arab?

Who am I? Go to to find out.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

I don't know about the Old

Testament and other religions but I do know that line is part of The Code of Hammurabi - a code of law from ancient Babylon enacted by King Hammurabi.

... "If a man puts out the eye of an equal, his eye shall be put out."

... "If a man knocks the teeth out of another man, his own teeth will be knocked out."

... "If a man strikes a pregnant woman, thereby causing her to miscarry and die, the assailant's daughter shall be put to death."

... "If a son strikes his father, his hands shall be hewn off."

Interestingly, while appearing rather vicious and vengeful to us, it was actually a step up in civility - specific and clear with an endpoint.

The informal code that preceded it was vicious and vengeful but it was random and generalized (free form) with no clarity and no endpoint.

Think Family Feud.

Brutal acts of retribution were inflicted, one against the other, by any/all members of families/tribes. The conflicts continued generation after generation, long after the initial cause(s), whether real, imagined or false flag!, had been forgotten.

Think Montague and Capulet.
Think Hatfields and McCoys.

Do not kill 9/11 Mastermind?!?!?

I think Cheney deserves a fair trial first, THEN, hang him.

Hanging is being too kind to Cheney and his family.

Herblay FRANCE

Obviously Cheney derserves a faire trail first but should not be hanged. It would be too kind to him and his family. That he rots in prison and is a constant reminder to others not to copy him.

The same thing goes to all the criminals. Even Bin Laden should be kept alive ( although I think that it is very likely that he died in December 2001 ) so that we can understand all the events before and after 911.

The truth on 911 will give us the knowledge on what laws, organisations ( CIA, NSA, ...) etc it is necessary to change to prevent another 911.

Yours John

The existing maximum penalty for high treason should suffice

Let us not become like our enemies. Exposing the perpetrators, convicting and punishing them maximally according to existing guidelines should be adequate. To make their punishments more cruel or unusual would be taking a large step in becoming like them.

IMO, the organizations most in need of change or abolishment are the MSM and the Federal Reserve. The key to changing the former is exposure, and perhaps some form of antitrust legal action. I would like to hear from legal experts as to how controllers of of a free press might be charged with malfeasance.

As for the Federal Reserve, it needs to be abolished.

Also, there is a particular Political Affairs Committee needs to be treated as an agency of foreign influence and not permitted to continuing exerting undue influence on US policies.

I believe the entire edifice built upon the National Security Act of 1947 needs to be shattered into a million pieces and scattered to the wind, but that may actually be less urgent.

"Cheney deserves a fair trial first, THEN, hang him."

I love to laugh a little amidst all of the ugliness! Thanks Nycguy

I think

Cheney and all his thug friends that gave us 9/11 should get a fair trial and then let them spend the rest of lives in some detention facility. I don't believe in the death penalty. Why lower yourself to their level? Believe it or not I pray for people like Cheney. They need God's help. They are beyond human aid. As far as Big Bin goes, why keep bringing him up? He has been dead for years. By the way, have you noticed how messed-up this country is? It sure isn't the country I grew up in.


Where do we put cheneyrumsfeldwolfowitzbushgeitneremanuelobamafeithperlekrystolyoo when they have been convicted for high treason?
I suggest the FEMA camps they have so lovingly prepared for the 9/11 Truth terrorists.
It’s a safe bet those facilities ain’t no Ritz Carleton.

How 'bout Gitmo?

How Apropo

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"I have known war as few men now living know it. It's very destructiveness on both friend and foe has rendered it useless as a means of settling international disputes."
-- Douglas MacArthur


This is the first unofficial announcement I have heard the WH was going to execute the gitmo guys. First it was civilian trial, then miltary trial, then outside of US now its straight up execution. Could it be the following be related?:
1. 'OBL' is making this announcement on behalf of the WH therefore the WH can segway into offing the gitmo guys w/o a fair and impartial trial so impertative to a 'democratic' society.
2. This will quickly reunify USrael and resolve their recent settlement/peace talks spat. Supporting the need for US taxpayers to pay $3b per year to israel and justify AIPAC's jackassed existance.
3. More terrorist events will unfold thus promoting the wars and keeping the sheeple in fear therefore depending on big brother to take care.
4. That 'OBL' is the ultimate patsy and unifier. He is proving to pop up anytime the MIC needs something.
5. This will escalate the tensions between zionists and arabs as 'OBL' mentions israel, of course. This would be a good impetus for either position to strike.
6. 'OBL', WH, MIC, israel, etc are in perfect balance to continue this endless death and profitting machine.

Thankfully we now have national health care. Hopefully it covers ISSOTSD [Im So Sick Of This Shyt Disorder].

Im going to drink some beer, regroup and get back at it tomorrow morning. Im tapped.

bin Laden said in the message, from the grave...

OK, so how was this message delivered? From a Jihad server? What's the IP address? Who is the ISP? Who pays for the service? Regardless of the medium, how was the authenticity of the message verified? I am very confident that bin Laden is dead, and has been that way since 2001.

It's a crying shame that the majority of people do not ask one simple question of the MSM when things like this are reported. That question is: how do you know this?

How do we know this?

We saw it on television ---- on the other channel.

Bin Laden = Orwellian creation.

Emmanuel Goldstein is alive and well and living in the CIA headquarters.

Goldstein was B'ig B'rother

That's my take on things.

KSM is said to have confessed

to the murder of Daniel Pearl.

So why did "al-Qaeda" want Musharraf's air force to have F-16s?

"Kidnappers’ demands:

…Transfer of U.S.-built F-16s, held up after Islamabad’s May 1998 nuclear tests, to Pakistan"

you got to admire him...

You just got to admire Bin Laden.... for a guy strapped to a kidney machine and with some 50,000 troops chasing him.... he somehow finds the time to pop into an internet cafe to send a taunting email....

Cloned Kidneys

Osama has found a way to clone kidneys, thus avoiding dialysis: 2+2=5, so plenty to spare.

A message from bin laden ... ??

yeah right ... CIA propaganda more like

Have a look at SITE

SITE is biased disinfo

They are always the "source" of these magical recordings.

Night Of The Living Dead Nemesis

Many people believe that pro wrestling is real. This is the kind of ignorance and naivete we are up against. They will believe this message from the grave.

That's staged, CIA disinfo

So perfectly scripted to keep the 9/11 myth alive, and set the stage for KSM's trial.

And they dish this out as an authentic Bin Laden message - then again, if he's still alive, maybe it is, but he's just doing his job for the same CIA he works for.

I HATE all this SHIT that Bush and Cheney and company whipped up - GAG!


let me get this straight.

KSM is tried.

KSM is executed.

Retaliation = next, NEXT Pearl Harbor.

Iran "takes credit."

In we go: "Operation Sunny Day"

The world as we've known it ends.


Like Paul Craig Roberts, maybe the time to say "good-bye" is now. (NOT!)

... NEVER!

(PCR, take a break, rest for awhile, but then come back. We need you, babe!)