Loose Change 9/11 American Coup Now Available On www.joiningthedocs.tv for non US viewers

Are you interested in finding out more about alternative theories of 9/11.

If you live outside the US you can now watch the latest iteration of Loose Change at http://www.joiningthedocs.tv/main.aspx?content=872219127809

Loose Change 911 American Coup is available for €4 or £4 or $4 depending upon where you live. US citizens can't currently access the film.

This $1m film presents new evidence and highlights the inconsistencies, lies and discepancies in the official story of 9/11.

Please support this important film.

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should play Loose Change an American Coup.

Ask them...

yes - please ask them

PAL Format

Seems to be the only way I've seen it.