Asner AE911Truth TV Spots Air in New York

Another first. AE911Truth runs first-ever television ads on NY1 this Tuesday, 3-30 and Friday, 4-2. Featuring the voice of Ed Asner, these 30-second spots mention nanothermite, show WTC 7 imploding and have great coverage of the AE911Truth website. They will also coincide with Week 3 of the "Building What?!" campaign. Thanks to the A/E video team for providing the original .avi file enhanced for broadcast. This is one HOT commercial! Watch or DVR it if you can.

NY1 Run Times:

3/30 Tues. 10:55:55 a.m.

4/02 Fri. 01:14:00 p.m.


I'm trying to raise some serious coin for this promotion.

This is huge

The 9-11 Truth movement is picking up speed!


The solution to the WTC destructions will be found in local NYC records (Port Authority and private contractors) and in the recolections of related personnel.

Local NYC authorities have the jurisdiction to investigate these aspects and are more subject to community opinion.

Federal authority is not required for this aspect of the investigation.

Lets all help finance these efforts so that they can continue and expand.

McGee !! You are breaking ground!

Excellent, excellent follow-through on getting TV going!!

(See Orangutan's Thread about TV ads and also a "how to writeup" - )


Tom, you helped inspire this! You are a marketing whiz -- and thanks to everybody for all those thumbs up from the previous post you mentioned.

Richard is pretty psyched up about it, too. I've been invited to join the weekly A/E marketing call tomorrow to share this experience. I look forward to rolling out an aggressive radio and TV ad campaign over the next quarter.

Spirits Up.

You guys are the best. That's the bottom line. I love seeing this. Sweet. And nice job. I hope the funding is there for a media campaign roll out like you say. Good job on that station accepting the ad too. Peace.


What a juggernaut is Richard gage and AE911Truth.

I am so impressed with that guy.

I love that term "JUGGERNAUT"

This video explains the term "juggernaut" postioned with AE911Truth.

"Juggernaut" embedded!

Another WoW!

I know I've said it before, but "He's got spunk." (I wonder how many are old enough to recognize that allusion??)

Anyway, this is a giant step in the assault on Truth's No. 1 enemy: the MEDIA. More spots like this, more visual pressure like the folks in LA gave us, and it won't be long before a positive response in the mainstream media is achieved.


Oh, I get

the allusion alright! (From Lou Grant's first meeting with Mary Richards on the 'MTM Show.')

Caution is advised!

Recent events (and it seems as if there is one super event every day!) have given new life to the Truth Movement, there's no doubt. I feel it here in NYC.

However, I feel sure that at some point, particularly with these Ed Asner spots airing on tv the there will eventually be a strong and united backlash from the powers that be to quash and belittle the movement.

We need to be wary of this. And be prepared. We must all do our utmost to be knowledgeble of the FACTS and have our sources straight. There will be no quarter for sloppiness.


Nice work

Thanks for letting us have a look at it.

This is great stuff!

Super work Mr. McGee. Yes, Tom is a marketing wizard. I have always been a big fan of Ed Asner. He is such a strong and credible voice. I am so grateful for his contributions to the cause. He will help the Truth penetrate the firewall of constant lies and denials by the MSM.
Thanks again Mr. Asner.

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