Dr. Steven E. Jones - Good Interview by Peter B. Collins

Interesting history of pressure on BYU in reaction to his challenging the 9/11 Story and the School's behind the scenes support for his work.

Good, concise description of the Nano-Thermite Paper.

Peter B. Collins is one of the top journalists in my view who challenges the 9/11 Story. It's his latest Podcast, but when more come along, the following link will not go directly to it. So in the Archives it will be Podcast #116.

Thanks to Peter for his very good journalistic work in general and especially on 9/11.


Great interview!

I didn't know Cheney had anything to do with Dr. Jones' departure from BYU. Strange.

Peter Collins does a very good interview--

so this made the experience enjoyable. And yes, we both shared insights which I hope prove helpful to the truth movement.

Pls note: my first name is spelled "Steven" with a "v" as in "victory" ... thx for the post!

Professor Jones

Oh ... I am so sorry to have spelled your name incorrectly. "V" as in victory, indeed, will ensure that I never make that error again.

It was very encouraging to hear that the students, faculty and administration of BYU (despite the concessions that were made to pressure) - provided the assistance they did and interjected the protests they did.

Keep of the good work!