Manny Badillo of We Are Change on the CNY Urban Guy Show

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Manny Badillo of We Are Change NYC joined the CNY Urban Guy crew this week to talk about the questions surrounding 9/11 and breaking the emotional barriers that keep people from looking at the event with an objective eye.

(Player says the guest is Heather La Mastro who was originally scheduled but was unable to come on. Very happy to have Manny join us! Many thanks.)

911 Mystery...mystery!

I've gone to check out a couple of 911 Mysteries videos, before dropping the link t=into a site, of whom I am challenging someone's objectivity on the matter, and BOTH times, the video will NOT play! What's with that? Does it have to do with the recent march, suggesting one watch it?

The movie is being deleted from the internet.

There is an organized effort to rid the internet of "911 Mysteries". Others are doing what they can to counter this effort.

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Manny is a class act as always. Great job my brother. You are so good at dissecting questions and answers so that anybody and everybody gets it.

I Love It That the Host Recently Became Enlightened

There are millions more that we can reach. We supply the footwork and elbow grease.

Great Job Manny!

Well done Manny!

However, I think it would have been important to deal with the FBI's involvement in the 1993 WTC bombing in response to the host's question.

Thank-you, bbruhwiler8

Thank-you, bbruhwiler8


I was honored to meet Manny at the recent Treason in America conference. He came up and introduced himself and reminded me that we had originally met at Boston College at a showing of my film. Manny lost his uncle on 9/11 - and has been asking questions about 9/11 ever since. His continuing dedication to this issue over the years is a reminder to everyone - especially the media - on why none of us can or will ever give up on demanding answers to his questions.