Treason In America Conference Presents: Dr. Dahlia Wasfi

Im particularly delighted to present this video to 911Blogger because of the hand I had in securing Dr. Wasfi a presentation at the conference.

Dr. Wasfi was featured in a video by Paradigm Shift called "What You Didn't Know About the War" which can be viewed here:

This was my first exposure to Ms. Wasfi, and when I heard that my good friend Jon Gold was helping Betsy Orr Metz organize the Treason In America conference, I bugged Jon for days telling him that he should get Dahlia an invite. Jon took the consideration, did his own research, and found Dahlia to be an excellent candidate for someone who should be speaking at the conference.

The stars aligned and the decision to invite her was made. Thank you to Jon Gold, Betsy Metz, and the lovely Dahlia Wasfi for giving us an excellent presentation on the realities of war and occupation in the middle east.

Thanks for posting

Thanks for posting ZombieBillHicks. Dahlia Wasfi is an extraordinary speeker and activist and I wish I could have made it out to the conference. I am enjoying all the footage that was taken so I guess it's the next best thing!

Canshe explain why the anti-war not more with 911 truth

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,
thanks so much for the video. It teaches us so much.
She is with the anti-war movement and it would be interesting to have her view point on why the anti-war movement is not able to easily join the 911 truth movement. Cindy Sheehan in her participation in the Treason in America Conference explained to us why she took so long to join up with the 911 truth movement.

Perhaps Dr. Dahlia Wasfi has some ideas on this problem.



I can certainly ask her for you..

But I imagine it has to more to do with the perception of 9/11 truthers than the actual points that are made.

Most people dont want to be associated with the "tin foil hat"-type of people, and usually for good reason. They're never wrong, for one. Unfortunately, many in the anti-war/peace movements have witnessed the movement shoot itself in the foot time after time. I obviously dont need to name names or mention any particular schisms within the movement as many are self evident.

I also would like to note that there are many within the anti-war/peace movements who dont feel that 9/11 truth is necessary for a successful movement against war.

Combine this with everything that has happened since 9/11, and you run into some good arguments against holding on to this cause. Some are tough to beat. I only mention this because we should all be aware of what were up against as a movement -- its an uphill battle on multiple fronts. Still, I fully intend to support the causes of truth, accountability and justice. Without those, peace will remain a pipe dream.

Dreaming on

'there are many within the anti-war/peace movements who dont feel that 9/11 truth is necessary for a successful movement against war.'

Yes--this is what's known as 'denial.' They might not want it to be necessary. They might think that it oughtn't be necessary. And as with others, they might simply prefer not to learn just how much greater than they had supposed are the depths of the government and media's capacity for manipulation and deception.

Or maybe they're just repeating what they heard someone else in their ranks say on the subject at one time or another, without really reflecting on what it is they're saying.

If one is serious about stopping wars, then sooner or later one has got to confront the reasons why the promoters of war have been able to sustain sufficient support among the public. It has long been nothing short of delusional (a 'pipe dream,' as noted above) for antiwar activists to think that they can effectively take on the warmakers while leaving their principal case for endless war--the 9/11 official story--to go untouched. Not only untouched, but implicitly--at times even explicitly--accepted in its essentials. It would be one thing if the official story were sound. But it clearly isn't, for anyone who takes the time to look at the evidence, at the contradictions and implausibilities of the official story.

I can only wonder how absurd future generations will find it when studying this era, to learn that there onced existed a supposed 'antiwar' movement which did not consider it important to grapple with what at the time was War-Justification-Numero-Uno--even while that justification was fraught with defects.

It would be interesting to know how many, among those who have had their eyes opened to the falsity of the official story by the 9/11 truth movement, had previously not only accepted the official story, but had supported the so-called 'war on terror.' It wouldn't surprise me if, by now, there were quite a few instances of former war supporters turning against war by means of having the government's 9/11 lies and obstruction exposed.

Dahlia's reply:

"So I'm obviously against the wars and occupation, but I never really felt accepted by the "anti-war movement." The leaders of the movement who I encountered wanted to control my words, and when I declined that censorship, I was not exactly embraced. :)

That being said, I think that 911 truth was--and probably still is to many--too "fringe" a movement to be joined. That was the case for me. I was afraid that as an Arab and a Muslim, if I questioned the official verdict of what happened that day, I would end up at Guantanamo. That was my fear in the immediate aftermath, and for some time thereafter. I didn't look into the details of 911 truth because it was so "crazy" an idea that I thought discussion would distract from the points I was trying to make on Iraq..."

Hope this helps, John.

An honest answer

I can appreciate her candor here. And when she says the truth movement is 'probably still [too fringe] to many,' I hopefully interpret that as meaning, in part, 'but it isn't for me anymore.' She says 'was' a lot in this statement, and that might mean she's not really talking about her present position regarding the 9/11 truth movement.

And regardless, she spoke at the conference, and made some excellent points in her talk.

Hoping to see more Arabs and Muslims in the 911 truth movement

Thanks for the reply. Hoping that we will see more Arabs and Muslims in the 911 truth movement as it is especially them that are suffering most from the 911 lies.

Slowly the 9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice becomes real..

Those major powers who are in control going under whatever name, organization or affilliation, really goofed up on 9/11/2001. So brazen, so previously successful at manipulating the masses through false flag ops and control of the media, so continuously unopposed by viable peace groups [just for one example] were they, that the "powerful" thought they could easily deceive everyone with the major psy-op and false flag attack known as "The 9/11 Attacks". They did so in order to control some the world's perceptions if not beliefs, that it was now time to replace the USSR with another major "evil empire"...the Arab and Muslim World.

They got cocky and overconfident in their capabilities because of THE LACK OF RESISTANCE and OBSERVATION over the last 30 years or so. But they have gotten caught pulling off the attacks of 9/11/2001.

If the people of the USofA and of the world join the 9/11 Truth Movement and use our exposure of what we now know about the truths and lies behind the attacks on 9/11, and further, use OUR LOOKING GLASS, IE: the 9/11 Truth Movement's skills, talents, assets, and amazing coalituon of deeply interested and highly qualified parties supporting 9/11 Truth seeking who are dispersed all around the world, as THEIR LOOKING GLASS into the malfeasances of the "power and control class" [also assembled all over the world], then without any doubt in my mind, we will eventually come to understand the power and purpose of the concept:

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice...

The continuing exposure of the events on 9/11/2001 will lead citizens of the world to make significant changes in the world's current political, energy use, environmental structures, and yes, to dampening if not ending "war as a racket" Smedley Butler so famously coined.

The foot of the 9/11 Truth Movement fits perfectly within the shoe of "9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice".

Lets all grab a pair of these shoes, our feet can handle it...and its time!

love, peace and progress...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

PS: There are some very, very important presentations that happened at the Treason Conference and Dahlia Wasfi's is, in my view, the most important of all...thank you Betsy. rdh

Thanks for posting this video!

The presentation was both inspiring and educational. I was neither aware of Israel's false-flag attack on the USS Liberty nor of Rachel Corrie's tragic story.

As an aside, Dr. Dahlia Wasfi is not only intellectually razor sharp but physically beautiful as well.

Something cut out

The video left a little to be desired, IMO. No offense, Apollo!

Dahlia presented a video during her talk that can't be found online. It is a video of grieving family members at an Iraqi soccer field that had to be converted to a mass grave after US forces "liberated" the city from "insurgents". It brought tears to my eyes.

Its an excellent video, given what ended up on the cutting room floor. Like when Dahlia gave me a shoutout on stage. :P
Oh well. And yes, she is a beautiful woman, inside and out. Thanks for your comment MR :)


lady. It's mind-numbing how little Iraqi-Americans we have heard from in the mainstream media. Dr.Wasfi would turn-things upside down, by just pointing out the obvious facts we never hear.

I have a feeling the more we hear about Dr.Wasfi, the more the peace & 9.11 movement is working.