9/11 Mother Demands Obama Try Terrorist Plotters In Civilian Court

An Urgent Letter to President Obama from Peaceful Tomorrows on Vimeo.

A group of more than 200 family members of 9/11 victims has released an emotional new web video imploring the Obama administration to remain true to its plans to try terrorist suspects in civilian court.

In anticipation of a final announcement as to the trial venue for the 9/11 plotters, the group September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows is warning the president against "buckling to political pressure," calling the use of military tribunals the "wrong thing to do."


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This is a typical problem I have with viewing political video. I have complained to my ISP, RoadRunner (aka Time Warner) and they said they will get back to me, which they never have. I have a standing complaint of over 1 year.

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well done!

Another strong and eloquent statement by Donna Marsh O'Connor. She is a remarkable spokesperson for truth and justice.

I Love Donna

She is my favorite truther but I am afraid her words will fall on deaf ears. Obama is no better than Bush. America isn't what it once was. The entire planet is a mess. The NWO boys planned it that way. People better wake-up and quick or we will be living in 1984 but worse. I was listening to Mike Malloy and Alex Jones yesterday and both of them say everyone should be armed. Well like JFK said "Those who make peaceful revolutions impossible will make violent revolutions inevitable." Sad but true. Say your prayers truthers, we need divine intervention. My God I hate violence.

Personal note to 9-11 Joe

I agree that we need divine intervention. I applaud your courage for using the phrase. I am not looking to open a discussion on this, as matters of faith are personal.
(Actually, I would love to have a discussion on this - but I recognize that this is not the forum for such a discussion.,) But, I do applaud the tactful, direct and unargumentative way you spoke your heart. I hate violence too, as I equate (human) violence with unconsciousness.

Thanks zmzmzm

I have great faith in the Almighty. I have seen miracles in my life and perhaps the Almighty will work one again now when we need Him the most. Remember we are dealing with the most sinister creatures that ever walked the face of the Earth....... " Deep in the soul, below pain, below all the distractions of life, is a silence vast and grand - an infinite ocean of calm, which nothing can disrupt; Nature's own exceeding peace, which "passes understanding". That which we seek with passionate longing, here and there, upward and outward, we find at last within ourselves. The kingdom within! The indwelling God! are words whose sublime meaning we will never fathom."

What ????

Try "Terrorist Plotters?"

What happened to the words "accused," "alleged," "suspected" etc. etc. etc ?

Makes my blood boil.

American values are dead

The values of the American Republic finally died on September 11, 2001, after a succession of near fatal blows over the last 70 years or so. They can not ever be restored.

The empire will die a natural death. We can, and all of us are, expediting this process. Those who yearn for a 'return of the true values of the republic' are surely in denial.

Whatever is to come will be something new. May it be more securely founded than 'American democracy' turned out to be. We need to look and learn from history, and in particular, the great empires of the past, like Persia, Greece, and especially Rome.

I live in Australia. My country, too, is dead, its old values trampled upon, its glorious memories now meaningless. We are an outpost of the empire, and our system of governance cannot survive either.

Whatever is to come will not look like the old, nor should it, for change and transformation are in the nature of all things. This is to be welcomed. Of all the cries after September 11 2001 which are the most poignant, it is this yearning for a return to the values of the republic which has the most hollow sound.

God bless you Donna Marsh O'Connor. Thanks for your call, which must surely spur us all on to found something new on a basis of real justice which is not a country or a system of governance but an inner truth which can never be shattered.

The turbulence of the times surely signals the birth of this new reality. Good luck and Godspeed.

Thank you

for the reality check. I like the way you think, Alison (whenever I see that name, I think of it as some sort of acronym for "all is one").

The world needs more people with your historic vision and prophetic skills. I'm serious. Very grateful that you are out there, someone who thinks like you do. Very insightful.


Thank you too. I value every contribution, especially those of brave 911 family members like Donna.

But deep inside I know it is too late to save the American republic. This is not a call to despair but an appeal to fresh hope, unencumbered by the clinging to those things which are gone forever.

No use living in

an illusion, must be reality based, committed to truth and reality, you're right, and you're right that there's hope and new possibility wrapped up in that viewpoint. I'm just appreciative to have fellow like minded souls in it with me.

There are multiple organized efforts...

There are multiple organized efforts alive and well to revive the American Republic. Don't give up yet.

One generation, THIS ONE

is all that's needed. Hope and optimism is perhaps the only possible rational response in the face of it all, no matter how abysmal it might appear.

How apt, to be having this discussion around Easter. Death and resurrection, differentiation and reintegration, integrity, wholeness, perfection - to be broken down, and then reconstructed, as a new creation.

That is a universal principal of creation and growth, death, and new life - surely that kind of process also occurs in the life of Nations, and the US is going through something, what it is we cannot be sure, but it's there and things are definitely changing, and one of those changes involves the alternative media replacing the "mainstream media". When loopy infantile, narcissistic, egomaniacs like Alex Jones start to have an influence on America, then you know for sure that there are changes. And when Sarah Palin's views on Facebook about the US, Israel and Iran, are taken seriously, you know there are changes.

Everything is changing - one world is passing away, while the realm of the uknown unknown looms ever larger, and it's something way beyond Alex Jones and Sarah Palin, something new, never seen before - that's coming with increasing speed and inevitability, and personally I think it's all good and I welcome it with open arms whatever it is - it's kind of exciting in fact, the anticipation of what will be.

Thanks Robert and Alison!

Waking up to your posts this morning is very uplifting. You both are prophets of 911truth, waking us all up to what is real. I would love to live in a world that John Lennon Imagined, where "there's no heaven, . No hell below us, above us only sky. Imagine there's no country, it isn't hard to do ....nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too ... imagine all the people living life in peace...you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as one.". So I dream with John Lennon and all of you here who are looking for a"real justice which is not a country or a system of governance, but an inner truth which can never be shattered..". I am less identified with being an American, we are all simply humans sharing a life on this planet. American, black, white, male, female, Muslim, Christian, let's loosen our grip on these things and reach for some things that are bigger and more substantial like peace, truth, love and joy.

First writing since

American values are dead?

I guess it's all a matter of perspective. One could also argue that American values never existed.

"Whatever is to come will not look like the old, nor should it, for change and transformation are in the nature of all things."

I would argue that American values are somewhat of a myth. So are biblical values, for that matter. But the US Constitution, with all its flaws (beginning with its tolerance for slavery at its inception) is still a magnificent document and its ideals are still worth pursuing. Its interpretation has evolved over time -- from the Civil War...... to the suffragette movement of the 1920s, right through the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s. Its inherent ability to evolve and be reinterpreted is what makes the Constitution so unique. Freedom and individual liberty are still, IMHO, unique features of the American "idea" and still attract people from all around the world. And rightly so, because it is the sanctity of personal freedom that truly exemplifies our eternal value. That is why our "rights" were deemed inalienable.

Indeed, "Whatever is to come will not look like the old, nor should it." Thank god. Our past once contained notions of women and people of color as property. But we overcame that and transformed and preserved the essence of our American ideal. Today, our freedom and liberty is challenged by notions of "security" based on concepts of war and domination, which have also been with us since our country's birth. Too long, IMO. These notions need to be replaced. With what has yet to be written. But I can't help think that true justice is part of the process. To me, that's what 911 truth is all about. Not the justice itself, but where we will be if and when we can achieve it. To THAT is say, Godspeed.

So I guess I look at it as not necessarily "returning" to old values, but continuing the legacy of attempting to fulfill a set of values based on equality and the rule of law in a civil society.

Yes, it will not look like what we know from the past, but maybe, just maybe it will look like what our forefathers hoped it someday would.

True, the ideal of perfection

to which a person may strive, both individually and by extension, collectively, remains, in eternity, and the eternal path of progress to perfection may be wrought with perils, but however perilous the journey, the goals remains, as a type of principal, something I would Civility, where civility may be defined as: conscious motivated organizational behavior that is ethical in submission to the highest truth, wisdom, and ultimately, authority.

Education holds the key I think and the American people are getting educated into all these matters, slowly but surely.

Even empires may come and go, rise and fall, but the ideal remains the same, and those, or at least some of them, are American ideals enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Freedoms.

"The kingdom of heaven is like a storekeeper, who brings forth from his stores both something old and something new."

Forms change, true values are constant

Okay, you can argue over the words I chose to make my point, granted. Yes, the ideals enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights are worth fighting for, most certainly. But those same ideals will have to reappear in a new form now.

If the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were worth anything as instruments of State, they would have prevented what has occurred before things got to this drastic point. But they didn't prevent it. They failed to stop the onslaught of corruption so deep and depraved it has destroyed the integrity of America forever.

3000 Americans and citizens of many other nations died on September 11, murdered. A million, a million and a half in Iraq. Probably many hundreds of thousands in Afghanistan. A political establishment deeply mired in corruption. God knows how many other lesser crimes. A virtual police state on the doorstep. All these things happening under that flag which represents that same Constitution, Bill of Rights and way of life. I contend that this kind of stain can never be erased, and therefore that what the flag is meant to stand for is effectively dead and buried already. How are you ever going to wash off the blood?

Efforts to revive the Republic underway? I just can't see it. This does not mean that our actions individually and collectively are in vain. Of course not. Everything we do contributes and moves us closer to something truly new.

Look at the realities here. Obama knows who is really responsible for September 11. He is well aware that KSM is an innocent patsy, at least on the main charges. To waste time thinking there's a possibility he's going to authorise a civilian trial is denial. Of course he won't. He can't do that. It will expose him to too much risk. Obama is implicated, personally, in the coverup. He might even be a CIA agent presiding under the COG arrangements Bush put in place for all we know. No-one knows. A fair trial for KSM? It's far, far too late for that. He'll be lucky to get any trial before the day he dies. There is no equality. The rule of law has been subverted.

God bless you all for your continuing efforts to fight for what's right. I'm not trying to undermine anyone or belittle their values and their efforts. I just said what was on my mind, that's all. As a student of history, I keenly feel the poignancy of this moment which confronts us.

instruments of state

The "instruments of state," as you like to call them, are only as effective as the people who attempt to implement them. The Constitution is an idea, meaningless unless people attempt to implement it. Your original thought postured that "American values are dead" and so is the American Republic. I'd agree that it's being threatened, but it is in no way dead. If it were dead, then complaining about any miscarriage of justice based on American law is futile and pointless. It's pissing in the wind. And by inference you are saying that Donna's efforts are equally futile. She is formerly a professor of American Discourse and Rhetoric and the poignancy of her experience and contribution to 911 truth draws from that, too.

Any definition of justice requires a context, and you haven't provided one that replaces the Constitution or American rule of law. You point out the current police state tactics being employed and similar perversions "happening under that flag which represents that same Constitution, Bill of Rights and way of life." Are these really any worse than slavery in the 19th century, no rights for women up through the early 20th century, or Jim Crow laws, lynchings, etc, right up through the 1970s? I contend that America has seen equally difficult challenges as those we are seeing today, and though racism and sexism hasn't been completely wiped off the map, we have made huge progress. Cynthia McKinney ran for president. That never would have happened 100 years ago. THAT is the sense of history from which I learn, grow, and draw my courage.

"How are you ever going to wash off the blood?" That's a very good question. It's a question that needs to be repeated over and over until we come up with an answer. The only way to get it answered is to keep asking it and to keep pointing out that the question needs to be answered. We HAVE TO come up with an answer or we are doomed to repeat it. Giving up and giving in is not an adequate answer IMHO. If anyone ever had a reason to denounce the American justice system and values it's black people, who were raped, abused and murdered regularly for 200-plus years. But they turned their anger into victory and it took 200 years. They transformed their oppression into the only truly American art form -- Jazz --- and they gave us Fredrick Douglas, MLK, Rosa Parks and a host of others to inspire and guide all Americans in difficult times. That's a history of real victory.

And giving in and declaring America dead leaves too much room for the NWO folks to come in and completely take over. They love a defeatist attitude, and if America is not really dead, they'll finish it off.

Our business is about changing minds -- about 911, about law, about justice, about accountability, and yes, about what America is supposed to stand for. I'm a bit of a student of history myself...and an activist. And I conclude that those who are committed to making history, rather than pontificating over it, are far more valuable to society. Who is really making history today? That's another really good question we all should be asking ourselves. If each of us really tried to emulate someone in history who made a positive difference, things would be a lot different. If America dies, it's because we let it die. To quote Lori Van Aukin about 911, "Everyone was to blame, therefore, everyone was to blame." That includes me. You?

Whoa! Powerful!

That was about the most powerful appeal I've ever seen since participating in this movement. Very well done.

Will Obama see it..? If he sees it, how can it not have an impact..?

Unto justice..

Secrecy...protecting criminals from the justice system... part X

Military tribunals are secret trials, a variation of what is referred to in popular parlance as Kangaroo Courts. Such trials are the bailiwick of dictatorships and repressive, totalitarian regimes, and the regime that was in power when the 9/11 attacks happened was as near to totalitarianism as this country has seen.... little or nothing has changed with the new occupants of the White House... barring a superficially more "friendly" appearance. These type of fake trials always have a predetermined verdict (ie guilty) and are merely a formality, to allow the government in question to conduct rigged quasi-legal procedures minus the inconvenience of public scrutiny.

The effort to keep the 9/11 trials in a military tribunal setting has nothing to do with national security. It also has nothing to do with the constitutional right of any person in this country accused of a crime to a fair trial trial by a jury of their peers. It has nothing to do with any sense of real justice, in any society with a pretense at being civilized. It has everything to do with keeping the facts of the event in question (9/11) secret, and to erect a wall of silence (ie protection) around those in elite military and political circles who likely had a part to play in the planning, organization, and execution of the attacks, and those who played an part in actively preventing the timely response by those entrusted to defend our airspace.

It is highly unlikely that the Obama Administration was ever *genuinely* prepared to conduct the 9/11 trials in a real, legal, open civilian court-of-law setting... because of the potentially highly damaging cross examination, question and points of law that might be raised by the defense. Furthermore, the lead "suspect" in the trial, Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, was water-boarded 180+ times... and in US law, water-boarding is considered torture; evidence obtained by such abuses is not permitted in a real court of law. Just for the record, a number of Japanese military personnel convicted of torturing US soldiers in WWII using water-boarding techniques were sentenced to death by hanging in the Tokyo Trials. What is so different about the current conduct of our own CIA thugs, compared to that of the Japanese some 60 years ago? Quick answer: There is no difference.

I am no fan of the death penalty, but such duplicity destroys what little credibility our senior officials have left to offer.

Donna ran for local office

Are there any links to coverage of the results?

A little soon for a trial isn't it ?

There was never any investigation ? NIST used computer graphics in the form of a cartoon to display what they were told to say about how these buildings were blown up
just not saying "they were blown up" NIST never looked at explosives or demolition sources as a means for destroying the WTC complex, which it was. No trial is WAY PREMATURE at this stage. How can someone go on trial who has been tortured into
any admission for anything ? Doesn't really get to the bottom of anything does it ?
Call NY City council members and demand a real investigation into the demolition of WTC building 7 at 5:20 pm September 11th 2001. If this goes to some kangaroo court trial lets make sure jury members get copies of this http://www.bentham-open.org/pages/content.php?TOCPJ/2009/00000002/000000...
1. Ask the tortured so called terrorists where they got military grade thermitic explosives 2.Why use explosives in a hijack suicide terror attack.
3. How did you manage to get into these secured buildings without working with someone on the inside..Who are the people on the inside ? These prisoners won't know because they didn't do it. they're set up patsy's just like Oswald, Ray, Sallam (1993 FBI WTC explosion, FBI provided bomb, Sallam recorded all conversations with FBI) McVeigh 1995 OKC...(Building blew out not in) Audit the FED kill the central bank that is killing you and your country.