Disinfo agents out there on the social networks

About a week ago, I sent out some tweets on my Twitter Feed concerning the destruction of the World Trade Centre, False Flags in general, and related matters.

No sooner had I done this, than I received a tweet from a lady calling herself "DrBabsie", one Tracy Blevins Postert, Ph. D, which went as follows:

"Challenge to Steven Jones and Niels Harrit: Debate me on thermite. Dr. Tracy Blevins Postert http://howitwasdone911.blogspot.com".

Well, naturally enough, as a 911Blogger reader since 2006, I can recognise disinfo. So I had a look at her blog; if anything, I was surprised at just how bad it was - poorly written, and not even close to being convincing. Not surprising at all was the information that she is associated with one, "Dr Judy Woods".

So I sent some tweets back her way; told her she should write a scientific paper like Harrit and Jones did if she wanted to challenge them; and reaffirmed my own staunch support of our best investigators, like Harrit, Jones, Ryan, Gage etc.

I do not believe this lady is sincere, and therefore one must conclude that she has been hired to spread disinfo. The fact that she is doing a very poor job should give us all heart. From what I can gather, she looks for tweeters who talk about the WTC destruction, and then deliberately targets them with disinfo and her so-called "challenge."

To see her twitter feed, go to http://twitter.com/DrBabsie
To see her poorly constructed blog, go to http://howitwasdone911.blogspot.com/

I think we need to be aware of what these people are getting up to.

She's "Working" Allright

Her other cover is "Medical Marijuana Barbie."

In the fall of 2008 when the first news came about the proposed "bailout" there was a protest in front of the New York Stock Exchange. I believe it was a Thursday evening, and there was a few thousand people. Off to one side there was a group of police watching things, with some in plainclothes and some in uniform. And standing among them was a woman holding a large sign on a wooden stick that read- "space beams brought down the world trade center towers." Now, besides the absurdity of the message, in NYC protesters are supposedly not allowed to carry wooden sticks for their signs, only cardboard tubes because of the potential for use as a weapon. I'm sure we cal all connect the dots...

That was my first encounter with her.