Forensic experts to reexamine WTC rubble

New York forensic experts will start a major new search Monday through debris from the World Trade Center for remains of people killed in the 9/11 terrorist attack, officials said.

About 844 cubic yards (645 cubic meters) of material recovered from the reconstruction site at Ground Zero will be combed for bones and other remains of the 2,752 people killed when hijacked airliners slammed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

"That material is going to be sifted to see if there are any human remains," said Jason Post, a spokesman for Mayor Michael Bloomberg. "We're taking every step we can to recover the remains of 9/11 victims."

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Should I be worried?

Isn't it a shame that trusting anything government with these recent years has to be questioned? We have our scientific analysis. We have a peer reviewed paper, in a prestigious physics journal. We have another prestigious journal, from the sociology field, addressing the mental barrier, the full blown denial, that one will sink into, not seeing the blatant act of war against the people, that has been made in a statement. "Yeah, we know you have evidence", is what they, the PTB (Powers that Be) seem to be saying, "but we have media." And how much power does their speech rights have, versus ours? We are overpowering them. We are growing. The main sweep is when the cowards that won't stand up to the obvious truth, which we hold, those cowards will come on over when they start top be unlike the standard generic, common FOAX, if you know what I mean. So. what's one to do? They won't stand being the odd ones out. In the mean time, their fear of other things, will keep them dancing the way they think they are supposed to dance to be a "normal" person.

Is this going to be a case where the priest at the head of the church, who tells his congregation that the stories in the paper, of the little boy who said church officials had sexually molested him, and the priest tells everyone that never could such a thing happen, and the boy is lying. Please dismiss it, after all I run this church and I am the authority on such things. So, the church believes him, because it's so much more preferred. HOW could a PRIEST do that?

Anyhow, I hope we don't get another cover-up, like Pop Mech (Pimped Malarkey), the ticket to close many a mind to the possibility of the unthinkable, that which has happened. It's great news,...I think, if we get an honest investigation.

Thanks to all who are so instrumental in all you do.

Can we trust Michael Bloomberg to do the job correctly ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
for years I have been asking for a forensic search for nano-thermite in the WTC rubble.
so you could say I should be happy.

Well I am not as an investigation by anyone blocking the NYCCAN demande for a new investigation, having connections with the Bilderberg group, having connections with the neoconservateurs, etc can not be trusted to keep safe important evidence. The reexamine needs to include family members, independant investigators, 911 truth groups, etc. Remember how quickly the authorities got rid of the steel from the WTC !



Mike Bloomeberg KILLED the 9.11 health bill

back in late Sept 2009. He went against his own word @ the last minute, when the bill was being pulled up. (Agreed to pay 10% of costs in testimony & writing in Congress, then said no) After that betrayl, he's dead to me for reliability.

Why now and why a search for the remains f the victims?

It seems this is primarily a search for human remains and not a forensic re-examination of the dust.
My guess is they want to find remains to be used in the 9th and 10th anniversary of 911.

As you do, I have a very dim view of Bloomberg and the authorities. Still, it means forensic specialists are going to dig in the rubble and perhaps some of them have been watching 911 video's or have colleagues who died on that day. They are according to the article New York forensic experts so perhaps they could be approached.

Good Question...

I think there's "more to this than meets the eye." They could be doing it for multiple reasons, both for propaganda and also for greater research into what the "truthers" have been claiming, as a way to deal with the problem.

I wonder if there is still

explosive material in this rubble?

This is an opportunity;

To expose the existance of explosive material in the rubble.

it will be impossible for them to eliminate it all from the rubble. One just needs to gain access, this should be a focus after this recent announcment, i have often wondered when access to the rubble would be allowed.

There needs to be intervention, they are in damage control and want to say they have looked through the rubble for expolosives, 'officially'.

This exposes the haste in which the evidence was removed, here are plenty of opportunities these days for the truth movement to gain solid ground in public opinion, sure hope this momentum continues.

Slowly but surely the recipe for true change is slowly taking shape.

Tomb of Lies

They will locate remains, call it a Tomb of Heros or some such baloney, make it inaccessible for any reason whatsoever, thus reinforcing the off-limits meme.


They will.

BUT they can't undo NIST's admission of free fall in their FINAL report . And they can't come up with an actual collapse mechanism of the towers --- and they can't control all the dust and debris. In other words - the truth is the truth no matter how many memes are put in its way.


Is there an opportunity exert pressure to examine the dust for explosives? Steven Jones should volunteer to help examine the rubble pile.


It seems like this should have been done a couple months after the event.

FOIA samples?

I wonder if samples taken can be FOIA'd? I believe previous FOIA requests for samples have failed but maybe this soil being scanned for other reason's may open up a window to obtain samples? I hope so. My gut tells me they will use this later to say "we looked at the dust forensically for remains but did not come across any "explosive materials" I am sure they will come across these materials and not publicize it.

peace all

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"It is part of the general pattern of misguided policy that our country is now geared to an arms economy which was bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and nurtured upon an incessant propaganda of fear."
-- Douglas MacArthur

Proving there isn't that much nanothermite in the dust...

It just seems to me that this may be a secretive effort to assemble MORE incredible, but publically acceptable set of data that there actually was not much of the nanothermite in the dust.

I'm aware that there are several solid sources which have already to substantiatde the nanothermite and iron spheres, but anther wave of HI PERP PR will have its purpose.

If they get the NIST to basically perjure themselves and twist REAL evidence and the laws of physics, why not get some more evidence that they can twist around again...

Bloomberg's buddy, Lary Silverstein and his predecessor, Rudy G. are in deep trouble and he's gonna do what he can to get his cronies off the hook...including Wall Street "put-optioners"...who my guess he knows well also...

9/11 Truth for World Peace

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

Clean Already

Don't you think they already cleaned up the area of as much evidence as possible? Then they can make a fake stand about the dust.

Does anyone know about this???

"I'm aware that there are several solid sources which have already to substantiate the nanothermite".... Do these sources include Mark Basile and Frederic Henry-Couannier? I've heard and read these names but have not seen them publish anything peer-reviewed about the nano-thermite. Hopefully they will, and soon.

Are there others? This seems crucial at this point in time.

(I mean in addition to the "Active Thermitic" paper, of course.)



First we need to demand a list of those forensic experts who are charged with this task and determine their histories and loyalties and therefore their intent. Are they forensic scientists from NIST or EPA, or are they independent? It seems to me that a forensic investigation would include more than an Easter egg hunt for bone fragments. It would also include an explanation of how whole human bodies could be blown into microscopic bits in a gravity-driven collapse. And we should loudly push for such scientific explanations. Although I don’t yet know about the group, it seems like a natural fit for Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth. Can we demand they are represented in this investigation?
And can any lawyers who are also Truthers file actions to include Dr. Steven Jones and Dr. Neils Harrit in this investigation, based on their excellent and unchallenged findings of military grade nano-thermite explosives in all dust samples?
This could be an excellent opportunity. That said, I do notice that this story has gotten zero coverage in the corporate media. So what else is new?

Excellent opportunity for WeAreChange todo world internet report

This is an excellent opportunity for WeAreChange to do an world internet reporting /interview of Jason Post spokesman for Michael Bloomberg on the subject. To record for eternity on video his replyies to questions like are they going to look for nanothermite, are they going to analyse how the bones were broken into such small pieces, are they going to allow independent expert participation in the investigation, who are the experts taking part, etc
Keep the exchanges clean and polite and hoping that here on 911blogger there will be video informing us in the world what is going to be done.
Yours John

Good Idea...

What I would add to the search...

would be straightforward: a strong magnet.

A strong magnet passed over a stream of the WTC dust would attract both:

1. red/gray chips
2. iron-rich spheres

These magnetic remnants (bone fragments are not magnetic would NOT be included) contain a great deal of information about what happened that day and would be PRESERVED forever. Small sub-samples could then be sent out to interested scientists for inspection and analysis.

OTOH-- if the NWO-types wanted to sabotage the WTC dust, they must realize from our papers on 1 and 2 above that they can do the same thing and COVER_UP the evidence....

Hmmm... do we have ANY way to get "them" to do the right thing this time, to do some experimental science for a change?


It seems that interested family members organizing and publically petitioning authorities for access to the material once the human forensic testing is complete, may be one effective option. Of course this would require interest and effort on their part. Requesting access in order to search for explosive residue would likely be resisted. Authorities do not seem willing to depart from the official conspiracy theory. The material may eventually be turned over to one of the 9/11 museums now under consideration.

Study of health problems created by exposure to this type of WTC dust would be one means of alternative access to this dust, but would require the cooperation of interests related to any 9/11 health litigation.

It seems that

iron-rich spheres would rust into oblivion pretty quickly if they were kept in humid conditions. So it depends on how the debris were 'cared for'.

Here is Manny on Russia Today

Gee isn't it a little soon

to go digging for evidence....???? IT'S BEEN WHAT 9 YEARS ??? Sorry we found it and it's explosive, we want to give it to a grand jury.

If I were to wildly speculate

I would guess that they are trying to see if something incriminating is present in the dust or remains. This way, they can craft a story to cover it up.

Or process it to remove any chemical traces,

such as the red/gray chips.

I hope we can find out exactly what they are doing out there.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.