Tea Party Express Shuns We Are Change Utah

A letter detailing the Tea Party Express that visited Utah this weekend and how We Are Change signs were blocked.
(Article and videos can be found here - http://www.nationalexpositor.com/News/2410.html)

Clint: We Are Change Utah -

As much as we wanted to set it (the big blue 9/11 banner) up behind the podium, we were respectful despite the numerous attempted bluffs to make us move, including having a government worker and the sheriff's department ask us on their behalf to move. The Tea Party Express wanted us to take down our sign, and alluded to the fact that we were not one of them, that we were a hate group, and suggested that we weren't there for the same reasons as them.

If they meant that we weren't there to subvert and destroy the effectiveness and relevance of the Tea Party movement as they were... then they were correct in their assumption.

On a side note, the Utah Highway Patrol are to be commended on refusing to be bullied into violating our rights, and were well aware of the fraudulent actions being perpetrated by this usurped Tea Party Express group. They were extremely respectful, as we were to them. They were a shining example of the correctness of law enforcement action.

The "lady in black" who came and talked to us said that the Tea Party was only comprised of four people, in which she was one. She claimed to be a business woman with children, doing this for her children and in hopes of some day running for office.

When I asked her who sponsored and paid for all of this, including four totally decked out tour buses, a couple 4x4 trucks, a tricked out Mercedes, (all of these vehicles had an expensive painted mural on the whole of their exteriors telling me that they probably weren't rentals, including the buses) and several cameras, equipment, tens of empolyees setting up and manipulating the crowd to dance and fill out "raffle cards", which were either marketing tools or tracking tools, microphones and p.a. systems, and the actual speakers and performers (who were no doubt getting paid for their performances), she told me that she personally spent some days opening envelopes stuffed with 10-15 dollar donations from people just like me.
CNN doesn't know who is funding the Tea Party Express

I assure you that the people there were not just like me, and here's why...

After she let us know how she supported our efforts and claimed that she supported our free-speech... she had a couple of her goons go out into the audience (the people that were supposedly just like me) specifically the ones with American and "Don't tread on me" flags (of which most were made in China), and have them stand in front of our big blue banner, which simply stated "Question 9/11 - Demand Answers".

In other words, this supposed grass-roots organization arranged for some of their supporters to attempt to squash our right to free speech.

And so, for the last hour and a half of the Tea Party, we had about 7 people standing in front of our banner holding up flags. This was the most contradictory effort that a person attending a rally promoting free speech could have possibly made. And in between those people and our banner stood the two goons, at least one of which we thought was carrying a concealed weapon.

But we stood our ground and didn't complain, turning the other cheek as our mission statement proclaims... peaceful action and dissent, being "the change we want to see in the world".

A few moments before the end of the event, as we rolled up our big blue banner up and began walking toward the CNN "Express" bus which was part of the Tea Party "Express" caravan, one of the goons stated that "it was about time you guys left".

Before we walked away, I walked up to the woman in black - we'll call her the "black widow" - and thanked her for arranging the group of flag waivers to block our banner. She first looked surprised that I knew she had arranged it, and then, looking at me with a knowing smile, said you are very welcome and walked away. At least she knew that we knew she was full of crap, and that made me feel better.

Now, while this type of abuse is common place towards us as we try and expose the truth about 9/11 to the public, I must say that the most painful part of this day was the corny and often times obviously contrived performances and speeches that we had to listen to as we stood there for the Tea Party (with the exception of a great rap group that rapped about the New World Order, and actually made the crowd of uncoordinated white people cheer and clap along, though not quite to the beat). I'm not sure if they were actually a part of the tour, but kudos to them for their performance, the one highlight of the Tea Party Express.

The Tea Party should be boycotted by anyone serious about change. "Vote Them Out" was the theme, while Republican candidates made speeches about how they would be somehow different. Perhaps "Use Paper Ballots" or "No Computerized, Fixable Voting Machines" might have been a better theme... or how about "HANG 'EM HIGH".
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View pictures and videos here: http://www.nationalexpositor.com/News/2410.html

Expandable Flag Polls

You might try investing in expandable flag polls. Then if a group tries to block your banner again, you have the option of expanding the polls to a higher elevation.