We Are Change Utah Confronts Attorny General On 9/11 And Misprision Of Treason

On March 30th 2010 WeAreChange Utah members went to the Tea Party Express Tour at the Utah State Capitol. Luckily Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff was out roaming the crowd so we decided to confront him.

WeAreChangeUtah delivered copies of the peer reviewed scientific paper "Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe" to the representatives of the State of Utah on 1/11/10 including Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.


See more of the story here:

Questions, Complaints, Requests, or Suggestions for the Utah A.G.
General Office Numbers: (801) 366-0260, (801) 538-9600, (801) 366-0300
Toll Free within the State of Utah: (800) AG4 INFO (244-4636)
E-Mail: uag@utah.gov

Well done

Great job. Very respectful in the face of his disrespect. Only suggesting memorizing the code next time it comes up, so you can parrot it back.


The gatekeepers are becoming veeerrryyyy uncomfortable.
And their arguments are becoming humorously transparent and pitiful.

A tip to We Are Change activists who set out on confrontation actions: Always try to have basic pertinent paperwork at hand and simply filed for quick access. I know it’s hard to predict what may be needed, but the Misprision of Treatment document and the nano-thermite study are a good basic beginning.
Great job!


The Bentham paper identifies the chemical composition of material found in WTC dust matching the known chemical composition of thermite and nano-thermite, period. It doesn't prove or explain how it got there. The paper does not say anything about treason. I think this campaign to connect the paper with treason is poorly thought out and lame and makes us look foolish.

One problem with your logic.

The paper proves nano thermite was in the WTC dust. That in itself is evidence that the towers were blown up. Evidence that the towers were blown up therefore was presented to this Attorney General in the video. Evidence the towers were blown up is evidence of treason (treason in covering up the crime and lying about it at the very least) therefore this AG was given evidence that a cover up rising to the level of treason has been committed. The AG is therefore duty bound to investigate the evidence. Failing to follow up on the evidence of treason does make him liable for misprison of treason. He simply cannot wave it away and say it is crap just because he doesn't like the implications. He has been given credible solid scientific evidence. It is his sworn duty to not only look into evidence of treason but to use all legal means at his disposal to uncover any other evidence and press charges as required by the evidence. He cannot on one hand be an officer of the law while on the other hand ignore treason. His lame attempt to skirt the issue by saying the crime was not in his state does not hold any water legally either. Treason that effects America and by extension Utah which the 9/11 cover up surely has is within his jurisdiction and is his responsibility. This guy and all AG's, Judges, Congress people, Presidents, VPs, and officers of the law, who have been given evidence of treason and ignored it are liable for misprison of treason in my opinion. I believe the law backs me up in that opinion as well.

The 9/11 cover up is treason. PERIOD! Ignoring evidence of cover up is misprison of treason. PERIOD!

WAC is therefore doing the exactly right thing and I encourage them to keep doing it.

I'm interested...

in the attorney-general's body language.

At first he has this 'show-respect-for-the-voter' demeanor.

Then, when our guy tells him he was sent information showing evidence of explosives, his first reaction is,

Like he's not sure how to respond and he's not yet closed off; but then, a few more words from the questioner and he turns on a dime and with gusto hits back with "there is no concrete evidence."

It seems like there's this massive weight of political-social consciousness that says "anyone who questions 9-11 is among the losers." It's like a mantra... he just keeps saying it.

You could tell he was getting flustered when he jumped to "there is no..." to "there's nothing in the report" when he hadn't even read it.

It's a real art to converse with people in power who don't want to rock the boat. You have to try and confront them in as non-confrontational a way as possible.

i.e. perhaps our interviewer might have responded with. "Yes, most people believe there is no concrete evidence, and that's why we sent you a copy of this peer-reviewed paper by a group of scientists that appeared in the Open-Chemical Journal... We wanted to draw your attention to the fact that there's over a thousand licensed architects and engineers who have...

Anyways... good effort guys.

I believe a few of the researchers from

the published paper are from Utah.

Under the Misprison law, I wonder if the attorney general has to go to his state federal prosecuter?

BYU Physicists

"Are you saying that 2 BYU physicists don't know what they're talking about, then?" I would have referenced Farrer and Jones.

*I changed my response below if anyone saw it earlier. Since this was a FOLLOW-UP with the A.G. and not an initial briefing, and since the A.G. had read the paper and rejected it as garbage and had NO intention on doing anything with it, I think WAC UT was right in bringing up M.O.T. Well-played!

Great work Clint!

WeAreChange Utah did a great job. You had me anxious to get to the next vid the whole way through.


very nicely done, dont change a thing, you guys

are out there DOING IT! Mad props. "What is it called?" "What does it say?" priceless

Super composure!

You made him look like the "madman" totally great interview!

Mary Alice Wahlstrom of Kaysville, Utah

was reportedly aboard AA11 on September 11, 2001 when the plane she was flying in is alleged to have been hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center's North Tower. She was 75 years old and a retired loan officer.

Her murder remains unsolved and un-investigated to this day.

Most state attorney's general can be compelled to ask the state attorney general of the state where the crime is alleged to have taken place to investigate the crime, or at least get a status report of the ongoing investigation into the alleged murder. It helps if you have a family member asking these questions, but I do not think it is required in most states.

If you are going to challenge or confront an attorney general or other officer of the court, you really want to have as many supporting documents as possible to back up your claims and have counter arguments prepared for the various dodges they will try to employ. This means you need to know the law pretty well and that requires some research.

I really think that before too many more people try this misprision of treason approach we need to have it run by some very sharp legal minds and have a thorough understanding of how it may be applicable at various levels and in different jurisdictions.

Otherwise, we will simply be making some noise without creating any real heat or shedding any light, which in my mind is a waste of energy and even counterproductive (no matter how good it feels in the moment).

On the other hand, if you just want to make some noise that the local media might show for 30 seconds, make sure to have a name and a photo of the victim and just ask why her murder remains unsolved after almost nine years. Ask why the FBI still has yet to prove who allegedly hijacked the planes.

Always remember that the legal system is rigged in favor of lawyers.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Great Post LeftWright

Misprison of Trison is the next step for the truth movement & will take place within our law system. It's kind of exciting seeing where this can go.

none so blind, as those who will not see.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak not evil. He's a scared little monkey.


is " a scared little monkey" ?


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Dude! WAC Utah!


You ripped that guy a new one.

There is a reason Attorney General Mark Shurtleff

got so pissed off. If he is convicted of Misprison of Treason, he could go to jail for 7 years. (it would be pretty easy conviction, considering you the video : )

Great work & God Bless our founding Fathers who put this in our Constitution.

You "Changed" another potential friend in to 911 Truth enemy

You have great courage and patriotism to bring the article to the Attorney General, but what was the result?

It appears that the only "Change" you accomplished was to to change a potential friend of the 9/11 Truth movement in to an enemy. Do you think he is more likely to look at the paper now? No, he said "you are a nut" - not a nut for talking about scientific research, but you must be "a nut" for showing zero knowledge of human nature.

You cannot convince anyone of anything through threats. He will not listen to anyone who is threatening to arrest him for mistreason. Please stop this. Not In Our Name. You have permanently biased a powerful potential ally. How would YOU react to someone threatening to arrest you?

All this "confronting" stuff is as self destuctive as thermite. It has not worked. Can you name one success with this approach? Especially big men will not be intimidated. They rebel by going in the opposite direction, avoiding the Change harassers. If he sees anything about 9/11 Truth in the papers it will remind him of this incident, and he will turn the page. The video of Changers chasing Sen. Kerry through the Senate office halls was also destructive to our cause.

Please read a Dale Carnegie book on "How to make friends and influence people" to your way of thinking. You must be polite, polite, polite. Begin by praising them for listening as much as they have so far (notice I started this with a praise so you would listen).

Ask their opinion. Hand him the paper. Thank him for his open mindedness. Compliment him on his patriotism. Then he will probably read it. All the people you are "confronting" should walk away thinking "what nice, polite, intelligent people. They must have something worth reading."


you make some vaild points. I agree that respectfull groundwork needs to be layed down & a very real effort to establish a positve realtionship should be culitvated. But, if this goes nowhere, then we have a vehicle to punish authority's for not acting.

Also when someone says we are crazy for believing this,, maybe we should say yes I know it sounds very crazy, but they did find explosive materials in the dust & the science does not add up for a building to collapse that quickly..

Also people though Markopolos was crazy for telling the SEC for years, that the largest hedge fund in the world was a ponzi scheme (Madoff)

He was validated & we will be too.

Potential ally??? Really???

What about him saying "our evidence is garbage" without even having read it, do you not understand? What about him treating us like whackos and idiots do you not understand? I just don't get it how you could ever think this cowardly AG who obviously backs the official lies about 9/11 100% is a potential ally? Maybe you can explain it to me how WAC did the wrong thing here and not the AG by ignoring evidence of treason? Should we say pretty please with sugar on top Mr. AG will you look at evidence of high treason and mass murder? How "nice" do you want to be with these people and for how long do you want to be "nice"? 9 more years? 50 more years? When do we start filing charges for misprison of treason then? Do we ever?

In my book WAC did exactly the right thing and more of us should do the same. Perhaps 9+ years is enough being "nice" huh? Perhaps these cowards should have the fear of misprison of treason looming in their minds? I hope they are afraid to ignore the evidence. They should be afraid, very afraid! I also think actual charges of misprison of treason should be filed in order to change that fear into reality.

The Truth movement needs to

The Truth movement needs to figure out how to change the minds of the people and the officials. The confrontation approach is doing more harm then good. Informing people is important, but putting people on the defensive is not going to work.

Confronting and Informing is Essential....

We all agree with that. But I think that a first encounter should be polite and without implied threats. After all, they need to be briefed and turned into our ally if at all possible. "Excuse me, did you know that a recently published scientific paper found engineered high-explosive in every sample of World Trade Center dust?" "Have you read that paper?"
.... "HERE IT IS." (hand it to them). "This is not theory. It is proof that explosives were used on 9/11." "Since you are our Attorney General we wanted to bring this evidence to you."

EDIT: Sorry but I just watched the video again and I think the guys played this one RIGHT. This was not an 'initial' briefing as I mentioned above. This was a follow-up & after he was obviously not going to do anything about the evidence. He had already read it and rejected it. I commend WAC Utah for using M.O.T. here!

I Would Never Send Confrontation Vids To Friends

....Friends who are not knowledgeable of 9/11 but might be open to giving another look. These confrontation videos seem like speaking to the choir, the backslapping each other over how awesome the vid was, rather than intelligently looking at how do we gain converts.

we want to gain converts & ACTION

The Misprison of treason article will be the vehicle to force authority to act. (IMO)

& will obviously have to be done thru the correct court of law.

you've done good work WAC but Rap music stinks.

BUT and this is a huge BUT...a lot of this is just obnoxious and damaging.
Avoid confrontation especially on video. Get them to say they will "reread" the peer reviewed paper, make them acknowledge your reasonableness as a human being. etc etc.
Also I feel very strongly about the rap music....it really puts people off and is a reason why I do not send out your videos. Reconsider taking it off your stuff. It just is plain alienating and disturbing.

What do you accomplish by using it? Does it prove we're "punky" and violence prone?
This would not be a movement I would like to be associated with...

Good work!!

Great work guys. If you guys weren't doing this important work, we would not have so many people on record wrt the official story for 9/11. Very important to have this. Just keep doing what you're doing. In the absence of your work, there is none. Very important to recognize this.

However, as was noted by some others, there are very likely some relatively simple ways for you to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your work. The suggestion to use Dale Carnegie techniques from the book "How to make friends and influence people" should not be taken lightly.

In any case, again, thanks for getting out there and asking these questions and showing us the videos!

good job

Excellent job by the interviewer, to ask the man for the name of the study and its conclusions. Because the governor OBVIOUSLY has not read any of the more than one scientific, peer-reviewed studies that have conclusively proven that the WTC towers were destroyed with explosives.

Go, WAC Utah! You did a

Go, WAC Utah! You did a great job getting this lacky to squirm. You were controlled and respectful. You came out looking good in the face of a smirking loser.

Misprison of Treason

In the United States, misprision of treason is a federal offense, committed where someone who has knowledge of the commission of any treason against the United States, does not inform the President, a federal judge or State Governor or State judge (18 U.S.C. § 2382). It is punishable by a fine and up to 7 years in federal prison. It is also a crime punishable under the criminal laws of many states

solid concrete evidence of a cover up

My only suggestion is that you should not have said "pretty much" concrete evidence. It should have been simply, "concrete evidence". We should also remember to ALWAYS mention, we are NOT theorists of any sort. We only acknowledge that which is solid evidence, of which we are swimming in, there is SO much of it.

No peer reviewed scientific papers are necessary to prove

beyond any doubt whatsoever, that an external energy source was necessary to cause building 7 to fall at gravitational acceleration.
All this stuff about "peer review" just throws this thing out of the court of common acknowledged physical facts into an ethereal world beyond the grasp of ordinary mortals - and gives anyone an excuse not to have to deal with it .

Peer review - schmeer review. How about "common sense review?"

As far as the basics you are right

The admitted 2.25 second full freefall acceleration of WTC 7, at the beginning of its descent, during which time it dropped completely unimpeded for 8 stories or about 100 feet, does not require a peer reviewed paper to tell one that it does not fit in a natural collapse scenario and that the building was intentionally demolished.

From there one should realize that rigging a building of that size for demolition could not be done in one day, and certainly not with fires in it, so the charges had to be pre-positioned in the building prior to Sept. 11, 2001. This implies foreknowledge and planning of the events by domestic forces, since there isn't much of a chance that terrorists could have rigged WTC 7.

Additionally, there is no need for a peer reviewed paper to explain to one that there might be a problem with the fact that none of the steel from WTC 7 was saved for a forensic analysis, even though it would have ostensibly been the first steel framed high rise building in history to completely collapse due to fires.

The basic gist of it (as you point out) can be easily understood by anyone, and one should realize that if there is a problem with the present official story of what occurred to WTC 7 there might also be a problem with the other parts of the present official story. Thus any honest person who looks into what occurred with WTC 7 should naturally support a new investigation.

In general, going from there is where scientific papers can be useful, as some of the other issues, which show the present official story to be incorrect, do require more in depth study and understanding.

Thank you Tony

I appreciate your comments. And I do appreciate the scientific work that is being done - as surely that work will be of increasing importance as the truth is slowly and inexorably revealed.

All our bases belong to us.

All our bases belong to us.