PBS airs "MLK: A Call To Conscience"

A lot of good stuff in this: the "America .. greatest purveyor of violence" speech, how he was despised by all major media and much of the (even the African-American) public after that speech, how his next sermon after Memphis was to be "Is America Going to Hell?", reasons for assassination, contrast with Obama's war policy, and more.

Here are the official specs from the PBS website (http://video.pbs.org/video/1456944662):

Program: Tavis Smiley
Episode: MLK: A Call to Conscience

The second episode of Tavis Smiley Reports examines Martin Luther King, Jr.'s stand against the Vietnam War and the influence of his legacy today. Tavis speaks with scholars and friends of King, including Cornel West, Vincent Harding and Susannah Heschel.

Here are a couple of bittorrent links to a 400 mb avi file:


On YouTube in 6 parts

My first hero.

My parents moved to Memphis less than a month after King was assassinated. I didn't realize this growing up, but for some reason King was my first hero. Thank you for posting.

Silence is betrayal,

April 4th - ...MLK and 9/11 Truth tie-in together

There are many facets surrounding Martin Luther King which relate to 9/11 Truth.
I think every 9/11 Truther should watch this video about "An Act of State".
For newer people, Reprehensor has posted some footage of the 1999 trial.

video sources

I'm glad it's on youtube, but as a point of information, the bittorrent one I gave links to above is more complete and better quality and all on one file.

The William Pepper "An Act of State" discussion that TomT linked is really enlightening. A friend of King's and hired by the King family to get at the truth, attorney Pepper, after much investigation over years, held two trials, one a "mock" trial on British TV which made use of celebrated jurists, and the other a civil trial in the US. Both found, within the limits of their missions, that James Earl Ray was innocent and that the US government and military were probably guilty of the murder. Much of this is also presented in Part 6 of "Evidence of Revision", which includes parts of the Pepper talk, is a more graphic and kaleidoscopic presentation and definitely worth watching, but I think the Pepper talk by itself presents the facts of the assassination more clearly. You can also find the Pepper talk in mp3 (audio alone) and slightly truncated in two 1 hour, 10.3 mb downloads at:

"Evidence of Revision, Part 6" can be watched at
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2596003995912605454# , and you can also download an mp4 file of it there. WARNING: it begins with some graphic post card pictures of lynchings. You can also get a probably better avi version by bittorrent, at
http://isohunt.com/torrent_details/51812498 , which also includes the two Guns and Butter mp3's for about a 1 GB download.

Although a bit afield from the MLK subject, the whole Evidence of Revision series is well done and interesting. Parts 1-5 deal with the JFK, RFK assassinations and Jonestown, and can be downloaded directly, starting from http://www.archive.org/details/Evidence_of_Revision_1, where there are lots of comments about the series.

Haven't watched the Reprehensor links yet but looking forward to it.

Full "MLK: Call To Conscience" online at PBS.org

Complete Tavis Smiley "MLK: Call To Conscience" streaming online at PBS.org