Always Have Love In Your Heart ~ Luke Rudkowski

This is an excerpt from Luke Rudkowski's inspiring and informative speech at Betsy's Treason in America Conference 2010.

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Happy Easter and Anniversary of the Death of MLK

Great Talk Luke

Great Talk Luke especially on Easter Sunday. The greatest man who ever lived is being celebrated today. No person in all of history ever changed things the way He did. Why, because He taught the law of love. It is so simple but so hard to live by. Lets start living by what Christ taught. If we do the world will change overnight. 9/11 will be ancient history and this planet will be the paradise it was meant to be.

Luke Rudowski / Always have love in your heart

Luke Rudkowski's presentation at the 'Treason in America' conference put a very fine point on the logic for this entire movement. It is out of love that we act, not hatred or vengence. If on earth God's work is truly our own then we have a massive task in front of us. Bringing the truth of the events of 911 to our fellow citizens is only part of the effort. 911 is the continuation of the mindset that brought us the murders of JFK, MLK and RFK. The lies of, 'the Gulf of Tonkin incident', the attack on the USS Liberty, the Murrah Building bombing and many more false flag / black operations serve to keep us in a national state of nearly constant traumatic stress. Bringing the truth of the, 'planning for' and the 'events of', September 11th, 2001 to national and worldwide recognition is important because it lays bare the unspeakable evil that lies at the core of unbridled power and wealth.