Tea Party Shuns We Are Change Utah - Video Diary

Tea Party Express staff censors We Are Change Utah's big blue 9/11 truth banner with audience members, and won't disclose the true source of their financing.

So... at a rally for free speech, free speech advocates were recruited by Tea Party Express workers to block and subvert our right to free speech.

Exemplary behaviors...

The behaviors exhibited by WAC-Utah were great.

Its also a primer for those who have not come to undrstandthat the AUTHORITIES have an equal responsibility to protect individual's and small group's right of free speech as any body elses. It took me three years of education but finally the Seattle Police, the Kitsap County Sherriif Department, the Washingtn State Patrol and the local police have ALL learned the above responsibilities...towards US.

Although bannering the Tea Partyers is questionable regarding impact of our message to anyone that counts, this video is a good example of what can be done simply, peacefully, respectfully and CLEVERLY to use THEIR opportunities for media coverage etc. for our benefit.

Vancouver did a brilliant job at the Olympics and WAC-LA is always at the right place at the right time with GREAT instincts for expanding coverage.

I suggest that after the organizers had moved their flags and the like in position to block your work, and you got one or two PICS of them doing so, simply MOVE to another area that has good visibility for cameras [especially] and the attendees. Just moving the sign from one side of the stage or presentation area to the other causes attendees to watch and read your stuff. Keeping moving can be a positive thing because it will display the signs to other attendees who may not have the best angles to see the signage from where they are standing.

When I work a busy intersection with my smaller banner and sign posts, I walk across the streets during pedestrian lights and usually do a couple of 360 degre turns in the middle of the streets during my crossings so that all the vehicles can see the signage. My stuff stands up ver 8 feet tall and these signs are visible to all vehicles coming into the intersection from each direction. And even if the vehicles are a good distance away and cannot yet read the words, when they get close their interest has been tweaked...

There are a MILLION ways to get our stuff read...but the key is to go to where the people are, to know yoru rights and to be rspectful and polite at all times...even when assholes jump your face upon the rare occasion...

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

PS: No matter what, it would be a BIG mistake for the 9/11 TM to be associated with the Tea Party thing...or any other party for that matter...rdh

Great job!

My son and I were in DC for the peace march on 3/20... But first we passed by the Tea Party rally at the Capitol steps... I swear, the same buses were there. They only thing that came close to the size of a bus I saw at the peace rally was a government vehicle the size of a tank that looked like it had a giant (sound wave?) disk folded down on top. I think it also served as the “paddy wagon” that carried Cindy Sheehan and Jon Gold off to jail.

At the peace march we had a crowd as big, if not bigger (estimates of 8,000) than the Tea Party...and NO CNN bus!! There was some press...But nothing compared to what the Tea party attracts.

Take a look at the online propaganda exhibit at the DC Holocaust museum if you care to see frightening parallels to what we are seeing in this country today. What ever happened to "Never again"?


“Where's the line between news and propaganda? Propagandists intentionally spread biased information designed to sway public opinion. In Nazi Germany, the press served as transmitter for government propaganda by disseminating only state-approved news. This example illustrates the danger to a society when propaganda is unchecked and competing messages are silenced. An educated and engaged citizenry is the best defense against propaganda.”

Great Job Guys,

I've been active in the "Peace/9-11 truth" movement since august 2005,
with every demonstration I have attended, many over 100 thousand, 3 over 600,000 (two in DC, one in NY), all with very little TV coverage, sure there have been few peace marches and demonstrations where we had 10 of thousands, with some radio or TV coverage but the little media has attended to interview without bias or bad camera angles to minimalism the crowd size. It's very interesting how the media has gone to great lengths to embellish the size of the "tea baggers", where you see a few dozen of folks and the TV coverage pushing America to believe there are thousands? During the "Peace / let's get the Dems back in office movement", the 9-11 truth was tolerated, mostly to suit the Peace/Dems needs and numbers now that the democrats no longer need us, we are now an "Inconvenient Truth" Movement.

Great website! Thanks!

Speaking of propaganda...

Remember Douglass Feith, who cooked the intel on pre-conquest Iraq? Dalck was his father:

Connection between United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Dalck Feith

Published: October 19, 2005

FEITH--Dalck. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum mourns the death of of Dalck Feith. An early Founder of the Museum, he also served as a member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council for ten years. As a Holocaust survivor, World War II veteran and respected philanthropist, his dedication to Holocaust remembrance and the Jewish community will be greatly missed. The Museum extends its deepest sympathies to his family. Fred S. Zeidman, Chairman Joel M. Geiderman Vice Chairman Sara J. Bloomfield, Director United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Office of Special Plans

"Although Feith insists that the OSP did not seek to gather its own intelligence, Kwiatkowski and others sharply disagree. Staff working for Luti and Shulsky in NESA/OSP churned out propaganda-style intelligence, she says. As an example, she cited the work of a U.S. intelligence officer and Arabic specialist, Navy Lt. Commander Youssef Aboul-Enein, who was a special assistant to Luti. 'His job was to peruse the Arabic-language media to find articles that would incriminate Saddam Hussein about terrorism, and he translated these.' Such raw intelligence is usually subject to a thorough vetting process, tracked, verified, and checked by intelligence professionals. But not at OSP-the material that it produced found its way directly into speeches by Bush, Cheney, and other officials."

What Does Dalck Feith Have To Do With 9/11?

Why is this Dalck Feith being mentiomned here , I don't get it.

I'm not sure but I'm glad it's here.

I'm ecstatic at the mention of anything even remotely connected to dual US/Israeli citizens in high government office in this country (e.g., Douglas Feith), the government of Israel, Mossad's critical connection to 911, and the extreme agenda of Zionism, Christian and Jewish.

Dalck Feith was, in Poland in the 1930s, a member of "Betar," a right-wing Zionist organization, among other related memberships and leaderships in the US.

As I have said before, this remains a major blind spot for the 911 TM, equivalent to - but more dangerous than - the Peace Movement's blind spot regarding their goals and 911.

Commenting here is really all we've got because, unfortunately, Blog submissions on the topics. never see the light of day. At least, they don't, yet.

American's need to wake up, face the facts, and begin to educate others about 911.

Those on this Blog who are Jewish, of Jewish descent, have friends and family who are Jewish, who love people who are Jewish, and/or support the decent and caring people of Israel, ALSO need to wake up, face the facts, and begin educating others about these issues.

We all need to have the courage to stand up and be counted.

I thought the Tea Party movement started with 9/11 Truth


I'd bet good money that the "Tea Party Movement" is being subjected to "cognitive infiltration".

It did

... but has been hijacked by the far-right since then, and has turned into a platform for spewing hatred and irrationality against anything Democrats and Obama do. IMO 9/11-truth movement should keep itself clear from the tea-party.

"F" the whole Left-Right biplolar worldview

The "Tea Party Movement" has been hijacked by the thought police who want us to believe in Right verses Left politics.

Whether you like it or not

"Left versus Right" paradigm exists, and has been shaping a large portion of the US domestic and foreign policy.

For the sake of the argument, let's say it is a false dichotomy. What is the point? Would you say that 9/11 truth members hold rallies with pro-war anti-Obama anti-healthcare tea-partiers? (not a rhetorical question)

The MSM & PTB are creating the "Right wing tea party movement"

The point is that the MSM attention and selective reporting is molding the tea party movement a phenomenon which fits into their divisive model.

The reason the 9/11 Truth movement consists of people from such politically divergent backgrounds is because it is a legitimate cause. It is not part of the MSM puppet show.

George Washington's
Farewell Address
To the People of the United States

17 All obstructions to the execution of the Laws, all combinations and associations, under whatever plausible character, with the real design to direct, control, counteract, or awe the regular deliberation and action of the constituted authorities, are destructive of this fundamental principle, and of fatal tendency. They serve to organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinary force; to put, in the place of the delegated will of the nation, the will of a party, often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the community; and, according to the alternate triumphs of different parties, to make the public administration the mirror of the ill-concerted and incongruous projects of faction, rather than the organ of consistent and wholesome plans digested by common counsels, and modified by mutual interests.

18 However combinations or associations of the above description may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people, and to usurp for themselves the reins of government; destroying afterwards the very engines, which have lifted them to unjust dominion.

BTW: I'm "anti-Obama"

In my opinion, Obama is just another CIA-groomed elitist puppet.

Boston 911 truth pushed a large copy of

the 911 commission report into a river!

Any time you see someone mentioning the Tea Party...

Challenge them to find an earlier source than this Boston Tea Party in December of 2006!!! You will win every time... as far as I can tell.

Great link to have on hand. And shows the truth of 9/11 was the original cause of the Tea Party movement.

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This is key

Bring copies of this to tea party rallies and if the organizers say get out, show them this and inform them that 9/11 truth (as well as anti-Fed/Ron Paul groups) started the tea parties.


That's awesome Zombie. Do you have a link for people, so that it is easier to pass around/link to in the future as discussions about the Tea Parties arise? Post if you do. Peace.

Found a few... But not as big.
Here's a good one because you can zoom in on it...

Great to have in the future. Thanks for making me aware of this ZB. Peace.

Always happy to help

I knew I kept scans of old articles around from some reason.. :)


what a beautiful image.


(was in the wrong place)

No doubts about Infiltration of the Boston Tea Party

FYI...I was there...

...the We Are Change organizations tried, in a well designed and well executed plan, to distract the Boston 9/11 group's program by attempting to draw Boston Tea Party attendees to a Ron Paul-Libertarian-We Are Change gathering that was put together nearby and which was OUTSIDE the Boston 9/11 Group's programming...

The original Boston Tea Party was hacked by someone...

...of course-other than the original and real 9/11 Truthers...

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

9/11 Truth Best Avoid Tea Party Movement

The Tea party movement as it currently appears, is one that has major problems with racism and anti-semitism. I do not think it is a good move to associate with these peoiple as a general rule.

I agree.....and more

I helped organize the 2006 and 2007 Tea Parties in Boston. The "Tea Party Movement" is soooooo co-opted by infiltratiors, political operatives and the media that IMO it's best to stay clear of all of it. The most important thing we can take out of what's going on right now is that WE were so far ahead of everyone else....... and we still are. The writing is on the wall that the PTB want to trash any and all "anti-government" sentiment and make them (and us if we associate with them) look scary and violent. At this point, we need to treat them the same as the Dems and Repubs -- holding them accountable to the same scrutiny as everyone else while quietly planning our next public relations strategy to bring 911 issues to the front with the people who count the most.

I think being shunned by the "Tea Party Movement" as it exists today is the best thing that could happen. Since it is a doomed movement that will be riddled with racist and violence-related accusations, who would want to be associated with THAT?

Maybe I'm wrong...

...But isn't mega-obvious that the funding comes from the Republican Party??? I don't care about the 2 parties, but I don't know how anyone can wonder more than 5 seconds about the source of funding of this so-called "movement".... Sarah Palin should be your best clue!

You're getting close, I'd say

What's mega-obvious to me is that the funding is coming from among those sources that invest heavily in BOTH those 'parties.' Do you think the Republicans are the only ones benefiting from the emergence (spontaneous, no doubt) of this 'movement'? Just as occurred under Clinton, this well-financed 'thunder on the right' has the effect of making numerous people who helped put the Obama administration in office, in the expectation that it would bring about real change, be:

1) More willing to drop their demands for progressive policies and support the administration without reservation, suddenly seeing more urgency in uniting against this perceived threat than in holding the administration accountable for bowing to big-money and militarist interests and acting counter to the wishes of those who helped put it in office;

2) More likely to misperceive the administration's pro-corporate policies as actually somehow benefitting 'the people' (reasoning along the lines of, 'if these reactionary thugs don't like what the administration is doing, then what it's doing must really be progressive after all')

3) Less inclined to protest the policies of this administration, out of fear of being negatively associated with racist, reactionary thugs ('if I criticize the Obama administration, people will think I sound like one of 'them,' so I better keep my mouth shut').

The end result is (as the movement's financial backers and media promoters would have it) that the Obama administration has a freer hand to enact the policies desired by the elites with less of a risk of alienating its liberal base in the process; and meanwhile, what dissent there is gets channeled into the most unseemly, authoritarian, and decidedly unpeaceful and un-truth-friendly direction.

In my experience, hordes of liberals seem to believe that it is only the Republican base that is manipulated by FOX news; whereas the way I see it, these same liberals are themselves being manipulated at the same time--and seem completely blind to it.

So much to protest against

Lest any be remiss of all the valid reasons for protesting the current administration--easy to lose sight of amid the din of partisan posturing on TV--you might want check out this scorching assessment by Chris Floyd:



we don't need a third party in this country. We need a second.

Briliant work, UTAH!

Two things:

1. What's the contact info for the Utah State Police(?). Given that so many officers in the US do NOT honor the 1st Amendment, which we often see on vids, I think we should send emails/calls of thanks and support to these guys.

We need them on our side - in this, all other things, AND should martial law ever be declared.

By and large, America is a culture of criticism not a culture of appreciation. Yet, It's really simple and rather effortless to change is we're mindful and follow-up on it. Praise is worth spreading around.

2. Wish we had the Tea Party Express dates earlier. Many of them are right up on us .

Salt Lake City Police Department...


For some comic relief, here's a flickr stream with some choice picket signs.

The person who compiled this refers to the suboptimal use of grammar as "Teabonics".



The TPM is a classic example of astroturfing, or fake grassroots movements used by corporate public relations.

Whoever funds them must have some connection to Fox News. Fox hired Glenn Beck, who adopted much of Alex Jones' schtick. From there, Fox has been promoting the crap out of this TPM.

This one stuck out at me

...from the Wikipedia link you posted:

Since 2005, schools and political party organizations in the People's Republic of China are recruiting paid-per-comment bloggers countering unfavorable information on websites, bulletin boards, and other internet-accessible sources; they are collectively known as the 50 Cent Party.[27]

Such a thing could never happen in the UNITED STATES, right?