The Port Authority Seeks New Homes for WTC 9/11 Steel

Port Authority Seeks New Homes for WTC 9/11 Steel

The Port Authority is soliciting proposals from public and municipal agencies and not-for-profit organizations interested in acquiring a piece of 9/11 World Trade Center steel for public display.

Letters requesting a piece of steel should be sent on official letterhead to the Port Authority to the attention of Christopher O. Ward, Executive Director with a copy to Timothy Stickelman, Esq. of the Port Authority Law Department and Norma Manigan in Public Affairs. The mailing address for all three is:

225 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10003.

You can email the request to Norma Manigan at

The letter should describe your organization or agency, specify the type of artifact you are requesting, how the artifact will be used, an architectural description of the place where it would be displayed (e.g. metal case with glass panel), and other pertinent information and photos, designs or sketches of the proposed display. Our distribution is limited to public and municipal agencies and not-for-profit organizations.

Once your request is received and approved, you will be contacted by Peter Miller who will work with you to decide on the appropriate material for your display and will determine the logistics of transportation for the artifact. You will be solely responsible for all logistical details associated with picking up your artifact, including bringing the proper equipment, securing any necessary permits to transport the artifact and providing proof of insurance, indemnifying the Port Authority during removal and transportation.

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I think they mean

"...a piece of steel from some place or another that we want you to THINK is a piece of 9/11 World Trade Center steel."


Mark Twain once said that in Europe--where religious relics were still big in the 19th century--there were enough splinters from the Holy Cross 'to shingle a barn.'

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Hangar 17

Jesse Ventura refers to this as "Hangar 17" in his "Conspiracy Theory" show. Many of the pieces appear to contain abundent forensic evidence even after 9 years. The irony would be for Harrit and Jones to acquire a selected specimen to test.

we should seek a list of who got the pieces

If scientific testing can use a small enough portion of each piece to test. The value will be less in each organizations decision, and more in being able to attend a meeting to dialog. Socialize. Be of good cheer. The longer they listen the more likely someone will see the light.

Sounds like......

....they want (someone/anyone) to exfoliate any shred of evidence on the steel.......forever. Any examination of the steel will be riddled with controversy once it leaves the protection of the hanger.

More 9-11 steel at the New York State museum

The New York State museum in Albany has a lot of 911 steel specimens. A few have been displayed at the museum, but much of it was shipped to Europe for a show. I have a feeling the steel is available for anybody who wants to do serious scientific work.


Hope there is some scientists out there that want to have a look at that steel! ... like to see more peer reviewed papers!