WAC OTTAWA GOES TO WINTERLUDE 2010 - February 9/11 Truth Action

Members of WE ARE CHANGE OTTAWA did our truthaction at the yearly festival in Ottawa Winterlude.

We went out last year by the canal where there are skaters present, this year we handed out DVDs on the corner of Elgin and Laurier where it was very busy with citizens coming and going from Winterlude.

It was a cold day that day , stayed out for 2 hours , none of us lost any toes due to frostbite but it was close.

A new truther came out to this truther. Miguel came equipped with his own burnt DVDs and was shy at all about engaging the public.

We had good reception from the public and all in all , this was a very fun truthaction despite the frigid temperature.

Check out our upcoming actions and join us.


Truth action on Sunday at Rideau Center. Just got the new over 1000 Architects and Engineers banners plus all of our others sign. Hope the weather will be nice. Should be a good one.

Great work!

That's the way to do it. Thanks for being out there for 9-11 Truth!

With you in the struggle,

Thanks. Love you guys' action

Thanks. Love you guys' action down in LA . Keep inspiring ! Love those banners and you guys have a great bunch of truthers !