9/11 Museum to Exhibit post attack landscape

9/11 Musuem to Exhibit post attack landscape

The New York memorial museum will open on September 11, 2011 exactly 10 years after the World Trade Center attacks happened. It will be devoted to recreating the scenes which were seen post the 9/11 attacks without changing any of it.

These scenes include the countless candle light vigils at Ground Zero as well as the broken pieces of steel, which were all that remained of the WTC after the attacks before they were taken down.

The museum will be an intensely emotional and moving journey for any visitor. The museum is planned to have areas where the visitors can listen to the talks of the survivors as well as volunteers who will recount their version of the attack.

There will also be a multimedia section, which will question the visitors about what they were doing during the attacks and how they learned about it. Furthermore, the recordings of recovery workers talking about the desperate search for survivors and remains will be heard in the museum.

There will also be a steel trident, which was at the base of the World Trade Center towers as well. It will be projected as if it is rising out of the recovered steel from the towers.

A series of panels will ask the visitors questions on how terrorism has shaped the world and how it plays such an important part in today’s world. After the museum officials presented the preview of how the memorial would look, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation in a show of unanimous acceptance of the project agreed to sanction $2.29 million dollars for the museum’s exhibits.

How to explain it?

How on earth are they going to explain to visitors how so much devastation could be the result of "building collapses" resulting from "office fires"? There will need to be a State Department Misinformation Desk on site to handle any visitors trying to cope with unwholesome thoughts about possible use of high tech explosives.

9-11 Memorial in Los Angeles

Though a location has not yet been publicized. Looks like they are building a 'memorial' in Los Angeles. I heard that the location will be in Beverly Hills.


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