Building What?! Action Alert: Manhattan District Attorney

Fellow Advocates:

Today NYC CAN is meeting with the Chief of Staff of another New York City Council Member. This is our eighth meeting with a council member or their staff, and once again, this one is happening because of your phone calls and faxes.

Thank you!

One month ago many Council Members and majority of their staff were not aware a third building collapsed on September 11th. Today the entire City Council and several hundred staff are acutely aware, and most of them have seen footage of it. You know what that leads to.

There is no way to gauge reliably the number of phone calls made to the City Council Speaker last week, but judging from the number of responses we received far exceeding the usual number, and the fact that the action alert was sent to over 20,000 people, we think it's safe to assume the Speaker is aware A LOT of people are asking the City Council to investigate Building 7.

Where do we go from here?

--- Posted on behalf of NYC CAN ---

Now that we have all paved the way for the New York City Council to begin having a discussion about Building 7, NYC CAN will continue its job of making sure courageous council members do their part. While that's happening, we would be missing out on a big opportunity if we didn't continue channeling our voice in other worthwhile directions, and so we would like to introduce:

We realize the City Council campaign was grueling, so we aren't planning another marathon like that one in the near future. But we hope we can count on you to raise your voice when called upon. When you receive a CHANNEL YOUR VOICE action alert, please open it and take 2 minutes to add your voice to the thousands who are saying to public officials, "No longer are you allowed to be oblivious."

Today's Official of the Day will be the Manhattan District Attorney, Cy Vance Jr. Mr. Vance was elected Manhattan's District Attorney last November, succeeding the Manhattan District Attorney of the last 35 years, Robert Morgenthau. As we all know, the City and State of New York (and of course, the federal government) never investigated 9/11. If there ever is to be a real investigation, it could very well travel through the Manhattan DA's office.

Today we start that journey.



Important point: Cy Vance Jr. didn't live in New York City in 2001, so if he's at all like a number of New York City Council Members, he might not even be aware a third building collapsed on September 11th. This is why educating public officials about Building 7 is so important. If they don't even know about Building 7, how can we possibly expect any results. The onus is on us to do what the media hasn't - make every American and every public official aware of Building 7.

The District Attorney office we will be contacting is the Special Prosecutions Bureau.
"The Special Prosecutions Bureau investigates and prosecutes white collar crime cases such as employee embezzlement, insurance fraud, forgery, unauthorized practice of law, thefts committed by attorneys and other professionals and schemes to defraud the public at large. The Bureau also handles elder abuse, financial crime cases and arson cases.

"If you have been a victim of a crime involving any fraudulent activity or would like to report allegations of criminal activity that may require further investigation, please contact the Special Prosecutions Bureau at (212) 335-8900
So the message will be slightly different from our message to the City Council. Please read the script below carefully!

As always, two simple rules:

1) Talk only about World Trade Center Building 7

2) Be courteous and respectful

Contact Info

(212) 335-8900


The Script

• Hello, my name is _________. I would like to report likely criminal activity with regard to the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7, which was the third building to collapse on September 11, 2001.

They may try to cut you off at this point because they've already received the information, or they may let you continue to the end. Either way, before hanging up, ask them if they've seen footage of Building 7. If not, direct them to and where they can find footage on the homepage. If they don't cut you off, just keep going!

• The federal government did not conduct a proper forensic investigation of Building 7's destruction so I am asking for the District Attorney to investigate it.

• The National Institute of Standards and Technology, otherwise known as NIST, claims the building collapsed due to office fires started by the collapse of the North Tower, however, there is overwhelming physical and testimonial evidence that this building was brought down with explosives.

• The evidence includes the presence of explosives in the World Trade Center dust. Please take down the name of this paper, which discusses the explosives found in the dust: Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe.

• I would like to add that over 1,100 architects and engineers have signed a petition calling for this evidence to be looked at because they know the collapse could not have been caused by office fires.

• (Be sure to thank the person you are speaking with.)


Once again, thank you for helping with this important effort!

Please donate so that we can continue our efforts. Your generous support enables us to retain our dedicated staff and take the pursuit of truth to the next level.

Thinkers think and talkers talk. Patriots ACT.

Has it been confirmed that

plans for the NEW building 7 were initiated with the architetcutal firm, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill,
before 9.11?

I heard this from a member of AE911 @ the Valley Forge Conference.

Certainly the Attorney General should be looking into this.

It would be important to have that confirmed.

"Construction of the new 7 World Trade Center began on May 7, 2002 with the installation of a fence around the construction site.[80] Tishman Construction Corporation of New York began work at the new 7 World Trade Center in 2002, soon after the site was cleared of debris."

So they started actual work on the site soon after it had been cleared of debris. How long does it take to design a skyscraper?

I believe some preliminary

work for the design of a new WTC7 was initated with Silverstein & this firm, before 9.11

A few years ago I was outside the new building &asked a young lady how she could work in that after the old one came down with such suspect circumstances... she did not even know the old one fell on itself.

When can we speak about the exploding twin towers

and why is that off limits?

There is as much evidence there of explosives as there is with building 7.