Jesse Ventura Guest Hosts Larry King Live and 9/11 is briefly mentioned.

Popular Radio Show Host Stephanie Miller speaks about the 9/11 Commission Report.
We can add another one to the Media Professionals Who Question 9/11 list.

The clip begins just after the 4 minute mark.

Jesse's new book 'American Conspiracies' is for sale and 9/11 Blogger gets a small cut of any sales made through the link to Powell's Books below on the lower left.

Anybody read his book ??

I'm VERY surprised Ventura was invited by Larry King to host his show on CNN. This is a break-through indeed. But does the book hedge on 9-11 or state the obvious.

The book is top notch.

The Chapter on 9/11 covers almost everything. Leads the reader to further evidence. I read it very skeptically and was pleasantly surprised. It's very good.


It's a little hard to get books where I am. I've seen his presentation on his TV show and thought it was excellent. So this IS going viral I see ...

Just finished the book

and I agree 100% with Orangutan-- top notch. First off, I like the fact that it is called "American Conspiracies" and not "Conspiracy Theory." The book is well-researched and documents its claims. The material on MK-ULTRA and stolen elections is very sound. Nice mix of subjects. Wall Street, COG, etc. Jesse gives his take at the beginning of the chapters, but the information is all referenced.

This approach puts 9/11 in perspective by pointing out what our government and other interests are truly capable of. It also covers Operation Northwoods and Gulf of Tonkin very well. (Which gives the reader a frame of reference about false flags). Re: 9/11, the chapter is up-to-date and mentions the scientific paper showing explosive residue and Richard Gage. Plus, and I think this is key: Jesse shows the ties between the hijackers and our government. When a reader sees how the towers were brought down with explosives, AND the hijackers had ties to our government-- it breaks the PsyOp. He also mentions Mineta-Cheney and the 80 Pentagon videos that are being withheld. Excellent.

I am delighted that this was on the NY Times bestseller list! Get a copy. I am writing a Letter to the editor of my newspaper plugging this book right now.

I'll buy a few copies today...great idea!

Regards John

Bought give to the family etc...

I hope you guys are right and it's good;)

Kind regards John

No regrets.

You won't regret the investment John.

Partial review:))

I'm about halfway through the book. It was co-authored with Dick Russell who seems to have a history of questioning government lies and propaganda especially concerning the JFK assassination.
Although I am inclined to believe Ventura and Russell I find the book heavy on speculation and assertions. Unfortunately in all the cases there is not a lot of actual information available so they are forced to make the best case with the information available. And they put forth a lot of information on conspiracies ranging from all the American political assinations, to CIA involvement in Jonestown and Watergate and the drug trade, to the stolen elections.
Sorry I can`t yet answer your question about how 9/11 is dealt with but they are not shy about the other subjects so I don`t expect any different.
I recommend this book for any ``Truthers`` bookshelf and I especially recommend it be shared with skeptics. The intro is quite convincing in itself. It is easy to tell when Jesse is writing/talking as opposed to the writing of Russell and the intro is in Jesse`s plain spoken terms.
And yes I too was impressed to see Ventura host LKL. It is a sign that he is taken seriously by some high level people in the MSM machine. I can`t imagine this happening even a few years ago.

Go Jesse V!!

Even though it was a small mention, it was significant. Stephanie Miller mentioning that people who have questions about 911 are not kooks is a breakthrough. I used to listen to her show regularly. She speaks to the mainstream left. 911 Truth is penetrating the collective psyche as a legitimate movement with legitimate questions. This is very good. The hard work is paying off. We are making huge strides. Keep it rolling.

My God

Do I wish there were more patriots like Jesse. Now there is a REAL AMERICAN! I just love that man.

Ventura should bring on Richard Gage

if he hosts again.

I'll give CNN a little credit for putting him on.

I forgot to add

"9/11 was a white wash". No kidding. That is why his book will not be reviewed. It's our dirty little secret. Who are they trying to kid? It was the biggest white wash in history.

What method is the white wash propagated?

Nobody is telling reviewers not to review the book.

What has been done to our curiosity here?

What has been done to us that the mere mention of the word conspiracy turns off basic human curiosity.

Nature of the beast

This is just another example of the typical bias of the news media in this country--what they choose to cover--and how they cover it--and what not to cover.

I would think journalists are likely to receive a warning (or an 'order' as some have supposed it) against covering a story only after--not before--they attempt to cover that topic. And I think their survivial instincts are sufficient to prevent them from even considering looking into certain stories more deeply. When you work in such news organizations, it can't be any secret how wedded they are to the dominant intersts in the country, and these journalists have got to know that should they incur the wrath of powerful interests in their reporting, their employer is not at all likey to back them up (look what happened to Gary Webb, for example).

Journalists are a lot like everyone else, in that they would prefer not to risk being abandoned by the rest of the 'pack,' especially when their livelihoods are at stake.

So--again--I doubt there's any need for 'orders' to be given on topics as explosive as 9/11 truth.

Regarding book reviews, I would guess that reviewers aren't likely to review a book without their having been assigned to do so by an editor. It's typically those editorial and managerial positions where the real power is in the media. And these individuals would not have risen to those positions without having demonstrated the quality of knowing how the game is played. It is a given for them that the public--their readership, viewership, whatever--must be prevented from becoming conscious of things or else the whole political order of this country could soon be in jeopardy.

It's positive, of course, that Ventura got to have this discussion on Larry King. But the barrier is still holding in the major 'hard news' departments, which is why we will continue to need to go around them.

Study needed of how silence perpetuates through system

How does a best seller not get reviewed by mainstream media outlet?

Obviously, nobody's being ordered not to review the book.

It's as if the very word "conspiracies" is flicking a switch in people that turns off their human curiosity.


Why do you think nobody has been told not to review the book?

jesse asked the panelists this question. . .

. . . ron paul said something like the ny times et al do not want to acknowledge jesse and deal with the issues, and so they engage in a practice of "exclusion." i think that is on the money. it's easier for the times et al to ignore 9/11 than confront the issues. their attitude is "this is so beneath us, we need not cover it." which is one of the many reasons why i detest mainstream media in general, and the ny times in particular. that being said, i am shocked that cnn gave jesse this forum, but happy that they did. jesse did great!

Because there's too many who rebel against authority

It wouldn't work. Too many in the world who rebel against anything their boss orders them to do just on principle.

It's gotta be a more subtle mechanism than that at work. Something that makes the so-called "cool kids" cooperate with authority instead of rebelling or lose status.


Doesn't that imply nobody ever gave anyone an order?

If someone did disobey their boss wouldn't they be fired, and their review left unprinted?

Never been an "everybody" or "nobody" situation

There's never been an action that as a result of A that "everybody" or B that "nobody went out and did or didn't do something as a result.

In real life there's no such thing as "everybody" or "nobody" doing anything.

Some people will. Some people won't. More might go one way or another, but there's some going the other way.

You know...

...this stuff? Intro stats.

Something else is being introduced to change normal "random" human behavior.

I'm not sure

So when you say..

"Obviously, nobody's being ordered not to review the book. "
"Nobody is telling reviewers not to review the book." mean that some people may have been ordered not to review the book?

Would it be fair to say that as a result of the destruction of the WTC in 2001, nobody took the lift to the 50th floor of WTC1 in 2002?

I think people are often told what to do by their boss, and that's one thing that changes their behavior.

It's pretty simple I would of thought...

If you review the book you see it's got worth and tell the truth...then you join us and leave them...good by career!

Or you do a hit piece and get hated and despised millions.

So you don't review the book:)

Best John

Reviewd, not reviewed....Aye!

It is possible that reviewers were outrighted ordered NOT to review the book. I have no evidence either way. But when NO ONE reviews it, it makes me suspicious.

Having said that, it is possible that a reviewer has read the book, written a review and submitted it for publication but had it rejected. We don't know.

We can certainly write to reviewers whose work we are familiar with and ask!


Very good points indeed!


Regards John

Similar circumstances to Joan Mellen's book

A few years back Joan Mellen wrote what I thought was the definitive JFK conspiracy book, "A Farewell To Justice." Reviewed? No where.