Police KILL 9/11 TRUTH Free Speech We Are Change San Antonio April 13, 2010


Police KILL 9/11 TRUTH Free Speech

We Are Change San Antonio
April 13, 2010

Alamo Park Police encounter, Alamo Park Police literally make up laws and rules to stop us from handing out “FREE DVDS” on our 9/11 Truth, 11th of the month, street action.

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Get your paper work in order...

This guy would lose his job within 3 months if you get your paper work in order. Start your search with LEGAL NOTICE AND DEMAND.

His statutes do not affect you unless you consent to him as authority. He is a police agent that works for a corporation and you are consenting to the jurisdiction of the corporation. We had a park ranger agent come to our outreach on the 11th and try to boss us around. I had him shaking and not knowing what to do in less than a minute. He called the local police who showed up then left, because we were doing nothing wrong.

Get his actual I.D. and call the police on him next time.

There is no statute of limitations on fraud, conspiracy, collusion, abuse of authority, and trespassing on your unalienable rights. That means you can still get your documents in order, then take his job (and other things). It's time to push back, folks.

With you in the struggle,

P.S. If you learn how to turn the police agents away, then others will feel safe to join you in your outreach actions.

That is quite infuriating.

That officer is a total nazi. He should be **** for treason.

Then try him for treason

You don't need the courts to try him for treason. People, please stop bitching and whining and do something about it.

A bit annoying

You're not making any friends by constantly needling the officer and trying to make him look bad in front of the camera.
Just my opinion but wouldn't it make more sense to state that you know your rights and unless he has a reason to lay charges you would like to go ahead with your demonstration? I think the second guy was more polite and respectful.

5th Amendment

You have the right to remain silent. Make it hard for them. Totally unnecessay questioning for a ticket. You volunteered into their jurisdiction by signing the ticket. We should be writing them tickets for violating our Natural Rights. Bulliy Bastard Bureaucrats.

Wrong versus Right way of dealing with police

This does not have specifically to do with political protesting, but it does have everything to do with Constitutional Rights in general; and of course the War on Drugs is still the government's primary weapon against domestic freedom on many levels.

Three major scenarios, with first the wrong way, and then the correct way, of handling each scenario. The scenes are (1) a traffic stop (2) a cop randomly harassing a pedestrian at a bus stop and (3) a house party.

I don't know what the law is in San Antonio, but. . .

Would it have been too hard to get a permit?
Standing up to an underpaid, overworked cop is not how to spread the word.
The representative of the San Antonio We Are Change is to be lauded for his courage and intentions but really, he sounds and acts like a spoiled child.

Get a permit and shove it in their faces.

Why are you succumbing

to the whole "permit" thing?

The permit is the Constitution.

That's the only document he needed to shove in the cop's face.