Oslo University College newspaper presents 9/11 Truth

Oslostudenten is the official monthly student newspaper of Oslo University College (OUC). It is printed in 4000 ex and dissiminated to OUCs alumni of some 12.000 students.

On the 17th of February 2010 Oslostudenten released its February issue where the editor, Sveinung Holien, printed his text, 'The towers were blown up'.

Please read the article and the following debate in English at my blog.

The towers were blown up.

Four words. Says it all right there.

And yes, we know they were hit by planes, but that was NOT the cause of their physical destruction, plainly, and in accordance with the immutable laws of physics.


And thanks to Erik for posting. It gives us all a lift !!

I love your blog

Hey man I love your blog. I lost the url earlier, but I remember reading this article a couple of times:

Now that I once again have the your url I will be reading it regularly.


Nice article

Nice to see this in the student University newspaper. Hopefully it'll get others to think. I like the fact that the editor/author of the article didn't mince words.

"For my own part, I have concluded that the events of that day could not possibly have been what they, in strong unison, have been portrayed to be. It is a conclusion I am firmly and fully convinced of."

No fence sitting, "I'm just asking questions", cover my backside doublespeak.