Why is FEMA trying to cover up NLE 10? Public Intelligence Thu, 15 Apr 2010

Why is FEMA trying to cover up NLE 10?
Public Intelligence
Thu, 15 Apr 2010 15:21 EDT
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Public Intelligence

Public Intelligence has received a request from FEMA to remove a "For Official Use Only" document regarding the National Level Exercise 2010 (NLE 10), which was scheduled for this coming May. The exercise was to be based on National Planning Scenario 1 which simulates a nuclear detonation in a U.S. city. However, recent political pressure has led to the exercise being "scaled back" according to the Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor and a variety of other publications. At the behest of Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), the exercise's Nevada events have reportedly been canceled and the FEMA website now shows no mention of NLE 10.

On top of this, the Obama administration has recently been emphasizing the threat of a domestic nuclear attack. President Obama's remarks at the Nuclear Security Summit on April 13, 2010 emphasize that the threat of terrorists using nuclear weapons inside of major metropolitan cities is one of the "greatest threats" that the world faces:

Two decades after the end of the Cold War, we face a cruel irony of history - the risk of a nuclear confrontation between nations has gone down, but the risk of nuclear attack has gone up.

Nuclear materials that could be sold or stolen and fashioned into a nuclear weapon exist in dozens of nations. Just the smallest amount of plutonium - about the size of an apple - could kill and injure hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Terrorist networks such as al Qaeda have tried to acquire the material for a nuclear weapon, and if they ever succeeded, they would surely use it. Were they to do so, it would be a catastrophe for the world - causing extraordinary loss of life, and striking a major blow to global peace and stability.

In short, it is increasingly clear that the danger of nuclear terrorism is one of the greatest threats to global security - to our collective security.

NLE 10 concerned itself with exactly this scenario: the detonation of a nuclear device inside of a U.S. city. Las Vegas was to be the epicenter of this hypothetical attack and, if the exercise utilized the same circumstances as National Planning Scenario 1, it would have involved "hundreds of thousands" of casualties, more than 300,000 refugees and ultimately more than 1 million displaced persons.

The unpopularity of such a scenario, regardless of its security benefits, is obvious. What is strange is the attempt that is now being made by FEMA to eliminate references to the exercises and remove from circulation a document that has played an important role in drawing attention to the exercise. As the state of NLE 10 is unclear at the moment, it is difficult to say whether the request is truly motivated by security or whether there is a more dubious intention.

'EVACUATION ROUTE' Signs Up In Washington DC

While walking down Connecticut Avenue this evening, for the first time I noticed a small, street sign attached above the Connecticut Avenue sign that reads 'EVACUATION ROUTE'. Interesting that when I came home and opened up 9/11 Blogger, I found the FEMA article!

Has anyone else in DC noticed the signs and know when they were put up?

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief DNotice.org
Washington, DC

Drills Similar To Pre-9/11 Drills

These excercises remind one of the many pre-9/11 excercises that mirrored the actual event and should serve as a warning. Any weapon may likely be Pakistani in origin, given their nuclear arsenal and so called Al Qaeda's alleged presence there. The so called "NWO" also seem to need another major false-flag to facilitate their global police-state scrutiny objectives and a possible wider military presence in central Asia. Potential targets? Geographically isolated Las Vegas (home to nuclear weapons testing of decades ago) seems high on a short list. Plus, a nuclear terror attack on "sin city" would fit the manufactured script of holy warriors striking the infidel.  

Precognitive training

This and (all of a sudden) all this talk and concern about "loose nukes" - their setting the stage.

One goes off, under the cover of an operation, and it'll all be...."oh, they told us this was going to happen, I'm not surprised....we have to be right 100% of the time and they only have to be right once and all that...you can't expect our leaders to be able to keep us safe...and when these failures happen....they should be exalted and cheered, as Bush was for failing on 911...as Cheney, Rummy, Rice, Powell and the JCS were....come on....and Obama does grief and faking emotion way better the Bush ever did....so, all in all...I expected it....and am happy with the outcome."

I can hear the sheeple now....bhaa...bhaa.

Precognitive training - that's the phase we are in, now.

Tommy Franks interview...where he tells "Cigar Aficionado Magazine (lol)...how one day....a terrorist will detonate a nuke in the US and we will have to come under military rule as the only way to protect ourselves and that will be the end of the "great experiment"

To think that an officer in the US military, who is sworn to uphold The Constitution would ever utter such words is - treasonous.

The 'Second Shoe'

Fear of the 'Second Shoe' dropping should be the prime motivation for all Truthers. The reason why civilized people don't let murderers get away with their crimes is that it emboldens them. If a cabal can get away with mass murder in broad daylight and reap significant benefits, what can't they do, what wouldn't the do? They need to know that the 'Second Shoe' will benefit their aims, their intentions. They need to know they can get away with it. Is the totalitarian militarization of society their aim? Looks that way to me. Can they get away with it? Looks that way to me. Their Achilles heel is 9/11. If this truth does not reach mass awareness before the 'Second She' drops, it will be too late for all of us. After that, there will be no dissent allowed from any quarter.