VERIFY 9/11 at Kyoto University - Sunday April 18, 2010

Prof Yuji Nishimuta at Kyoto University, one of the tops of Japanese national universities is holding an event to pursue the truth about 9/11 this Sunday!!

A staff, yush who's been spreading the word tirelessly says,

"Kyoto is not that far, so please come and join us!!"

Please tell your friends in Japan!

VERIFY 9/11 at Kyoto University
Sunday April 18, 2010

WHEN: Sunday April 18, 2010
from 2pm to 5:30pm
Door opens at 1:30pm
WHERE: Ho-Keizai #7 room, Ho-Keizai Main Building
Main Campus within Yoshida Campus
Kyoto Universiy
*Map of Yoshida Campus and its Main Campus map


1) Documentary Film "To the Children of 9/11"
- What were you doing on September 11, 2001? -

Explosives planted in the twin towers?

No trace of a jet crashing into the Pentagon!?

"The passengers fought with the terrorists" was a lie?

Do you know the PATRIOT Act?

Is 9/11 comparable to Pearl Harbor?

About 30 university studends from 20 some universities in Japan got together to create this documentary led by Naoki Takenaga(born in 1989!! Gee, it makes me feel getting old, LOL).

They were children when 9/11 happened.
Many of them didn't know much about 9/11 but they started interviewing some 9/11 Truthers, people who work for world peace and justice. Met a father of a victim of WTC Mr. Shiratori who kindly accepted the interview and further, they interviewed students on street in Japan and in New York and now present this piece, questioning 9/11.

The title means this is for themselves and people like them who were children back then as well as all the children in Afghanistan, Iraq etc who have been suffering as a result of this atrocity.

They say "Many people are so indifferent about 9/11 and we students could be the worst of all. Therefore we thought we students should make a film on 9/11 for students. We want them to think about that incident and about wars."

2) Lecture on 9/11 by Yumi Kikuchi

3) Panel Discussion

Yumi Kikuchi(Peace/environmental journalist)
Fumikazu Nishitani(Freelance journalist, Head of "Save Iraqi Children")
Prof Yuji Nishimuta, Kyoto University
(Prof Nishimuta has been holding an open lecture on 9/11 on every other Saturday at Kyoto University! and has been hading out tons of flyers for this event. Very determined!!)
Prof Atushi Fujioka, Ritsumeikan University
(Prof Fujioka had Richard Gage come and talk to his students in class last year)
Prof Kiyoshi Toda, Nagasaki University
(Prof Toda wrote a book on 9/11 "Is 9/11 a Conspiracy?" with DRG and Yumi,

and has been questioning the official story. NBC TV aired a program with Prof Toda a few years back - below, in Japanese)

Tickets are available from Lawson(convenience store like 7-Eleven).
L code: 54776
0570-084-005(toll free)
or Law-Ticket

Comments to promote the film from the interviewees
(Sorry, all in Japanese)

Fumikazu Nishitani

Yu Tanaka

WAKE UP JAPAN!! to wake up the world!



The word is getting out, bit by bit, around the world. But the

US seems to remain hopeless.

The rest of the world is beginning to get onto the truth, and showing Americans to be gullible, ignornant, and, essentially, dangerous.

That we would just let all the facts, contradictions, inconsistencies, implausibilities, to just sit and ferment, covered up by our entire press and plitical system, is embarrassing and truly tragic.

A society like ours should not continue, unless we decide truth and honesty is worth a few heartaches.

Don't be so pessimistic pfgetty, cause...


Don't be so pessimistic.
It's understandable that many Americans are still ignorant but there are many like that in Japan and here in Australia, too.

One reason why it's really hard for your people to see the lie is because IT HAPPENED IN YOUR COUNTRY. Therefore the shock was more intense there. And your media is probably the worst in the world, ridiculing the people who question their lies as well as not telling some vital facts at all.

You remember this?

That's it.
They have succeeded to make many citizens incapable to see what they must be able to see easily and plainly only if they can THINK rationally and with being NOT TOO EMOTIONAL. And your people are probably the most emotional when it comes to 9/11 because it happened right on your soil.

Even so, don't be pessimistic BECAUSE

"100 million Americans question or find fault with the official 9/11 story"!! ;O)

Through my experience while our visit to NYC and other places in the US back in 2008, the number of those who already know or questioning is QUITE A FEW. I tell you even some airport security staff, airlines staff either knew or were very eager to know what my "9/11 was an inside job" T-shirt was all about.

One of them shouted, "I LOVE YOUR T-shirt!!" and she was an airport security, you know those at the machine you are to go through when you get to the gate!!

And actually, because it happened there, once someone wakes up, he/she can be very serious and get determined to do something about it in your country more so than in other countries. Because you guys feel betrayed and lied to most intensely compared with the rest of us, I think.

I remember at the beginning of the trip when we got to JFK airport and went up to the coach counter to get to our hotel(and I tell you, I was always wearing one of my 9/11 T-shirts wherever we went during the trip but didn't get arrested, LOL).

There was a young African American girl sitting there, seemed pretty bored.
I started talking to her about 9/11(as usual), and as I gave her so many facts, she was really upset and enthusiastic to know more about it. I gave her one of my mini-fliers with lots of URLs and asked her to tell everybody. I bet she did. So did hundreds of others who got my flier, I believe.

Just keep spreading the word, everybody!!
And push the media to do their job RIGHT!!
9/11 Truth Australia
(mailing list)
September 11th was an Inside Job!

the media in the U.S.

IS hopeless....but not the people.
Our fear and guilt and denial about this event are very complex.
I think most people know something is wrong with the story...but then they are so terrorized by the "war on terror" they envision a screaming mob of jihadists just waiting for us to let our guard down so they can swarm in and destroy us. We picture a hostile horde of "third worlders" wanting to devour us. Sadly, most Americans don't realize that their own lives are fast plummeting towards "third world" status.
It is the "us" vs "them" paradigm that has to go. I believe people all over the world are essentially good and essentially very similar; at bottom most are kind and conduct their lives according to almost universal social values. But everywhere, a small clique of sociopaths manipulates and informs their behavior and what they believe about the world ....and it always revolves around creating enemies and directing people's aggression and angst elsewhere...
Who is controlling our media and to what ends?

just saw this!

Kyoto Shinbun(newspaper) printed a notice of this event!

All in Japanese but FYI ;O)


Far from perfect, but Google auto-translation at
Try to read it from ... like... backwards. That way might make more sense, I hope.

9/11 Truth Australia
(mailing list)
September 11th was an Inside Job!

You are reason to be negative.

We are making big advances, if not in the US, in other countries at least

What about all the honking cars?

Watch the freeway blogging clip from the san francisco 911 group and see if you don't feel differently! Americans are pretty smart and getting smarter! There is no way something like this coiuld happen in oz. Sometimes after a day at work mixing with my fellow Australians, I get negative feelings too, because so many of them are as dumb as dogs--t. A lot of them have barely heard about 911 let alone ever applied any rational thought to the subject.