Kitchener 9/11 Truth Street Action April 11, 2010 at UofW & WLU in Waterloo.

Sunday April 11, 2010.
We first started handing out copies of the DVD "911 Blueprint For Truth 2008 edition" in front of UofW (University of Waterloo) however there was not enough pedestrian traffic to justify staying there, so we moved to another location down the street. We ended up at our last action site in front of WLU (Wilfrid Laurier University) at the corner of University Ave. and King St. in downtown Waterloo. We had a passerby joyfully scream out his window that he saw us on the internet; nice to know we are making an impact in our community.

Music by: God's gonna cut you Down ~ DJ Schmolli vs. Johnny Cash All-star Band.

DVD: In this stunning multimedia presentation, filmed professionally in a studio before a live audience, San Francisco Bay Area architect, Richard Gage, AIA, provides the myth-shattering scientific forensic evidence of the explosive controlled demolition of all 3 WTC high-rise buildings on September 11, 2001.
Some of the evidence includes:
1. Near free-fall symmetrical "collapse"
2. Unignited thermite
3. Ejected steel beams
4. Tons of molten metal
5. Aerosolized iron

Is the War in Afghanistan Justified by 9/11? Speaking tour by Dr. David Ray Griffin.
- Nobel Peace Prize Nominee 2008 & 2009
- Ranked 41st (by The New Statesman) in "The 50 People Who Matter Today"

"Whereas it is widely recognized that the US-led war in Afghanistan is illegal under international law, because it was never authorized by the UN Security Council, most Americans have believed that it was morally justified as a response to the 9/11 attacks, and many believe it is still justified as a necessary means to prevent another attack originating from that region. My lecture will present evidence showing that both of these beliefs are untrue, so that the 9/11 Truth Movement and more traditional Peace and Anti-War groups should be able to combine forces to oppose this illegal and immoral war."- David Ray Griffin

Walkerton, Ontario - Saturday, May 1
Organizers: Paul McArthur
Contact Info:
Name Of Venue: Victoria Jubilee Hall
Address Of Venue: 111 Jackson Street
Starting Time of Event: 7:00 PM
Approximate Seating Capacity: 175 seats main floor
Name/Names of Organizations/Sponsors/Donors:
Admission Information: $10; $5 for seniors and children under 12

Good show!

Well done as always, guys!