Majority of Americans distrust the government

Pew Study Finds 'Perfect Storm' of Government Discontent - Business Week

Only 22 percent of survey respondents said they can trust the government in Washington and 30 percent said the federal government is a major threat to their freedom.

Few trust the government, poll finds - LA Times

Growing numbers of people want government's power curtailed, Pew reports.

Majority of Americans distrust the government - Washington Post

Nearly 80 percent of Americans say they do not trust the U.S. government to do what is right.

Americans were found to be more frustrated than angry, with 56 percent expressing frustration with the federal government, compared with 21 percent who said they were angry.


Well no surprise really, why would anyone trust a bunch of lying criminals?


I do not pay much attention to polls but these polls are by major publications and do show that the average American is fed up with the lies and deceit that goes on in Washington. I am one of the 21% who is angry. I have no use for our so-called Government. If it was up to me all our politicians would be in prison. Nothing but a bunch of gangsters and thugs.

This poll reveals

that Americans are actually a lot smarter and more in tune with reality than is generally attributed them in mainstream media commentary, which tends to portray Americans as clueless, gullible and ignorant about the true nature of their government. This poll shows that in fact Americans are indeed awake to just how dishonest and corrupt the government has become. It is somewhat reassuring to learn that Americans are not nearly as deluded or beguiled by government as the mainstream media would have us believe.