15 years later, it's important to ask: What Really Happened?

Good opportunity to spotlight this news local news footage which was never broadcast again, just like the reports of explosions on 9/11. If you haven't seen this footage before, brace yourself.

In many ways

this OKC segment was actually the best part of the In Plane Site video from 2004.

Thanks Adam.

I have been with 911truth for about three years now, and I've been so busy studying these issues. I have not had time to look deeply into OCB. My family was busy watching Rachel Maddows show on this. When I even suggested that something more has happened here, they gasp, " OMG, you conspiracy nuts think EVERYTHING is a conspiracy. And I get booohed out of the room!
It's clever of the perpetrators to realize the more often and terrible it is, the more they can get away with! JFK has been linked to 911 in many ways as has been shown by Peter Dale Scott and others.
Rachel Maddow is respected by many and yet she parrots the official story. I presume, I didn't watch it.
I hope we can keep investigating. Thanks for the clip!