Luke Rudkowski Gets It Done.

New Video:WeAreChange Talks to Stephen Colbert

The fight for freedom and humanity gained another friend with Stephen Colbert mentioning to millions of people the secretive and elite Bilderberg Group. Doing something that the main stream media have not dared to do.

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And see below for Luke's full interview with radio show host Alex Jones.

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Here is the original story about Luke heading over to the Colbert Report
Here is the story about the SPLC wanted list

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Alex also talks with WeAreChange founder Luke Rudkowski who was recently profiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a dangerous patriot.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Thanks Luke


Rudowski & Corbett

are a nice team. I hope their relationship deepens.


His name is actually Stephen Colbert and he has one of the most popular shows with young politically minded viewers.


Luke, you get to have all the fun! Way to go, bro.

With you in the struggle,

awesome footage

i love this subtle intelligent life-loving satirist..

and Luke got through..

Great Work..

For others not aware of the courage of Colbert and why he is worth pursuing by We Are Change.. Check out this video link Colbert Roasts President Bush - 2006 White ...
24 min - May 5, 2006 -


No offense meant but it looked to me like Stephen Colbert was mocking Luke and his talk of Bilderberg Group sanctioned assassinations...and frankly who can blame Colbert? this sort of talk, whether grounded in fact or not makes us look ridiculous. Most of us understand that big money/corporate finance determines political policy today but can't we stick to the proven and tangible facts?


this does damage to our movement as does the raucous rap music "intro"
I will never use or send these videos until that stops-- though now I see it has been taken off!
Thanks for removing the rap. Much better now!

This is good to see too...

Luke Rudkowski brought it up to Stephen Colbert who discussed the Bilderberg group on his show, one of the only mainstream media outlets to discuss the Bilderberg group.


I really am tired of this NWO/globalist stuff. Invisible Empire was SO disappointing. I wanted to write a comment about it in the recent post...but there's so much to say, I prefer to stay positive and concentrate on FACTS, and 9/11.

I think this NWO focus is divisive. It becomes an ideology like any other in my book, and it's simplistic IMO.

Three things

1. Colbert's job is to make fun of things, and Like is right. Just him saying "secret Bilderberg group" will send many off to google it.

2. Colberts confusion with the Bohemian Grove makes me think he is unfamiliar with the BBG. Or, if he does know about it, he wasn't letting on. On the assumption he'll at least be curious to look into what you Luke, it will be interesting if he ever mentions them again. Who owns Viacom these days? :--)

3. I didn't hear the rap music background, but the bg track here still detracts and distracts from the message. Just talk. We'll listen.

Advice for Luke that he doesn't need because he already knows

Stay absolutely true and steadfast to non-violence no matter the provocations. Your power is rooted in your non-violence of words, thoughts and actions. One sentence said in anger and you will be finished. I am sure you already know this, and I am equally sure you have the intelligence and strength of character to continue on the path that you are treading so well. Thanks for all your wonderful work.

Amen to that. Great work in

Amen to that. Great work in the infowar Luke! I also appreciate your steadfast focus on non-violence. You are treading the most effectie and really the only true path.