The McVeigh Tapes - Part 1

Just more mass media mass excrement....

And now for something completely different (the facts on what this pile of B.S. report doesn't tell you):

Corporate Media Disinformation

It is a sad fact, but it certainly does appear that Rachel Maddow had made a deal with the devil on the McVeigh Tapes. There is abundant evidence that the OKC bombing was a false flag operation and that McVeigh was simply the designated patsy.

Here's some of the early local TV coverage of the aftermath of the bomb blast:

What can conclusively be stated is that all evidence of the multiple bombs was scrubbed from corporate media reporting within one week of the blast. Yet it is the location of these muliple bombs located on the concrete columns inside the Murrah Federal Building which would have had the explosive force to do the damage that we see in the images of the building after the attack.

So the question has to be asked: Is Rachel Maddow a disinformation agent engaged in perpetrating a false story for the benefit of the conspirators behind the Murrah Federal Building bombing? And by extension, is she unaware of the links between several key players who were involved in the creation of the official mythologies of the OKC bombing and the 9/11/01 WTC collapses?

Here are four names of engineers who wrote government friendly explanations of both the OKC bombing and the WTC tower collapses:
See also:

I'd love to see Rachel Maddow giving a fair hearing to Kevin Ryan or any of the other independent investigators who find that it is an absolutely chilling thing to see the same team of investigators exonerating the government and/or associated conspirators while creating what appears to be utterly implausible explanations for both of these national tragedies.

I doubt she (or anyone on TV)

I doubt she (or anyone on TV) is a disinformation agent. We should focus on showing her evidence.

Interestingly, the person who helped make Rachel Maddow famous by giving her a radio show on Air America (the owner) is a big 9/11 skeptic and well versed on controversial US history. Here he criticizes Bill Maher on 9/11 --

There are a lot of people who will listen to reason, we just have to keep promoting the evidence. We should try to get Rachel's response to the 4409 OKC video put together --

I just sold my stock in Maddow, Inc.

She's too smart not to have done her own homework on this. MSNBC is losing creds.

OKlahoma City was mass murder pulled off by the Fed Spooks. --

Dashed Hopes

I used to watch Rachel's MSNBC show regularly. But after a while, I came to realize she was only dedicated to truth if it advantages the left or disadvantages the right. I never saw a dedication to truth for truth's sake, letting the chips fall where they may. Truth chained to the context of the left/right paradigm is boring after a while. Her participation in the McVeigh Tapes leaves me even more disappointed.

Rachel - We had such hopes for you!

Rachel is no Leftie

Hi ConcernedCitizen,

You wrote: "But after a while, I came to realize she was only dedicated to truth if it advantages the left or disadvantages the right."

I see this differently. Rachel Maddow seems to be shilling for the DLC wing of the Democratic Party, for the most part. They are not remotely to the Left in the traditional sense of the word. Rather than a Left-Right fight, what Rachel presents to the world is the traditional corporate media sandbox squabble between competing corrupt Democrats and Republicans. Both are corporate whores. Both parties are ossified graft machines tied to the teat of corporate America and dedicated to providing the illusion of adversarial positions.

Anyone who hopes for a real Leftist analysis is not going to get it at the corporate MSNBC. For that one would need to reach toward media resources such as Democracy NOW! and such luminaries of the Left such as Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Chris Hedges and the anti-corporatists and anti-globalist websites such as, Common Dreams, Truthout, Raw Story, etc.

Any presenter who is as fawning of the Democratic Party leadership as is Rachel Maddow is simly not on the Left.

Here's a little test as to whether someone is on the Left. Ask them if they are a Socialist. Here's a real Leftist, Chris Hedges, giving his answer:

Now ask yourself how long Rachel Maddow would last at MSNBC if she declared her beiiefs to match Chris Hedges. The answer is she'd be summarily fired just as swiftly as David Frum was fired from AEI for deviating from the Tea Party meme on the Right. Rachel is, let's face it, a slightly right-of-center corporatist with an unusual sexual history.


MSNBC doesn't give a damn about the truth any more than Fox or CNN do--about 9/11, Okahoma City, or anything else. All they care about is having the viewing audience buy into whatever script is being sold at the moment. If a Republican is in the White House and it's fear of Middle Eastern Muslims that is to be given emphasis, then Fox will set the tempo. And if a Democrat is in the White House and we're supposed to be more concerned with domestic militias, then it's MSNBC's turn to step forward.

Only partisan shills need apply for any of these on-air jobs.

A pretty good hint this is absolute garbage...

At only 2min20sec into the program, the guy says: "can you imagine if Lee Harvey Oswald had the chance to spill his guts?".... Yes, I can imagine, and that's precisely why he was killed before being on trial!!!!

How come those people are still promoting the Warren Commission report??? Did they forget about the House Select Committee's conclusions?

Are those McVeigh tapes authenticated by independent experts?

I never researched OKC bombings at length, but the only documentary I've watched which involved a mysterious german agent who was in contact with McVeigh was enough to convince me that, once again, we didn't have the truth from our marvelous mainstream medias.

The Oklahoma City bombing cover-up is blatant.

In my opinion, the Oklahoma City cover-up is simple to see (if we can get people to "look").
This is an excellent article which ties 9/11 and Oklahoma City together.

Watching videos (or audios) of Hoppy Heidelberg, the grand jury member, are very revealing. I have tremendous admiration for Hoppy.
The RedDirtReport often gives excellent updates.

YOUTUBE - If you have never seen some of the Oklahoma City coverage, this Alex Jones clip is pretty good.

People have posted some great links in these comments.
This link has a lot of information...

The Terry Yeakey "suicide" and untimely death of his Doctor friend are pretty dramatic. Terry Yeakey was a policeman, who worked 48 hours non-stop after the Oklahoma City bombing.
Yeakey called his wife that morning (April 19th) crying, "It's not true. It's not what they are saying. It didn't happen that way."

Yeakey died May 8, 1996 - The official report said "suicide." However, many people who knew Yeakey have questioned that, as the inside of Terry's private automobile was described by witnesses as looking like someone had "butchered a hog" on the front seat. There was much blood on the back seat, too, but little or none where his body was found a mile away.

More suspiciously, his private bombing reports were missing from his car and have never been found.

According to the report, while still inside his Ford Probe that he had parked on a lonely country road, Yeakey slashed himself 11 times on both forearms before cutting his throat twice near the jugular vein. Then, apparently seeking an even more private place to die, he crawled 8,000 feet through rough terrain and climbed a fence before shooting himself in the head with a small caliber revolver, which he apparently took with him to the hereafter...
...What appeared to be rope burns on his neck, handcuff bruises to his wrists, and muddy grass embedded in his slash wounds strongly indicated that he had some help in traversing his final distance...The bullet's trajectory was from a 40-45 degree angle above his head. There were no powder burns.

Murrah Federal Building Survivor Talks with Alex Jones

Murrah Federal Building Survivor Talks with Alex Jones

Jane Graham, a ninth floor survivor of the Murrah federal building bombing in Oklahoma City, told Alex Jones she believes the attack was an inside job. Graham talked with Alex Jones on April 20, 2010.



McVeigh was more than a patsy

more likely a deep cover with a new idenity and a new face after surgery. Pointed out to me by Dean Jackson. He waived all appeals just as predicted by an intelligence agent. What do you think Dean he must have had some faith that in the end the injection they gave him wasn't the real one. With regard to the matter what about poor Carol Howe? And what's Andy the German doing these days?

Overview of ocb, please!

I appreciate all of these posts to get some idea of this huge issue. Is anybody able to lay out to me basically what the questions of the official stories are. I have little background on this. I'm looking at the references yet am unsure of what Timothy McVeigh was up to. Should I look af Rachel Maddow's show, the tapes, are they legitimate?

check out my links above for

check out my links above for the alternate story, the mainstream once again avoided covering.

Show me the money

Publish the tapes in raw format and their transcripts so everyone can hear and read and find the things that people purposely left out to create their re-imagined story. There's probably a lot of good stuff in there.