ZEITGEIST creator Peter Joseph interview

The recently released documentary "Invisible Empire" is again co-produced by Alex Jones. And again it's a very slick and profesionally made production...

But why did Alex Jones so aggresivly disagree with Zeitgeist creator Peter Joseph in this interview? Anyone?

Here is a less aggresive interview with the remarkable Peter Joseph, worth watching.

Who is Peter Joseph? from charles robinson on Vimeo.

Alex and Joseph.

Alex was brought up from the different political viewpoint than Peter. The Texas individual conservative government out of personal life viewpoint. And I think he was shaken up by Peter's opposite viewpoint of government and central organization can solve a lot of the citizens problems. Totally different spectrums. I still don't think that justifies the tone Alex took, but you can understand how that may have occurred being that politics is a volatile topic even amongst family and friends.

Peter Joseph also recently backed away from the 9/11 Truth movement, I think in an interview with the New York Times.
Yeah. Here. A few paragraphs down. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/17/nyregion/17zeitgeist.html


The former may be most famous for alleging that the attacks of Sept. 11 were an “inside job” perpetrated by a power-hungry government on its witless population, a point of view that Mr. Joseph said he has recently “moved away from.”

A highly articulate idealist

As far as I can tell, Peter Joseph doesn't believe there's any point in fighting the system directly, so he is concentrating his energies towards his vision of a sustainable future. He does not appear to have changed his views about 911; rather he is not oriented to the political nature of the struggle. I think he may regard the 911 Truth movement as fighting within a failed socio-political paradigm, and that our energies are best directed at creating the future. He may also think apparently that the money system needs to be transcended before there could be any meaningful change in society.

For me, his views have considerable merit, but there's an air of unachievable unreality and social sterility surrounding the Venus Project. Who would want to live in one of those circular cities? Peter Joseph seems like a utopian idealist although he argues that knowledge and progress is never static and fixed. I think some of the changes he wants to see could be expedited if the 911 truth movement succeeds in getting some accountability for 911 and also if public awareness of the Federal Reserve rip-off is greatly increased. I think there is great promise of enormous changes in the awareness of individuals and the whole of society from 911 truth.

Alex Jones had a kneejerk moment as a result of the direct challenge to his Christian belief system.

I agree with your analysis of the situation

including the changes being expedited with success in the 911 truth movement. Regarding the unachievable status you mentioned I think a slower evolutionary type change is more likely. I have been following the work of Richard C. Cook and his social credit ideas more closely. At first I thought the idea may be too radical etc. however after considerable thought etc. I am starting to understand how modifications could result in a more responsible and productive world. In addition it would serve as a stepping stone to the Joseph type of a possible future society. Many people with so-called Christian belief systems fail to acknowledge things like helping the poor, loving enemies, and the basic communism practiced by the apostles etc.

I Applaud Peter's Contribution

to the TRUTH Movement.


A Jones was offended by Peter's view of Christianity. Probably a bit jealous too.

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thanks very much for this post. I had looked at ZEITGEIST some years ago and did not like it probably because I had not understood it.

In listening to the video "Who is Peter Joseph" I am going to review his video.

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"But why did Alex Jones so aggresivly disagree with Zeitgeist creator Peter Joseph in this interview? "
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