Excellent documentary on Daniel Ellsberg airing now in France.Please see it as it could help us get out the 911truth:TreasonGate

Herblay FRANCE

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tonight, this 21 April 2010, on ARTE, one of the French national television channel, is airing a documentary on Daniel Ellsberg and the presidents lies on the Vietnam war. It is in English with French subtitles and ARTE will be airing it again on Saturday 24.04.2010 à 16:15. You can get it by internet



Have any of you Americans seen this documentary ? because in it there are many ideas that we can use to bring the 911 truth to the public and stop the senseless unwinable wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and tomorrow in Iran.

Is there any American today who will risk his future as did Daniel Ellsberg to disclose the secret pentagon documents on the planning of the 911 attacks, the methods used, the new technology ( nanothermite ) used, etc ?



"The Most Dangerous Man in America"

Hi John,

In the U.S. the film title is "The Most Dangerous Man in America".


I have seen the film and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the way that the U.S. government has engaged in chronic lying to the public since World War II. Prior to that time, the size of the government was such that the imperial aspirations of the financial elites of the country were held somewhat in check. After World War II there have essentially been no limits on the megalomaniacal intentions of the "full spectrum dominance" crowd.

Daniel Ellsberg has been very vocal in the recent past about those with classified information to come out and share it publicly. Perhaps the most salient example of this occuring recently is the much discussed Wikileaks video of a gratutious attack on civilians and media people in Iraq. That video has a dedicated website, "Collateral Murder": http://www.collateralmurder.org/

See also: http://wikileaks.org/

I saw it in the theater a few

I saw it in the theater a few weeks ago.

"Will the young Daniel Ellsberg please stand up"

Merci for the link and the information. Your link does not seem to work anymore. I found this one on 911blogger



and the other links on Daniel Ellsberg on 911blogger


As some one has already said on 611blogger "Will the young Daniel Ellsberg please stand up" and give us the pentagon documents on 911.



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Double entry error. Sorry