Jesse Ventura hit piece on Foxnews

Foxnews has chosen to attack Jesse Ventura. Most of the early comments are incredibly ill-informed and pro-Fox. I tried to submit a comment suggesting people Google Operation Northwoods but despite trying twice was unable to get it up there due to a computer problem at my end. I've never heard of this guy criticizing Jesse but he claims to have first hand experience at Ground Zero. The piece is a joke because the guy doesn't seem to know anything that's happened in 9/11 Truth since about October of 2001.

Kudos to FOX

I know this sounds like heresy, but I applaud FOX for even bringing up the subject.
The rest of the so called liberal venues are completely criminal not to even mention the subject of countering the official story.
ABC, NBC, CBS, NYTimes, WashPost, and public TV/Radio have completely censored even bringing up the subject, as have many alternative media sources.
So at least FOX has people talking. There are many people that don't even know there is a controversy. I like it that some of these people will at least realize there is another side to the 9/11 story.

I lean with you.

It is difficult to get any mention (good or bad) in a lot of media. I have tried repeatedly locally.

It is a right-wing media tendency to keep bringing it up...

...not because they want to, but because they feel they HAVE to.

The phrase 'Thou Does protest too much' comes to mind.

Where is my blog entry on this???

I submitted it almost 24 hours ago. It highlights the most bizarre paragraph in an otherwise laughably silly hit piece.

Shortly before the building collapsed, several NYPD officers and Con-Edison workers told me that Larry Silverstein, the property developer of One World Financial Center was on the phone with his insurance carrier to see if they would authorize the controlled demolition of the building – since its foundation was already unstable and expected to fall.

So we have an anti-truther author, trying to debunk us, actually confirming the notion that Larry Silverstein WAS speaking to people about taking the building down with controlled demolition, albeit under the guise of "we knew it would obviously fall anyway, so we hoped to bring it straight down to minimize the damage, and it just happened to naturally and silently collapse before we had the chance."

Press nicknamed Shapiro 'Forrest Gump' of Jen Benet case.

This twit was too busy digging trough the Ransey's trash in Boulder CO to notice 9/11 happened.

"Shapiro is well-known by now to Ramsey watchers. Author Lawrence Schiller, hawking his new book, Perfect Murder,
Perfect Town (HarperCollins, $26) on national television, called Shapiro the Forrest Gump of the Ramsey case.
Everywhere you turned, there he was. Newsweek featured a story on Shapiro in October. "I prefer to think of myself more
James Bond than Forrest," quips the 25-year-old Shapiro, who was editing a Boca community newspaper before getting
hired at the Boca-based Globe."


Yes, Adam, I thought the above-mentioned passage was a confirmation that controlled demolition was being bandied about. The article was good, in a lot of ways. I posted something at FOX, saying I liked the article, but had a few questions. I noted that the reporter had missed much of the action of that day. He also cited the collapse of building 7 as being quiet. So I asked, since building collapses are quiet, how he can explain the following account of the collapses of the Twin Towers:

The New York Times, Sept. 12, 2001, p. A7
"A Creeping Horror and Panicked Flight as Towers Burn, Then Slowly Fall, p. A7 (continued from p. A1)"
by N.R. Kleinfield

Police officers warned people in the vicinity to move north, that the buildings could fall, but most people found that unthinkable. They stayed put or gravitated closer.

Abruptly, there was an ear-splitting noise. The south tower shook, seemed to list in one direction and them (sic) began to come down, imploding upon itself.

"It looked like a demolition," said Andy Pollock.

"It started exploding," said Ross Milanytch, 57, who works at nearby Chase Manhattan Bank. "It was about the 70th floor. And each second another floor exploded out for about eight floors, before the cloud obscured it all."


Several people voiced the thought: "Get out of here, the other tower's going to fall."
People started walking briskly north until the premonition became real--another horrifying eruption, as one floor after another seemed to detonate.

Jeffrey Scot Shapiro in Boulder CO on 9/11

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro was a researcher one of the tabloids, the Globe, had digging through garbage cans around Boulder Colorado on the JonBenet Ramsey case. Google Jeffrey Scott Shapiro and you get this in a linked cashe pretty quick...

This shows Shapiro was in Colorado through December 2001.

" 2001-12-00: Ghost of Christmas Past by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro

Ghost of Christmas Past
Obsessed reporter reveals dark under world behind Ramsey case
- - - - - - - - - - - -
by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro (

More on this article here:


The Falcon

As suspicion surrounding The Warrior waned, I became aware of another CU student who was finding himself under the umbrella of suspicion surrounding JonBenet and Chase. Matthew Falcon came under scrutiny by police after he was arrested in connection with a vicious assault. He had asked a young woman for directions, then struck her across the head with a metal rod, causing her to stumble and fall. When she came to, Falcon apologized and asked the woman if she was OK. When the woman nodded and asked him the same question, Falcon shook his head. "No. Run while you still can," he warned her. Police quickly located the man and charged him with assault. He was considered a suspect in the Chase case, but was eventually cleared...."

In the spring of 1996, he landed an internship at the
White House Office of Media Affairs. (No, he didn't
know Monica Lewinsky. But in another Gump-like
development, he arrived in Washington by coincidence
on the day the Lewinsky scandal broke. Using
internship sources, he filed a story for The Globe.)

Assignment: go undercover

"When he was hired by The Globe in early 1997, he
was promptly sent to Boulder. Globe editor Tony Frost
figured nobody would believe the clean-cut Shapiro
was a tabloid reporter. His assignment: To "infiltrate the
Ramseys' inner circle."

Shapiro later spent a month in the hometown of
JonBenet's father, John Ramsey. In Okemos, Mich.,
Shapiro dug up Ramsey's old high school yearbook
and tracked down at least 25 of his former classmates.
("I felt like I knew this man," he says.)

When he learned Patsy Ramsey was a follower of
Christian faith healing, he immersed himself in the

Shapiro says he began butting heads with his editors
when the paper continued to target John Ramsey as
the suspected killer, even after Shapiro uncovered
information that the police were looking elsewhere.
Shapiro later called and wrote John Ramsey to
"apologize for my involvement in the case."

According to this he was NYC at the time

Doing a little more follow up on Mr. Shapiro, it seems he could have been in NYC at that time. In this article he states he was working for the Journal News, a Gannette publication based in NYC. However, there is a very revealing artifact in this article published 10/11/2001. He writes about the story of the young child that told his teacher "those towers won't be there next week". He states the boy and his brother were questioned by investigators. (My vague recollection of this story recalls the boy wasn't seen again after 9/11 but not to digress) The more telling part of the story here is not about the boy however. The most interesting part of this to me is this paragragh:

"My story was published Oct. 11, 2001, by the Journal News - on page 7A. [The story incorrectly identified the boys as Pakistani.] The editors' reason for publishing the story on the inside was that it was "sensitive" and could cause a great deal of "outrage and backlash." By the end of the day I was back to being a free-lancer."

It would seem to imply he was fired for telling a factual story even though it contradicted the public narrative.
The story itself, its implications and consequences to his job certainly doesn't seem to cloud his opinions of Gov. Ventura however.

Sorry, forgot to paste my links:

peace all

"Most truths are so naked that people feel sorry for them and cover them up, at least a little bit. "
-- Edward R. Murrow

So what were the boys' nationalities?

Do we have any more information? Shapiro's story implied that there was news on the Arab "street" that 9-11 was to occur.

Shapiro hasn't got credibility of a cockroach.

Shapiro is particularly untrustworthy. You can find references to him in books and coverage of the Jon Benet Ramsey case. His behavior was so over the top and creepy he was noted by name by several of the other journalists covering the case.

I don't get it.

Which do we believe? That Larry talked with the insurance company about authorizing a CD or that he didn't mean "Pull IT". He's already gone on record saying he didn't mean CD when he said pull it. And if it wasn't CD then what caused it to collapse into its own footprint? A single structural member failure?
Come on!!!

You trying to tell me they wired that building while it was on fire? In under seven hours? With debris choking off every avenue of entry for the technicians and the materials necessary to accomplish what would ordinarily takes weeks? What did they have--- a demo crew just around the corner?

What kind of idiots does he take us for?

Maybe the insurance company OK'ed the demolition

of it. In his article from today ( PJWatson assumes that if the insurance company knew about the demolition, that Silverstein would be in trouble for his insurance payout he received. But, I don't think that's the case. For, what if the insurance company OK'ed the demo (ie. to prevent more possible damage.. if they believed the building was unstable and was going to fall on its own)?
If they did OK, they would still need to pay out Silverstein's insurance claim. So, I think Watson's reasoning here is errononeous.

No time

I voted this up by mistake, so feel I have to ask how could you OK a demolition on the same day without having it setup prior?

Let the Larry Silverstein portion

of this hit piece discussion continue here:

More on this Clown - Shapiro

Look at this Organization he Founded:

Shapiro's new project is described as follows in Slate:

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro talks about George W. Bush the way Buddhists talk about the Dalai Lama. "He stands for truth, compassion and freedom," he says. "Bush instinctively sees the global picture that every living person has the right to be free." It's hardly surprising, then, that Shapiro founded Honor Freedom, an organization devoted to restoring Bush's reputation. And Shapiro may actually succeed—especially since Bush, too, will be working on the same project, if not the same organization.

This guy is a Journalist?

Yea - he is to journalism what Popular Mechanics is to Science. A joke.

I think this is a dangerous piece

Many people will just scan the article and presume that the WTC 7 controversay doesn't really exist. While the article makes no sense and even tends to incriminate Silverstein to an extent the average Fox reader will simply skim the verbage and call truthers idiots for not understanding. I don't think this guy is a moron I think he knows exactly what he's up to. The article is slicker than you may think. It doesn't really explain what happened but leads the uniformed person to think it has all been explained and witnessed by a credible reporter on the scene etc. I don't like it!

Didn't Silverstein give an interview in NJ explaining the CD?

For some reason, I remember reading about an interview Silverstien gave to a local NJ-based news program where he goes in depth about just what Shapiro mentions in that shocking paragraph. I remembered this interview recently, which took place right after the events in 2001, when someone who works closely with NYC CAN revealed they were present for that interview, wh. Been researching, though cannot find anything relating to this interview, though I do remember reading about this somehwhere awhile back. Regardless, Shapiro reveals himself as a tool of the govt.'s counter intelligence program (since this excuse for an opinion piece runs counter to intelligence). I'll be contacting Fox via email, fax, phone calls today about this.

Yeah I also remember

I think it was a luncheon meeting not related to the world trade center, It may have been Luke from WAC, and Silverstein claims it's the antenna from one of the twin towers that falls on WTC7 creating the damage and leading to the collapse!

Building 7

I sure am glad they talked about Building 7. They even admitted that it was brought down by controlled demolition. Anyone with half a brain would know that it takes a long time to set up controlled demolition on any building...............Oh, I forgot, the people that watch Fox News don't have half a brain.

Silverstein saved on 9/11 by dermatologist's appointment

Check out this recent CBS interview with Larry Silverstein, in which Silverstein claims he should have been in the WTC on 9/11, but his wife saved his life by insisting he go to an appointment with his dermatologist:

Dermatologist's Appointment

Lucky Larry Silverstein EXPOSED

This is Dynamite

Put this in your tool box, everybody. It is time to push this.. The scumbag wouldn't answer the question about who in the fire dept. he spoke to. This is far stronger than just the 'pull it' quote. Thanks, Joe.

It is the smoking dynamite of culpability and NYC CAN needs to spread this around to the City Council, Manhattan DA, and NY AG.

Larry Silverstein, your luck has clearly run out!!

Thanks Joe, this clip is just unbelievable, meaning I don't believe a word this man says.

A man??

"meaning I don't believe a word this man says."
This is not a man. This is one of those reptillian creatures David Icke speaks about. I mean just look at him. Am I right or am I right??

"He got a call telling him not to go to WTC on 9/11"

This video contains something I had not heard before, an additional piece of evidence. In the "Conversations Show w/ Harold Channer" on 03-29-07, with Luke Rudkowski and Tom Foti, Luke says the following:

"[at 1:15] I actually met Larry Silverstein's personal friend, a close friend of him. ... [at 3:06] we actually talked to one of his close friends, one of his security personels, he didn't want to go on record so we put him as anonymous, who said, Larry Silverstein was on his way to work on 9/11, and he got a phone call telling him not to show up to work, he put it on speaker, telling him not to show up to work. Then he called his daughter - his daughter worked in building 7 - called his daughter. He told his daughter not to show up to building 7. And his daughter, him and his daughter both never showed up to work on 9/11. "

So who was this personal friend of Larry Silverstein, and can we get him to talk more publicly, get him on record? This would be key evidence.

Larry's cover story is that he had to go to his dermatology appointment instead. But what about his daughter? And what about this call? It wasn't his wife since, according to Larry, she convinced him that "you've got to go" to the dermatologist while he was dressing at home. Did he try to go to work anyway? Since it was on speaker, Larry's friend should have been able to tell it wasn't Larry's wife. Where did Larry receive this call that his friend overheard?

If Larry was warned away by this call, and he in turn warned his daughter away, then that would suggest he was not involved in the planning of 9/11, at least to the extent of which day it would happen on, or the time of day.

Who else didn't show up to work that day? Who would admit that they were warned away that day?

Beneath contempt

This piece of Nazi-like "journalism," is beneath contempt.

After leaving a comment I perused the comments that were already there, I must say it was heartening to find that most of the comments vehemently disagreed with the piece, and were intelligently written and well argued. Those in support of it were simplistic and rather childish, presenting no evidence whatsoever.

I wonder about the effectiveness of such a piece. Those who watch FOX for the purpose of being informed are lost anyway. In the end a piece like this may have reverse consequences as those of us who know better will be so infuriated that we may resolve to redouble our efforts to spread the word.

For that, I thank you, Mr. Shapiro.

Well, 5 strikes and "Yer out!"

Five times I have tried to post my comments on the Fox comment page and five times I've come up with goose eggs (keeping the baseball analogy going).

Coincidence? That I point to the complete lack of absence of evidence provided by both Mr. Shapiro and the commentators who have written their support? That these posts are written in the most simplistic and peurile tones amounting to ad hominen attacks, childish name calling, etc???

That those responding deriding the piece have quite a bit of evidence and FACTS to support their position?




this article is one of the worst pieces of "journalism"i have ever read. the author is basically screaming "TRUST ME! don't look into ANY aspect of 9/11"

and how does a building "crumble silently" to the ground?

Letter to the Editor

Why even bother with demolitions to bring it straight down and avoid collateral damage when it will drop just like controlled implosion from fires anyway? Yeah.... it just happened to look exactly like C.D. and sent pyroclastic-like clouds streaming down the street like implosions are known to do... puleeeze.

Here's my LTTE in the Greenville Daily Reflector. (22,000 distribution with average 2.5 readers per copy). --Just a plug for the book.

That one is so bad I can smell the Bullsh*t from here. (Canada)

How can he expect anyone to believe him.

"Although I arrived at Ground Zero shortly after the Twin Towers fell, I was in the danger zone created by Building 7 from the moment it collapsed in the afternoon, an event that is one of the key cornerstones of the 9/11 conspiracy theory.

Governor Ventura and many 9/11 “Truthers” allege that government explosives caused the afternoon collapse of Building 7. This is false. I know this because I remember watching all 47 stories of Building 7 suddenly and silently crumble before my eyes."

If he was anywhere close enough to be in the "danger zone" even if there were not any explosions it would not have been anything but silent.

All the supports breaking simultaneously and not a sound. thousands of pounds of concrete being broken and crushed to dust and not a rumble. the building falls into its own footprint and he doesn't hear the roar. Silently crumble my big fat behind.


I was browsing all of the comments and literally all of them were pro-truth and slammed shapiro for dissuading people from looking into this, i was going to forward the article to my friends and family just so they could see all the pro-truth comments and then something strange happened, all 112 comments have disappeared. Go ahead and see for youself.

Nevermind, please disregard it seems to have been a glitch


Heh, yeah

"Building 7 suddenly collapsed, and before it hit the ground, not a single sound emanated from the tower area."

So about how high off the ground was the building before it started to fall? :p

Straw Men

When you push the idea that he lied about the "sound" of collapsing WTC7, you also open up plausible deniability that he didn't have the facts about Larry's call to the insurance Co. to get "permission" for CD.
If you accuse him of lying about one thing he loses credability on his moment of "truth".

Truth is what I'm talking about

His claims that Larry called his insurance about CD may not be right, and his comment the building falling without any sound suggests he isn't particularly credible. I'm not suggesting he is lying though, and rather figure it more likely he is too damned delusional to know what he is talking about.

Regardless, I don't see any reason to make his claims out to be anything more than they are, as if I were for manipulating others perceptions I'd be on the side of the falsers. I have no interest in that though, I'm in this for the truth.

FOX confirms something We've known for years

It really doesn't mean much that the FAUX NEWS author blurted the truth about CD. In fact, evidence for CD has existed for years that trumps testimony from anyone including Larry. --- Nobody should get excited that this slip of the "dung" will lead to anything more than continued stonewalling by the puppet government. -- We know that key members of congress are aware there's enough evidence to re-investigate 9/11 but it just won't happen under threat of death or blackmail or something we don't know about. --- Let's face it -- the US is already a fascist State. We need to stop pretending that the DOJ Cavalry will come to the rescue to prosecute themselves. --- The one thing that matters is a continued effort at public awakening to reach a "critical mass" of outrage. The number used to be 15% of the population but that assumed the Media would investigate and hold them accountable. We not only have a criminall complicit MSM, we also have complicit Alternative Media like Amy Gookman and Huffington Pussed. -- So just relax and carve another small notch in the measuring stick. Keep supporting Godfather, Richard Gage and keep talking to people about the consequences of 9/11. Make the connection to the cold-blooded Grand Theft of retirement 401k's by the Banksters and who are the ultimate fananciers of everything.

Well Said! However a couple of points:

1) eventually the idea that Silverstein CDed the building could spread and backfire ....... leaving some folks boxed into a corner............a possible exit would be that for saftey reasons special teams placed charges in a big hurry....... stalling the truth....... but not stopping it. More exposure could mean waking up more people.
2) the puppet government does still contain a percentage of patriotic people who may eventually wake up and help.

But for the most part your comments are sober truth we all need to face!

The US is already a fascist State

Boy do I agree with you. Just another prison without the bars.

Likewise the UK. And for

Likewise the UK. And for every barred window and metal door, there's a surveillance camera.

Liars can't confirm truth on anything

Nothing Fox says can confirm anything truthful.

Nothing a confirmed liar says is worthy of analysis.

Liars can only muddy the water.

Please has anyone got a video link to the hit piece? Thanks John

Please has anyone got a video link to the hit piece? Thanks John

PANYNJ was left out of the loop?

Larry Silverstein was the leaseholder, not the owner. How come he gets to decide about destroying a building without consulting PANYNJ?

He had the building rigged in advance and it was supposed to fall during the confusion of WTC1's collapse. They could simply say it got crushed, just like WTC3 did when WTC2 went down.

Since WTC7 did not cooperate, they had to do some fancy dancing and they tried to get the insurance company (IRI) to agree to a CD,------"so it wouldn't do any damage to other structures". They must have gotten IRI to agree. If he hadn't approached them and it was discovered later he had CD'd the building, Larry and his cronies would have been indicted.

IRI needs to come out and tell their side of the story.

Looks like Daniel Soller was Larry's agent.