WAC Ottawa goes 9/11 Truth Freeway Blogging + RCMP Headquarters

Members of WE ARE CHANGE Ottawa / Ottawa 911 Truth went out for our March Truth Action.

Full Story: http://www.ottawa911truth.com/main/2010/03/wac-ottawa-goes-911-truth-freeway-blogging-rcmp-headquarters/

Our plan was to go to the Vanier Parkway overlooking the 417 Highway from 2 4 pm and hold our 9/11 truth signs to forward the message of 9/11 truth.

We had lots of cars honk from the 417 Highway and the traffic on the Vanier Parkway definitely slowed as those passing by in the car slowed down to read our signs.

An Ottawa policeman stopped by after 45 minutes and asked us to leave the overpass due to safety concerns, could not provide a specific bylaw in regards to this. The Officer mentionned that he wasnt there to stop our protest however we had to leave the overpass. We did so but not before giving him a DVD.

Matt B: We asked Mr. policeman about 3 times about the specific law we were violating he basically gave us the people are complaining safety issue, please go past the overpass you might hurt yourself arguments turned out a blessing in disguise truth-actioned right in front of the rcmp :-)

In total , we have 10 individuals who took the time out of their Saturday afternoon to participate in the truthaction. A positive sign as we are looking forward to having an active summer of spreading the truth.

Here we are in front of the RCMP headquarters which has a lot of traffic going by on the Vanier Parkway and from Coventry Road.

We stayed in front of the RCMP headquarter for the remainder of the two hours. As Matt B put it: Some bottom line stats: After 2.5 hours of work, that any good person could do daily or weekly: 5-6 cars gave us F-Us ; 400-600, conservatively, honked and gave us thumbs up!

Those clowns at the RCMP should care about 9/11

They're about to remain in Afghanistan to "train" the police:


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