Silverstein Asked Insurance Co to Allow Controlled Demolition of WTC7

Shame On Jesse Ventura!
By Jeffrey Scott Shapiro --
Updated April 22, 2010

"Shortly before the building collapsed, several NYPD officers and Con-Edison workers told me that Larry Silverstein, the property developer of One World Financial Center was on the phone with his insurance carrier to see if they would authorize the controlled demolition of the building – since its foundation was already unstable and expected to fall.

A controlled demolition would have minimized the damage caused by the building’s imminent collapse and potentially save lives. Many law enforcement personnel, firefighters and other journalists were aware of this possible option. There was no secret. There was no conspiracy."


Read More on this Blockbuster Admission from FOX NEWS that Silverstein was prepared to use controlled demolition to destroy WTC7 on the day of 9/11/2001.


Jeffrey Scott Shapiro's background is working for the tabloid The Globe.

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro's was not in New York City on 9/11. He was still working for The Globe researching
the Jen Benet Ramsey case.

This shows Shapiro was in Colorado through December 2001.

" 2001-12-00: Ghost of Christmas Past by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro

Ghost of Christmas Past
Obsessed reporter reveals dark under world behind Ramsey case
- - - - - - - - - - - -
by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro (

More on this article here:


This twit was too busy digging trough the Ramsey's trash in Boulder CO to notice 9/11 happened.

"Shapiro is well-known by now to Ramsey watchers. Author Lawrence Schiller, hawking his new book, Perfect Murder,
Perfect Town (HarperCollins, $26) on national television, called Shapiro the Forrest Gump of the Ramsey case.
Everywhere you turned, there he was. Newsweek featured a story on Shapiro in October. "I prefer to think of myself more
James Bond than Forrest," quips the 25-year-old Shapiro, who was editing a Boca community newspaper before getting
hired at the Boca-based Globe."

The rest of the members of the press nicknamed Jeffrey Scott Shapiro 'Forrest Gump' of Jen Benet case.

Could you explain

Why does this mean Shapiro wasn't in NY on 911?

Evidence shows Shapiro working in Boulder CO, not NYC

Read the linked articles. Shapiro is clearly lying. Shapiro was not in NYC on 9/11. One of the linked articles places him still with a Boulder dateline in December 2001.

Shapiro was seen and known to be working for the tabloid The Globe as a researcher on the Jon Benet Ramsey case. Shapiro was clearly seen employed working on the Ramsey case in Boulder for years before, up to, and after 9/11 in Boulder CO. He was mentioned by press covering the Ramsey investigation. He was nicknamed "Forrest Gump" by the regular press covering the Ramsey investigation, because Shapiro kept popping up everywhere the press went in Boulder.

What evidence

I read them (the first link you gave redirects to the Boulder Weekly front page, here's another I found of the same story, but I don't understand how these tabloid stories from December 20th 2001 and March 4th 1999 prove Shapiro wasn't in NY on September 11th 2001. Are you assuming he didn't leave Boulder for months/years?

And, if anything, wouldn't his Gump-like qualities make him more likely to pop up at important events, and his overzealous tactics make him more likely to get inside information?

I told you to read the links

Don't tell me "what evidence?" when you have have not even clicked the links you were already provided.

Shapiro was ridiculed by name by other journalists there in Boulder assigned to cover the Jon Benet Ramsey case. At least one book about the case, too. Pointed out as an example of why tabloids shouldn't be allowed to get involved in ongoing criminal investigations.

I don't like posting entire articles on a thread, but there was demand person making the demand won't read the links provided.

"March 4, 1999

"Ever wonder how the supermarket tabloids really get their stories?

How 'Globe' exploited the murder of a child


Call it the story of the tabloid tattler.

How a zealous cub reporter from South Florida goes
"undercover" for a tabloid newspaper to investigate the
murder of 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey,
the juiciest tabloid story to come along since, well, the
murder of Nicole Brown Simpson.

Reporter stops at nothing (well, almost nothing) to
scoop the competition. In the process, young reporter
gets tangled in a web of intrigue and deceit worthy
of his hero, James Bond. Eventually, he becomes a
double agent and begins documenting dirt on the
tabloid while continuing to work there. Now he threatens
to expose "the corruption" that he says pervades the
topsy-turvy tabloid world.

That's the story swirling around Jeff Shapiro, a former
reporter for The Globe tabloid who grew up in Boca Raton.

Shapiro is well-known by now to Ramsey watchers.
Author Lawrence Schiller, hawking his new book,
Perfect Murder, Perfect Town (HarperCollins, $26) on
national television, called Shapiro the Forrest Gump of
the Ramsey case. Everywhere you turned, there he
was. Newsweek featured a story on Shapiro in October.
"I prefer to think of myself more James Bond than
Forrest," quips the 25-year-old Shapiro, who was
editing a Boca community newspaper before getting
hired at the Boca-based Globe.

It was Shapiro's penchant for I Spy tactics and
"working undercover" that has sometimes put him on
the hot seat in the Ramsey case ("He preys on people,"
a friend of Patsy Ramsey told Newsweek). At the same
time, he scooped the media's big guns on several
Ramsey stories.

"Anytime you're a relentless reporter who will do
anything you can to get a story, people will say you're
preying on people," Shapiro says from Boulder, Colo.,
where JonBenet was murdered.

Infiltrating a church

"I had a passion for the story that the others didn't.
Most of the reporters had a career. They had a family.
They had a life. This was my life. I was absolutely
consumed by this mystery. I wanted to know what
happened in that house that night.

"I still want to know."

How badly did he want to know?

Shapiro, who is Jewish, "infiltrated" the Ramseys'
church by telling their pastor he wanted to convert to
Christianity. (He says half the press corps was in
church on Sundays, and not to pray.)

He once spent the night in a tree outside the
Ramsey house where he used binoculars to spy on the
police (he says one of the cops tipped him off).
Using stolen crime scene photos that were published
by The Globe, he broke a story that identified the type
of nylon cord used to strangle JonBenet on Christmas
night, 1996. He tracked down a Boulder store "50 feet
from where John Ramsey parked his car" that sold the
exact type of cord.

"I have no problem being sneaky," Shapiro readily concedes.

"You're there to be a reporter and get the truth. I
was sneaky, The Globe) was unethical … At some
point, I drew the line. I said enough is enough."

Globe Managing Editor Candace Trunzo tells a different
version. She says Shapiro is a "self-promoter" who "interjected
himself into the Ramsey case" and got "caught up in
the fervor of what is probably one of the great criminal
cases of the last decade."

"I was naive," Shapiro now says of his relationship
with The Globe, although he was savvy enough to
begin secretly tape-recording his phone conversations
with his editors last year. He says he did so, in part, to
protect himself.

In October, he played one of the tapes for the FBI,
alleging that it shows how The Globe had tried to
"leverage" a Boulder detective by uncovering dirt about
his long-deceased mother.

The FBI office in Denver confirms meeting with
Shapiro on two or three occasions, but won't discuss it
further. Trunzo says the tabloid has not heard any
tapes, nor has the FBI contacted it. The Globe did not
run a story about the detective's mother.

"The Globe does not violate any laws," she says.
Whatever the case, the paper did not renew
Shapiro's contract last month. Shapiro says he was
fired because of what he had documented. Trunzo
questions his motives and credibility in attacking the

'No qualms'

"He was a most willing participant in the stories that
The Globe wrote right up until a couple of weeks ago,"
she says. "He had no qualms about taking his salary
and said absolutely nothing about problems with this
story or that story. Part of his problem was when he
saw he was not becoming the star that he wanted to be.

He had a hard time being part of a team.
"He's zealous, maybe overzealous. If he had learned
and listened, he might have matured into a good
reporter. He has the right stuff. He did have some
talent. But it was difficult to channel him. Jeff tried to
impose himself into the investigation and become a part
of this whole Ramsey fiasco. As a journalist, you're not
supposed to be a part of things. You're an observer."

So how did a Boca kid who grew up "dreaming of
being Thomas Jefferson" wind up in this "Ramsey

Wanted to be a crusader

Those who knew Shapiro in college aren't the least

"Everybody who knows him has always said he was
either going to be very famous or he was going to get
into a lot of trouble," says Jeremy #####, a former
roommate who met Shapiro when they were working at
Florida Atlantic University's student newspaper.
"He's always had this sense of wanting to be the
crusader. And he doesn't take no for an answer. Most
reporters, if someone says they don't want to talk to
them, they'll go on to their next subject. Jeff doesn't let
go. He doesn't have that little trigger that says, 'OK,
maybe I shouldn't do this.' He gets what he needs. His
methods are pretty unorthodox, but he gets the

Shapiro, whose parents still live in South Florida (he
doesn't want them identified), was born in Houston and
moved to Boca Raton from California when he was 10.
He graduated from Boca Raton High School in 1991 and
later attended FAU, where he edited the student
newspaper and wrote a column called "Exposure."
Still, he didn't plan a journalism career. A political
science major, he studied subjects such as the
American presidency, which was taught by Michael
Dukakis. He even envisioned running for Congress.
He later transferred to Florida State, where he
graduated in 1995.

In the spring of 1996, he landed an internship at the
White House Office of Media Affairs. (No, he didn't
know Monica Lewinsky. But in another Gump-like
development, he arrived in Washington by coincidence
on the day the Lewinsky scandal broke. Using
internship sources, he filed a story for The Globe.)

Assignment: go undercover

When he was hired by The Globe in early 1997, he
was promptly sent to Boulder. Globe editor Tony Frost
figured nobody would believe the clean-cut Shapiro
was a tabloid reporter. His assignment: To "infiltrate the
Ramseys' inner circle."

Shapiro later spent a month in the hometown of
JonBenet's father, John Ramsey. In Okemos, Mich.,
Shapiro dug up Ramsey's old high school yearbook
and tracked down at least 25 of his former classmates.
("I felt like I knew this man," he says.)

When he learned Patsy Ramsey was a follower of
Christian faith healing, he immersed himself in the

Shapiro says he began butting heads with his editors
when the paper continued to target John Ramsey as
the suspected killer, even after Shapiro uncovered
information that the police were looking elsewhere.
Shapiro later called and wrote John Ramsey to
"apologize for my involvement in the case."

(A grand jury is presently hearing evidence in the Ramsey
case. Neither John nor Patsy Ramsey has been cleared or
accused of wrongdoing. )

"They simply refused to believe that they were
wrong," he says of Globe editors. "They have incredible
God-like egos."

The 'Globe's' techniques

The Globe, it seems, may have created its own

"All I've done is use all the investigative techniques
The Globe taught me to use against other people,"
says Shapiro, who says the tabloid paid him $1,000 a
week and gave him a $200 a month car allowance.

"They bought me a telephone tape recording device."
Now Shapiro, who says he has about 100 hours of
tapes stored in a safe-deposit box, hopes to tell his
story on CBS' 48 Hours, (a producer confirms Shapiro
has been interviewed). And he's thinking about writing
his own story, perhaps a book.

Still, he isn't completely happy with his recent 15
minutes of fame.

He thinks Schiller's book portrays him "as a young
provocateur and troublemaker" who played his sources
against each other. Shapiro says the opposite was

"Good reporters try to distinguish themselves from
the pack," he says. "I was trying to cast a shadow of
doubt on some of the (media) sources and determine if
they had any political motives."

Never broke the law, he says

If some might see Shapiro as the embodiment of
what is wrong with modern-day journalism, he says he
was simply doing his job.

He says he lied to a clergy member to infiltrate the
Ramsey church as a way of getting to know "if the
Ramseys were really the terrible people the tabloids
were making them out to be." And he adds, "I believed I
would find the killer there. I have always believed this
crime has religious aspects to it."

Shapiro says there are lines he never crossed. He
says he never broke the law. And he says he never
paid a source. The Globe's managing editor, however,
says Shapiro was involved in stories where sources
were paid.

"I love being a reporter," he says. "I still have that
fire. I'm still young. I still want to be in the middle of
certain things, although I don't necessarily want to
interject myself into them as much as I thought I did.
"Part of me wanted to be the hero of this case and to
solve the murder of this little girl. I realize now that
wasn't my role. It was to report the facts."

Kathleen Kernicky can be reached at 954-356-4725

Sun-Sentinel Co. and South Florida Interactive, Inc."

I clicked the links

That's why I knew the first link you provided was dead (but you knew that, because you clicked it, right?). I had to search the internet for another copy before I could read it...

We seem to be talking past each other. Maybe someone who has been voting you up could explain your evidence (about why Shapiro wasn't in NY on 911) to me in a different way?


Get a statement from his insurance agent. UNDER OATH!!

This is ripe for criminal conspiracy action.

Please research the story

Please research the story more. Thanks Adam.

BTW, best photo-graphic of Larry I've ever seen!



Silverstein is not a young man. I do believe this stuff will haunt him as he nears his natural end of life -- unless he were to set the record straight. Money will not help him at that time.


I doubt Silverstein is or will be haunted, as I think he's a sociopath.


There sure are a lot of sociopaths involved in this. Cheney too, obviously. And Rummy. And on and on. Even more minor characters involved, like Giuliani. Such a plethora of sociopaths.

I am hoping some of them have conscience, and can feel the enormity of their deeds. Larry, for example.


I think society must find ways to stop such people from naturally rising to the top of institutions, especially when crimes can be hidden behind the sacred cow of 'national security' (or even 'public interest/safety'). Thankfully they screw up enough for some of us to notice. If we only knew..

So what?

Was the damned building "pulled" that day or not? Did Silverstein state, on record, that the order to "pull" was given, and that the result was the collapse of the building?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Good point, NYCGuy

About the only defense now, is that they made the decision to "pull," and then the building just happened to "collapse" at that very moment. Of course, that's par for those nutty, wacky, goofy, bizarro-world, coincidence theorists.


He must have obtained the authorization from his insurance company, if indeed he called them at all.

The operative wording here is "shortly before the building collapsed". Does he mean Larry was on the phone at that time, or when Shapiro talked with his sources about Larry?

If it was when Larry was on the phone, it means they were ready to pull, had all the wiring fixed and were making the case to the insurance company so they could save a lot of money. Oh, and so Larry could make a lot of money.

If it was shortly before the building collapsed and Shapiro was just getting the scoop on Larry's call to the insurance agent, then it still means they had everything ready, because it was pulled and he witnessed it.

GRAND JURY and SUBPOENA time. Flood the District Attorney with demands.

City Council Follow-up!

This strange hit piece by Fox News/Shapiro is a blessing in disguise. It presents the perfect means to leverage a follow-up with the NY City Council Members and D.A. It puts Silverstein and 'pull it' in the spotlight-- and in criminal context. Larry would be part of an investigation in WTC 7 anyway, but this is a way to bolster our efforts at getting the investigation.

The fact that "pull it" is likely a demolition term combined with the physical and testimonial evidence for explosives is powerful.

The fact that the Fire Dept. Commander denies having this conversation with Silverstein is further cause to investigate what really happened.

Now Shapiro's revelation that Larry Silvertein was seeking authorization for Building 7 to be demolished completely undermines Larry's claim that to "pull it" meant to evacuate firefighters.

Furthermore, John Kerry's remark that WTC 7 was Brought Down in a Controlled Fashion now comes into play. Ted?

hole in the foot theory.

ah. the wonders of memory.

just think. This intrepid reporter , files full of heroic debunking fact enough to blow a hole in uncle silversteins natty little story.
Gosh. He was talking to his insurance company about controlled demolition b4 they Pulled it?!?! oops. perhaps we can get verification of this fact from uncle himself?
Just call it the 'pre-emptive business model'. covering all the bases. I mean, the insurance covered 'terrorism', but did that include self inflicted? Maybe a few shorts and puts in there as well as the pull.

Mr Shapiro can be a witness for the prosecution? or the defense?

re Faux News Blog comments

Silly me for signing up to so I could comment on this article. All FOUR attempts were censored, the last of which was "Nothing to see here people, move along." ...just to see if they were being selective. OK, now it's five. Two had "Edna Cintron," one had link to the firefighters recording ("Let Me Know If You See Fire" on ae911truth youtube), one was a complaint that I was being censored.

However, if the claims are true of the poster who says that Shapiro can be proven to have been elsewhere, then this "new Information" or "admission" must be seen as disinfo.

Bingo. Give that man a prize.

This guy is the walking talking example of how to muddy up an investigation with disinfo.

Shapiro known to be working for the tabloid The Globe. The Globe sent him to Boulder to dig up lurid dirt about the Jon Benet Ramsey case. Shapiro was so in and around the Ramsey case and the press covering it he got nicknamed "Forrest Gump" by the press working the case.

I googled his name and the December 2001 Shapiro piece with the Boulder dateline came up on the first page of links.

Fox News can't be used as a source for anything. They lie too much. Fox can only muddy up what might have been clear before they got done of it.

My comments

My comments never saw the light of day either.

Mine either.

Mine either.