CBS's 60 Minutes allows a bit of 9/11 Truth to slip through on an episode called "The Narrative"

Lesley Stahl reports on ex-extremist on how home-grown terrorists are recruited

A former member of a Muslim extremist group tells Lesley Stahl the reason for the increase in home-grown jihadists is an ideology called "the narrative," which states America is at war with Islam. 60 Minutes, Sunday, April 25, 7 p.m. ET/PT.

What Is The Narrative?

Maajid Nawaz is a British Muslim who once believed deeply in "the narrative" but now renounces its message that the United States is out to destroy Islam.

Part 1:

Very cool.

The video editing made it seem like Leslie Stahl was making a firm statement in re: 911, not simply restating what the workshop attendee had said.

Doubt LS is a truther but maybe - just maybe - the editing guy is.

Thanks for posting.

We don't know what the guy said

The video has been edited in such a way that we don't hear what the guy says, but only what she says that he is saying.

Guy: I have a question regarding 9/11: It [is/isn't] [impossible/possible] ... [an organisation] ...

Woman (voice over): When this student got up to ask me a question about the bombing of the World Trade Center, I got a fell for how much we can talk past each other.

Woman: So you... you're telling me that Al Qaeda didn't do 9/11.

Guy: Yeah.

Woman: Is that what you're saying?

Guy: We all know that Al Qeada was created by the CIA to fight ...

Woman (voice over): He was saying it was the CIA that told Osama Bin Laden to attack on 9/11.

Woman: We attacked our own Pentagon and the World Trade Center to have a justification to go into Afghanistan.

Guy: This is part of the...

Woman: Do you really believe that?

A few people: Yeah.

Woman (voice over): They believe we attacked ourselves so that we could go to Afghanistan and kill Muslims.

So all we know is that he was probably going to ask how something not possible about 9/11 was possible, but we don't know what. Then he says Al Qaeda was created by the CIA, a known fact, but it's very different if you just read what the woman said.

So in the end we don't get to decide anything for ourselves. What he says it's regurgitated in a more 'digestible form' for everyone !

FWIW - I sent an email to the

FWIW - I sent an email to the CBS Footage department to see if we could get uncut footage of the group from Peshawar, and they responded that they do not release outtakes, only aired footage.

I still think someone skilled in audio enhancement could pull out more of the guy's question than is audible in the broadcast version.

The insanity on U.S. TV is hard to take

Other than the one guy in the first clip bringing up the fact that 911 was not an Al-Queda operation and that it was essentially an inside job, it was very hard to watch this nonsense.

These guys of middle eastern descent in the first clip should also get their story straight in that the United States isn't in Afghanistan and Iraq to kill muslims. It is all about oil. The deaths of people in these countries are the unfortunate collateral result of the clandestine desire by U.S. elites and their allies in the world to control the oil fields of Iraq and right of way to the Caspian area.

In the meantime listening to the incessant nonsense by the U.S. media about Islamic radicals is difficult. It wasn't Islamic radicals who perpetrated 911, but their irritation now is understandable in light of the unjustified invasions, occupations, and their horrific results. It is essentially the horse before the cart situation. Of course, people in the Islamic world are upset at the U.S. now and yet the U.S. media has no problem in portraying their current irritation as being something which reinforces the notion that it was Islamic radicals who committed the crimes of 911.

Moving forward with a replacement for petroleum like algae and more alternative energies allowing the use of electric cars would solve the problem in the U.S. and it should be happening enmasse. If we are going to run massive deficits, which we are doing by fighting these two wars, we might as well do it on something for the long term. The U.S. military is going to algae based jet fuel as soon as 2011. I just read that tonight.

Shame on us for being clear headed?

Get ready, we are going to be accused of "conspiring ourselves with the enemy" Why? Because we are honest with ourselves and others, regarding science and professional observations, as are the those Islamic individuals in the video clip?

"We should kill

all the Arabs", is what we were told by a man who challenged my friend and I as we engaged with the man working the 9/11 Truth table yesterday at the LA Times Book Festival. Of course relating a long list of facts made no difference.

The following article sheds light on " the narrative" that was introduced by the media on 9/11/01:

"With phony intelligence “fixed” around a preset goal, a game-theory algorithm could predict that our military could be redirected to invade Iraq, a nation that played no role in the attack. Therein lies the game theory-enabled treachery imbedded at the core of this duplicitous relationship."


Not a very big slip

I don't believe this piece was edited to let any "truth" slip by. Notice how she narrates over the young man's question so it isn't heard. In fact, it seemed to be a very seditious and underhanded way to demonize 9/11 truth and associate it to these "extremists" and by extension other "extremists" who see the obvious sham that is the 9/11 narrative. At least that is how it appears to me. She certainly did not narrate over the comment from the young man that asked for one reason to like America and he would dismiss the million others to hate it. This in turn only emphasizes just how "radical" these people are and how daunting the task is change it. We know the U.S. isn't out to destroy Islam, in fact, we couldn't run our imperial world takeover without it. We need a boogeyman and Islam or Islamic terrorism is playing that role.

I did notice that roughly 1/3rd of the group here questions 9/11. That is quite a strikingly similar number to many polls here in the US. One would think it would even be higher amongst this group.

with you in the struggle.. peace all

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"I have known war as few men now living know it. It's very destructiveness on both friend and foe has rendered it useless as a means of settling international disputes."
-- Douglas MacArthur

Made For TV Theater

Plenty of evidence that the "narrative" has been peddled by western interests to ignite conflict and create seemingly plausible motives for what seems to be staged terror.

The whole purpose of this segment seems to be maintaining the perception that some out of control mental illness has taken over the minds of otherwise ordinary people all over the world and turned them into dangerous "radicals".

Interesting that Nawaz's father was a successful engineer in the oil business and that his current activities are supported by the British government or that the "underwear bomber" was the son of one of the most powerful bankers in Africa ... or that John Hinckley was the son of an oilman friendly with George Bush Sr. and on and on and on.

Evidence for explosives at the WTC has been covered by TrueTV and a New York Times best selling book (Jesse Ventura's), yet 60 Minutes would rather cover vague and irrational ideology.

No slip - they did it as they intended

Hey, whoever made the comment about a slip wasn't paying attention. 60 lies was lampooning the Muslims for their ridiculous beliefs and they threw 9/11 in there as a ridiculous belief. Therefore no slip at all, it was as they intended. Probably was pretty effective, too, in reinforcing the official story in viewer's minds.

I think you nailed it, Spectrum Analyzer.

60 minutes is no longer the investigative journalism giant that it once was. It, like many other pseudo investigative journalism type programs, is selling the mythology dictated by their owners. 60 Minutes is used for conveying propaganda disguised as investigative reporting.

Great comments on this interesting to dissect piece. Well done!

I agree with Tony. This is a very effective/clever use of the media and very dangerous. This kind of piece is incredibly damaging to the 9/11 Truth Movement. It needs to be taken very seriously. It must be exposed for what it is, dissected and disseminated to Truthers worldwide and quickly. Work hard my friends, and do not underestimate how powerful this piece and ones similar to it in the future will be at setting the hook even deeper; being so many Americans/People of the World in general still believe the OCT. This has fear written all over it. At the same time the msm will continue to pump up Iran and Nukes all summer long. I'm not one to pray, but I just may do so today. We have our work cut out for us. Go out and speak the Truth. Best wises. RATM!

I'm convinced since a long time

I'm convinced since long ago that the main obstacle is not to convince people that there's enough facts, weird coincidences and unanswered questions to justify a new real independent investigation, the main obstacle is the mainstream media. They really control the people's minds because of their efficiency. Internet is a revolutionary tool to get information, but there's a lot of disinfo and anybody can infiltrate and create confusion. We have one hell of a challenge if we want to get to the general population and undo the brainwashing and the hatred. I wouldn't want to be an arab these days...

CIA Funding

Left out here is the reason to invade Afghanistan - replanting poppies. The Taliban successfully destroyed the poppy fields, and the CIA was without its funding for clandestine operations. Oil was not the main focus there - Iraq, yes. The covered up voiced over question looks like to it was going into the history of the CIA funding AQ to combat Russia, which is real history, that 60 Minutes of Minutia wouldn't allow.

Sounds to me like these guys have more knowledge than

the average US citizen. Guess what, they hate the US and frankly I don't blame them one bit! We are the worlds number one terrorist nation and we are in deep denial. To the average Arab they may as well be underattack, whether it's oil, a pipeline, or poppies their country, culture,and people are being destroyed. I 'd like to know what Leslie Stahl really believes, I think maybe I will email her and ask her! ;


Uh, Leslie...Leslie....wake up. . . time to wake uuuuupppp....


85 percent of AMERICANS, and a higher percent of NON-MUSLIM people around the world believe "we attacked ourselves" as you so childishly phrased it.

Go back to journalism school, get a diploma this time, honey.


Where are you getting your 85% figure from?




I've not seen, and am not finding, anything from CNN to support your claim. Can you provide anything to substantiate it?