David Ray Griffin Coming to Milwaukee, Wisconsin April 30th, 2010 "Is The War In Afghanistan Justified by 9/11?"

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
We've been planning this David Ray Griffin speaking event for close to 5 months and we put out thousands of flyers to promote it. Please join us at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center 5311 So. Howell Ave. (across the street from airport entrance) at 7 pm doors open at 6 pm.

We have 5 of DRG's books and 5 of his DVD/Lectures for sale. We're also giving away the latest deception dollar that has the title of DRG's latest book "The Mysterious Collapse of WTC 7" on the backside of the bill. This event will have interpreters for the deaf and a little music before the event starts. If your close enough please come to this event. This event is free & open to the public. Take Care Matt

Other Locations Where David Ray Griffin Is Speaking

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
There are a number of other locations where David Ray Griffin is speaking within the next two weeks. Here's a link to the official tour webpage:


Take Care Matt

If you have a chance

to see and hear this great man talk don't pass it up. He is one in a million. By the way all our hard work is starting to pay off.... Wait till you hear this one. It blew my mind. We needed some plumbing work done on the house. This old timer came over and did a great job. When I asked him how much money I owed him he said $84. I almost fell off the chair. He was there a couple of hours and had to go to the store for some parts. I expected he would charge in the hundreds. He was also a talker so we started talking money. He is one of us. He asked what was the difference between Obama and his dog? Answer.... The dog has papers!!! So you see people are starting to wake-up by the millions. All our hard work is beginning to pay off big time. Our day is close at hand. Good-by NWO!!!! and don't let the door hit you in the ass.

Not all of

"us" have the same concerns about Obama's citizenship and not all of us are Libertarians or Ron Paul supporters. There are plenty of reasons to distrust Obama and the whole corrupt system...I just think the birth certificate question distracts from 9/11 Truth. Some of us are Kucinich supporters, believe in a women's right to chose and believe being pro-life goes way beyond the fetus. We don't intend to impose our religious beliefs on others or want others to impose their religious beliefs on us. That said, I am happy your plumber is "awake" and totally get that feeling of joy when encountering people who "get it". My dream is to see Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich join together in pushing the truth into the public psyche.