George W. Bush's memoir promises new revelations about 9/11: report,people,news,gripping-george-w-bush-memoirs-to-include-911-revelations-decision-points

Decision Points will include ‘never before heard’ details when it comes out on November 9
By Rachel Helyer Donaldson
LAST UPDATED 12:12 PM, APRIL 26, 2010

George W Bush's publishers are promising "gripping, never-before-heard details" about 9/11 as well as personal issues such as his alcoholism when his memoirs are released on November 9. Crown Publishers, a division of Random House, also confirmed yesterday that the former US President's book will be published under its original working title Decision Points.

Bush has said that the account will not be a memoir in the traditional sense but will instead recall key decisions in both his presidency and personal life. The book's cover, which was also unveiled yesterday, shows the then-President striding past the White House's Rose Garden Colonnade, in a dark suit and carrying a presidential briefing book (above).

Bush's account of his frequently controversial eight years in the White House is highly anticipated, not least because he has given virtually no interviews or public speeches since leaving the Oval Office 15 months ago. Instead, his publishers claimed yesterday, "[Bush] has spent almost every day writing Decision Points".

Crown Publishers - whose latest book is Kitty Kelley's controversial biography of Oprah Winfrey - are calling Bush's memoirs "a strikingly personal and candid account revealing how and why he made the defining decisions in his consequential presidency and personal life."

'Dubya' was not particularly well known for acknowledging his errors during his presidency. However his publishers claim that in Decision Points Bush "writes honestly and directly about his flaws and mistakes, as well as his historic achievements".

As well as the President's take on the September 11 terrorist attacks, he also talks about the protracted legal dispute over the 2000

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do not count on him telling the truth.

Herblay FRANCE

do not count on him telling the truth.
Yours John

I hope he reveals

how that goat book ends.

Perhaps Mr.Bush will tell us

Perhaps Mr.Bush will tell us which television set he was watching when the first plane (AA11) hit the North Tower? On two occasions, shortly after 9/11, he said that "the TV was on" and he "saw a plane hit the tower", before he went into the classroom. This was before Andy Card *allegedly* told him "the second tower has been hit, America is under attack". (Perhaps Card really said something like this... "Mr. President.... everything's going according to plan, just sit there, relax and await further instructions").

Perhaps Mr. Bush will tell us why his administration refused to authorize any investigation into the attacks until 441 days afterwards?
Perhaps Mr. Bush will tell us why his testimony before the 9/11 (C)Om(m)ission was secret, Cheney held his hand, no transcripts allowed, no questions asked?
Perhaps Mr. Bush will tell us why his Secret Service detail let him, his entire entourage, several hundred kids and teachers and hordes of media people remain in an obvious danger zone (that is, if the attack *was* by foreign terrorists), and actively prevented him from leaving, as was the intention and advice of a member of his detail, only to be slapped down by his commander?
Perhaps Mr. Bush will tell us if he noticed his press secretary Ari Fleischer holding up a legal pad from behind the battery of TV cameras, with the words "Don't Say Anything Yet", and why the alleged commander-in-chief was being told to do by an underling?
Perhaps Mr. Bush will tell us why he decided within a week of his inauguration to go to war against Afghanistan and Iraq?
and 1000 more questions....

One thing is for sure: his handlers have gone through the book with a fine-tooth comb, editing, re-editing and sanitizing *EVERYTHING* in that book re. the events of 9/11 and the president's activity and what he had to say.
The other thing of which we can be sure: nothing about 9/11 in that book will have an ounce of reality and truth.

It's not named "Mission Accomplished"?

Then it at least ought to be "Decider Points"

I feel empathy for the editor. Can you imagine the conversation when that poor person found out they were responsible for editing George W. Bush? I wonder if seppuku was brought up by the poor schmuck. What's the over/under on Dubya typos that get through the editing process?

heh ...

... Decider Points ... now that's funny! :-)

Or how about

'Decider's House Rules.'

(Apologies to John Irving.)

Bushes brain?

Do you really think Bush wrote it? More likely his brain (Rove) wrote it..

It could have been written by his Ghostwriter? Not Tony Bliar's

It could have been written by his Ghostwriter ? But it could not have been Tony Bliar's

You should see what happened to Tony Bliar's Ghostwriter and the the demonstrators in front of his house

Terrifying the crowds wanting to get at Tony. Can you imagine that happening to George Bush !



That looks great!

Wow times are a changing...

Best John

can't wait for the book tour

I'm sure WeAreChange can't either.

Yes George is givingthe event begging to beon WeAreChange YouTub

Yes George is giving us THE BIG EVENT begging to be on WeAreChange YouTube.

Can imagine that Fox News, CNN, etc will be reporting the event. Eventually an added opportunity to let these TV channels know that David Ray Griffins has some excellent books on 911 still to be shown on their news.

Don't be surprised

Don't be surprised if W turns out to have the biggest Secret Service detail of any ex-president yet.

I can't wait..

to attend a book burning.

Burning Books

Rove and Bush's books should be publicly burned in front of the NY FED. Announce it. Get earned media. Make the connection between 9/11 and the Banksters who ultimately funded the operation through zig-zag secondaries.

Why stop there?

You know how such events are going to be covered by all the false -dichotomy wanker pundits like Chris Matthews and Bill O'Riley and Sean Hannity (to name but a few). So why not beat them to the punch and toss some copies of their books into the bonfire as well?

At the end of the day

we may be able to learn something that will help trap this SOB. People like Peter Dale Scott are smart enough to deduce many things from the infomation provided. His talk about the 911 commission report and what we do know, along with Cheney's movements on that fatefull day was very impressive. I look forward the to the upcomming analysis! But I really don't plan on buying a copy out of principle. Library copy only!

WTC #7 Controlled Demolition Limited Hangout

The recent Fox News report in which the subject of controlled demolition was raised as part of the official story shows that the ruling elites have accepted that there is no defense against the obvious case for controlled demolition, particularly of WTC #7. They are apparently testing the effectiveness of controlled demolition of Building #7 as a limited hangout, leaving WTC 1 and 2 to bear the burden of the official fairy tale. Nevertheless, controlled demolition remains the strongest argument of the 9/11 Truth Movement. If the MSM starts pushing for official CD of WTC #7, we must push back with all our might and creativity to hammer home all the enormous smoking guns out there.

I hope your and blog Johnny!

Lets keep an eye on that, the bandage approach could be on the would they pull it off? Are the that stupid to try or just desperate?

Regards John

Re-write history

Bush will have help from Goldman Sachs telling his own story. Public Heat on the Banksters is melting steel in the homes af angry Americans who lost their retirement. -- Expect to hear very little about building 7, where Financial institutions, Secret government Agencies, SEC were all waiting to be buried by the Wall Street death panels. -- The SEC has always been in the way of Rothschilds' Financial 9/11. --- SIlverstein's WTC7 demolition allowed evidence to be destroyed that could have prevented the bailout and global financial meltdown had Spitzer and others had the opportunity to investigate. So WTC7 is more than a smoking gun -- it's always been the motive for mass murder in plane sight.


First they got to sober him up.

There's only ONE thing W can enlighten us on . . .

How human beings and fish can peacefully co-exist.

Beyond that I will use this book for kindling.

Yes NYCGuy

And msnbc will expose all his ugly lying, leaving out 911, of course!!!

let's rewrite

How about we try this:

"Bush has said that the account will not be a memoir in the traditional sense but will instead be a series of outrageous lies, BS and eyewash.

Bush's account of his frequently controversial eight years in the White House is highly anticipated, not least because he was never elected president and had, therefore, no business living in the
White House in the first place.

Crown Publishers - whose latest book is Kitty Kelley's controversial biography of Oprah Winfrey - are calling Bush's memoirs 'a strikingly bold and mendacious account by a failed oil man with family connections' who did his best to steer the United States in the direction of fascism."

Family connections?

Which family? The bin-Ladens?

Bush may have been kept in the dark

in regards to 9/11. I'll bet he's never even heard of WTC7.

Great comment!

We all need to laugh a little, it is all so frustrating! Cheney knows about building 7; perhaps he is getting nervous. One only hopes he is squirming, as well as Gulianni, Rumsfeld and the rest.

Thanks Lillyann

Laughter can help us through these Orwellian times. Can you imagine the perpetrators thoughts when WTC7 came down later on that day? You know something went wrong when it comes to WTC7. Because of compartmentalization, the end result of the explosive controlled demolition of all three skyscrapers was probably a surprise to most of the people involved. Even the people who were involved in preparing the demolition may have been told know one would die.

He never stayed up late

He never stayed up late enough to learn anything. I won't drop a dime on it.

911 truth fliers make excellent bookmarks...hint hint.

Perhaps a free 9/11 flier in each book would be a nice gesture?

Comment in free London paper

"George W Bush's book will include his 'flaws and mistakes as well as his achievements', his publisher said. Surely they have little choice? An account of his first unaided poo is unlikely to fill a hardback".

Made me smile.