September 11, 2001

I cancelled my piano lessons for the day. Another miserable cold and fever problems forced me to stay in bed. The morning was pressing on and I thought of getting out of bed but the sun was so nice coming into my bedroom window and directly onto my bed that I just lay there, enjoying the warmth and the silence which was so comforting.

Suddenly, my windows rattled and I heard a rumbling which seemed quite a distance away. The last time I had heard a sound like this which rattled my windows was the 1973 bombing of the WTC. In the pit of my stomach I knew something really bad had happened. I got up. Put on the television and learned, or so I thought, what had happened. A second window rattling explosion made me nauseus as, on the television at the same instant another huge explosion could be seen in the other tower. Continued replays of it made me sicker, that I had to turn it off and go outside. Then, a new, horrific realization: my city, New York City, the city I was born and raised in, the city I still lived in, of old black and white movies with Fred Astaire, or William Powell, the elegant tuxedo'd New York, glittering, sparkling, yet gritty and filthy, a place to come to forget your problems, and live in a fantasy of lights and entertainment, of Broadway and museums, the place I had always felt safe in--would never be the same.


The following days in my neighborhood were the strangest I’d ever known. I live on Sixth Street in the East Village, and all traffic below Fourteenth Street was halted: no cars, buses, cabs, trucks, nothing. Only ambulances or police screaming their sirens to more than usual horrifying effect. When the ambulances were gone, there was only silence…an eerie, disturbing silence that bespoke a lack of being fully consciously aware of what was going on: it seemed an awful dream; people walked around in a daze. Many stores were closed, many were opened but empty. American flags could be seen everywhere when normally only a few could be found on the Fourth of July.

What place is this? What had happened to my world? What was normally a bustling, loud, busy neighborhood was in a fog of shock a dizzy, disconcerting, and utterly unfamiliar atmosphere. Above all, lingering like a ghoul over everything was a smell, a putrid smell of fire, oil, and other things. One dared not think of it. If the wind was right, it was unbreatheable, not for lack of oxygen but for it’s revulsion and repulsiveness. I sealed my windows and purchased a air purifier. It helped. A little. I know my lungs and sinuses have not been the same since.

Worst of all was just walking the quiet streets with their now odd atmosphere and coming past an apartment building where a photo would be placed, hung or framed on the ground, surrounded by flowers, candles, and notes all from passersby. It was chilling to the bone, really beyond my ability to express. Sorry.


After a week or so, I worked up enough courage to go down to ground zero, as it was now called. I could not get very close but from Robert Wagner Park, near the southernmost tip of Manhattan I could see a bizarre and disturbing sight; a large steel “girder” is how I described it, was sticking out of the American Express building like a pin in a pin cushion. I couldn’t make sense of it. What kind of amazing force caused this damned building to collapse which could cause this giant girder to shoot out, fly across the street and lodge itself deep in another office building? It was lodged there, it did not hit it and bounce away. I went right into it like I said, a pin in a pin cushion.

Otherwise, there was nothing out of the ordinary, I thought. Just lots of activity, lots of trucks, and an enormous amount of security: police and national guardsman, armed to the teeth with automatic guns of every imaginary kind in full battle gear. I laughed to myself at the absurdity of that scene. People walking their dogs, a hot dog stand selling poisoned hot dogs to tourists, and this armed-helmeted man, brandishing several weapons, grenades, pepper sprays, and a taser or two, ready to save us from who? A litterbug? Was he going to zap a jaywalker? What were they expecting? An invasion? What was everyone so frightened of? Wasn’t the worst over?


Three years passed and I gave little or no thought to the events of the day. It was too painful. However, in the back of my mind was a lingering doubt. We were at “war” now, a phony war, we all well knew, but 9/11, what was this about? I knew from years of just being alive that the surface story is rarely the truth whether it be politics, war, personal relationships, religion, or sports. There always seemed to be hidden forces or elements of force at work.

I let it stand. But standing led to simmering. Finally, I found a Youtube video of the collapse of Building 7. No explanation, no dialogue. Just a short 10 second or so shot of collapse. I laughed out loud—the kind of laugh that was not a result of humor but from sudden, unexpected revelation, a realization that seemed so obvious a child could see it: building 7 was brought down intentionally by what is known as “controlled demolition.” I had seen hundreds on TV. Who hasn’t? It was obvious. It was beyond doubt. Soon after, I found scientific evidence in support of this conclusion.

And so, as a result of this personal epiphany, and a realization that my long buried doubts had some basis in truth, I, my life, like my city, would never be the same.

I have committed part of my life and life’s energy to the spreading of the word, as best as I can, and to speak out against the lies, wherever and whenever I can. God bless America. More than ever.

New York, NY
April, 2010.

What a great piece. It is

What a great piece. It is 100% guaranteed that these same thoughts and impressions are shared by millions of others, but who feel that to publicly air them will result in personal attacks, or losing friends and acquaintances, or even their employment and livelihoods.

"In times of change, the Patriot is a scarce man; brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot." -Mark Twain


Thank you for the kind words. Just sort of came flowing out of me and had to share it.
Be well.

Bloggulator is right..

Millions of us share these same thoughts. I was working in Rochester, NY that day. At that time, I was the IT Help Desk Supervisor for the Bank of New York (BNY). We took calls from corporate offices and branches worldwide in our Rochester call center. My good friend and colleague was just in those towers two days before when they stayed the weekend in NYC to take in a Yankees game. Another good friend and colleague of mine, Fred, was on a support call that morning with a woman calling from the main corporate office at 101 Barclay. He instant messaged me, "Hey, I am on a strange call, something happened at Barclay. I am on with [ customer ] and she said something just shook the building. I am on hold right now, she's trying to find out." At that same time, my colleage in the supervisor cube next to mine is talking with his son and I can hear the conversation. It sounded like they were discussing a car crash but they weren't. His son worked in the Chrysler building and had witnessed the crash. Sandy told me what happened and instantly we all had the images up on Fred messaged me back confirming the news from his support call and chillingly she told him "Uh Fred, I don't think we are going to be any more calls today, we are being told to evacuate." They ended the call and sure enough, from hundreds a calls a day, my phones were silent. I went to an hour long supervisor's meeting at 9am. By the time I had returned, the other tower was struck, the pentagon was struck, and news in PA was just being announced. I was overwhelmed.

We were already being told it was terrorism by then and I didn't think much else of it at that time. When the towers fell like they did however, I too became suspicious. The event cost me the best job I ever had. I had even seen building 7 fall that day and I was really suspicious but I figured it was too blatant for our media to miss and that if my suspicions were right, I'll be learning about it within days. Well, we all know how that turned out. I asked myself how could it have happened that way for years. It seemed too many things had to fail, but on the surface I believed it was terrorists. Then in Oct of 2007, a friend sent me a link to watch the movie Zeitgeist. My life hasn't been the same since. Now I too try to spread the truth where ever I can. I fight fatigue because I work graveyard. I fight time because I work so much OT because I need the monopoly money to live. I care for my elderly disabled mother and I have two children to look after to boot.

I do what little I can with what little I have left. I post positive factual comments on hit pieces to take on the shills. I donate to organizations I feel can do the most good such as this blog, ae911truth, and nyccan. I purchase used DRG books from amazon (linking from for 9/ of course) and donate them to local libraries. I know it isn't much, but every bit helps. I can't stop. Every time I see the replay of WTC7 coming down and I see that giant pyroclastic cloud envelope that small building with the step roof which was BNY (in this video, its the white buiding on the right I see my livelihood disappear with it. My good friends that worked in that building and how they were scarred because they could see the people jumping as they evacuated. How horrifying. I must spread the truth.

Lately, I've been inspired to try some street actions, but at this point, I'd be the only soul. In fact, If anyone reading this is in the Western New York area near Buffalo or Rochester, I live in between both, and would be interested in starting a WAC chapter in this area, contact me. You can leave messages for me at, I post there as dtg86 too.

Thanks for sharing your story with us NYCGuy and know you are not alone. It is a very inspiring piece and we all can relate to it on so many levels. Keep fighting the good fight and know that truth will prevail. It always does.

Peace all

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"A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures - and that is the basis of all human morality."
-- Winston Churchill

Many thanks for the kind words.

I had no idea I would be touching people in this manner and hearing back from you like this. It is very, very moving to read. Thank you. I encourage others to share as well. It's cathartic, still, after all these years.

Thanks NYC.

I liked the part about seeing the steel girder sticking out of a neighboring building like a pin in a pin cushion. I wish we could get a picture up of that. I also liked hearing your experience of seeing Building 7 for the first time. A lot of us can relate to that. Hopefully more and more people start waking up to this reality and sad facts, so we can do something positive and restore justice to this society.

pin cushion

There are pictures of it. I have seen them. I will try to find them and post them here. Thanks.

Holy sh1t moment.

Building 7 was my "holy shit moment" too. Every thing else could be explained or argued away in some way or other but when I saw the collapse of "building 7" (Loose Change 2nd Edition) I KNEW we had been lied to. Then every thing else fell into place and I realized there were too many unexplained coincidences anomalies and outright lies.

NYC took it straight on the chin on 9/11

Which is why I've always wondered why my good freind who lives there his whole life like you, and who so loved to lay on his back and stare up at the towers on his lunch break wasn't (isn't) outraged when I present him links to the emerging body of evidence. He's not ambivalent about many things, but he cannot or will not look 9/11 Truth in the face. After reading these posts I have a new glimmer of insight as to why. NYCguy, your post is in his inbox now. I hope he reads it and wakes up at long last. It's my guess that those who so royally f@%ked with your great city are getting seriously nervous right about now about the mounting evidence; this time they may have finally overplayed their hand.

There's always hope

I think your friend may be in the same boat as so many other New Yorkers I know: the shock and terror that so many felt for days afterward was virtually impossible to express, compartmentalize, label, whatever. And when the shock began to pass many people, by nature or constitution, had to choose a way to go on amid the grief. One way is total denial. Not of their grief, or the the suffering around them. Those are all part of being alive, being human. But the concept that we were violate by rogue elements within OUR OWN GOVERNMENT -- well, that's just too much for so many to handle.

I was at a gathering of people from my church, people for whom I felt deep love and respect and whom I KNOW love, respected, even admired me. I happen to blurt out, something like, "...well, of course, we all know that 9/11 was a Bush/Cheney operation. . ." when one of the ladies, a delightful, fun-loving lady who greeted me with a hug and kiss every week, turned to me with a look that could stop a bus, and said, "Shut up. Just shut up about that." And she walked away.

What I was saying was blashpemous to her. I might as well have said, "Jesus was a Roman spy." That's how angry she became.

I am flattered that you will give your friend my puny essay. I hope it does some good. If it doesn' patient. Give it time. Who was it that said, "The truth, if driven into the ground, will rise again." (Zola?)


here is a link to the photo's

YES!! Thank you, you got it!

You cannot imagine how frightening the site of the girder sticking out of that building was to me. I stood for quite a while staring at it, making sure I really saw what I seeing.

Thanks, again.