MI5 files on 7/7 attacks 'impossible' to access BBC 28 April 2010


MI5 files on 7/7 attacks 'impossible' to access
Aftermath of 7 July bomb attacks
Fifty-two innocent people were killed in the bombings

It would "impossible" to reveal secret MI5 files about the 7/7 London terror attacks, a court has been told.

The claim has been made at a hearing to decide the format of inquests into the deaths of those killed in 2005.

Lawyers for the families of those who died argue the hearing should also look at whether the intelligence services could have prevented the attacks.

Counsel for the home secretary and MI5 argued examining MI5's involvement was outside the scope of the inquests.

Four suicide bombers detonated their devices on three Tube trains and one bus killing 52 innocent people.

It emerged after the attacks that security agencies came across two of the bombers in 2004 while investigating other terrorist plots.

Developed vetting

But they were not considered to be of sufficient interest to be put under surveillance.

The hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice heard there would be no problem with providing highly sensitive intelligence material to the coroner and counsel to the inquests.

But any jurors could only see the material if they all underwent intrusive "developed vetting" and neither the bereaved families nor their lawyers would be allowed to see it.

Neil Garnham QC, counsel for the home secretary and MI5, said the two official reports about the attacks by the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) - made up of security-cleared MPs - had adequately investigated MI5's involvement.

The families want to know why the decisions were taken in the way they were, and to put questions
The coroner, Lady Justice Hallett

He added there was "overwhelming" public interest in not having top secret MI5 documents revealed in the hearings.

The coroner, Lady Justice Hallett, asked whether it would be possible to restrict the intelligence material discussed in the inquests to that related to the 7 July attacks.

She said: "The families want to know why the decisions were taken in the way they were, and to put questions."

But Mr Garnham suggested a problem would arise because it was necessary to put the decision not to place the 7 July bombers under surveillance in context of all the other investigations MI5 was carrying out at the time.

He said: "It is difficult to see how that can be done without, metaphorically speaking, handing over the keys to Thames House."

The coroner also revealed she went on the internet to read conspiracy theories about the attacks.

The hearing continues.

and where are all the MI5 photos of the wrecked trains ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
and where are all the MI5 photos of the wrecked trains ? For me the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks are linked by the two operation methods being the same.

We know from many witnesses that the bombs were not in the trains but under.

1) Ripple Effect

2) New 7/7 Bombing Photo Contradicts Official Story

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Surely linked

I consider it important to make people understand that 9/11 truth is not only about 9/11 but about a series of false flag terrorist attacks, that al-Qaeda was never external to the Western covert operations apparatus, that we question similar attacks like Bali 12th October 2002, Madrid 11th March 2003, London 7h July 2005, and so on. The Paris metro bombings 1995 belong to the same kind, see Françalgérie, crimes et mensognes d’États, by Lounis Aggoun & Jean-Baptiste Rivoire and when it comes to the "Islamic" massacres in Algeria, La Sale Guerre by Habib Souaïdia. (See also http://www.algeria-watch.de/francais.htm, http://www.algeria-watch.de/index_en.htm)

It is important to underscore that this is not merely about something technical, but something political, something systemic.

It is likewise important to underscore that 9/11 truth is not part of a trend of X-Files like conspiracy fantasies, of urban legends, of new age style occultism, of obsessions like the John Birch Society promoted fantasy of a subversive Illuminati-conspiracy, entertained by former declassed aristocrats (“all evils come from the French revolution”, “we have lost our former power and glory because of a conspiracy”), Hitler's fantasy about a Jewish-plutocratic-Bolshevik world conspiracy, the earlier subversive Rosicrucian conspiracy fantasy, and subversive Templar conspiracy fantasy; last but not least underscore that it is the present fantasy about a subversive terrorist Islamic world conspiracy which is spiritually linked to those historic and new age style conspiracy legends.
Propaganda against us is very much about putting us in the wrong category, including us in a trend, a trend of the new age, the neo-religious, the irrational, the paranoid, the occultist, thus inspire moral panic among intellectuals like for example those who follow Noam Chomsky and Alexander Cockburn. (Apropos Chomsky, in the 60ties we had another intellectual of the same moral authority as Chomsky today, Bertrand Russell, but he did not believe in the Warren report of the JFK assassination − does that make Russell belong to the new age trend?) As soon as we are in the wrong category, we argue in vain with these people. It is important to tell them that we are not to be included in that category, that rather they are. And speaking about paranoia, everybody who can afford an air ticket can observe the paranoia of the security measures in the airports, each bottle you keep in your hand baggage might be a bomb…

Thanks for Posting 7/7 Ripple Effect

This 1.5 min. clip is mind-blowing

Peter Power 7/7 Terror Rehearsal

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The film "Ludicrous Diversion" is quite masterful:


And this site is very important:


Both 9/11 and 7/7 attacks

Both 9/11 and 7/7 attacks were characterized by the *extraordinary* fact that drills, exercises and security operations which simulated the exact same events, were taking place at the same time, on the same day, and at the same locations as the attacks themselves. For this to have happened just once as an "innocent, unfortunate coincidence", is unlikely/improbable far beyond all reasonable expectations. The odds for the same thing to have happened twice, again by "innocent unfortunate coincidence", with such uncanny congruency, is stretching "great unlikelihood" towards the realm of "Not a Chance in Hell".


If there was any honesty or sincerity, or willingness to do their elected duty, on the part of the governments of the nations affected, these drills, exercises and security operations should have been investigated as an [b]integral part of how the attacks were staged, rather than being viewed as separate aspects of what happened on those days[/b]. However, to adopt such a rational position would have implicated parties with far more access to power than a bunch of poor, working class "radical Muslim" kids.... thus entering a major no-go zone, on the part of both neocon-directed administrations, and the complicit cowardly mainstream media, in both the US and UK.

Both the UK's Blair government pursued the same mandate as the Bush administration: "We will not, under any circumstances, investigate". BushCorp, very reluctantly after 441 days, authorized a whitewashed, sick joke of an inquiry under the aegis of Philip Zelikow (like the Mafia investigating the Gambino family). And in the UK? Nearly five years after the 7/7/ bombings and the copycat attack shortly afterwards which failed, not a whisper, or to quote Monty Python "bugger all".

The excuse which is lamely trotted out in the expectation that a weary, frightened public will believe them is: "A public inquiry would be damaging to British national security". Yeah right... isn't that synonymous with the "personal security of mass-murderers working for and on behalf of the UK government"?

What are they so scared of? Why are they so reluctant to investigate what they describe as "al qaida's" work? (!!!!!). What does such shifty, irrational behavior indicate? Guilt, guilt and more guilt. And then some guilt.


"Counsel for the home secretary and MI5 argued examining MI5's involvement was outside the scope of the inquests."
"It emerged after the attacks that security agencies came across two of the bombers in 2004 while investigating other terrorist plots.But they were not considered to be of sufficient interest to be put under surveillance."

How can MI5 have been involved if only two of the patsies were even considered (and rejected) for surveillance? If their 'involvement' was that they didn't get involved, what's the big secret?

The ABC News photo of a carriage interior

in this post clearly shows the floor peeled upwards:


Also, the tv news report about Canary Wharf cited in "Ripple Effect" is corroborated by this New Zealand Herald article: