CBC News: 9/11 skeptics launch Canadian speaking tour

9/11 skeptics launch Canadian speaking tour

Three Canadian universities will be used as venues for a speaking tour by prominent 9/11 skeptics.

Americans Richard Gage and David Ray Griffin dispute the conventional wisdom that foreign terrorists linked to al-Qaida brought down the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001.

They will give lectures at the University of Toronto, Carleton University and the University of Quebec in Montreal over the coming days.

Faculty members at the Montreal university told a city newspaper they are upset the institution is being used for the event.

One says it harms the school's credibility.

This tour comes right on the heels of a free-speech controversy that erupted when US pundit Ann Coulter had an appearance cancelled at the University of Ottawa.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/ottawa/story/2010/04/30/911-skeptics.html#ixzz0mcdIEb5N

Comments are running against us

The comments are running against us. Feel free to do on over and post.

Added mine

Yes comments may be running agains us but most are typically uneducated insults. Here's my response.

"I would sooner believe some 1200 credentialed architects and engineers than all the politicians, media whores and know-it-alls on this blog, when it comes to the physics of building collapse. It's too easy to write off legitimate questions by suggesting "someone would talk." It's no crazier to question 9/11 (with a thousand holes in the official explanation,) than it was to question Hitler's Reichstag fire or the Gleiwitz incident. Bad stuff happens in the process of empire building people, get over it. "

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Keeping in mind that it is a moderated site, did your comment get posted? I agree with everything that you said. I would have omitted the "media whores and know-it-alls" line to avoid alienating potential recruits, although it is quite accurate, and posting some such thing would be in accord with my gut reaction.

I am going to try submitting one now.

When our troops post, you can see the difference in tone - fact-based and reasoned in the majority of cases, with very few of the partially informed comments that used to be typical.

Having said that ...

I see that you did get published, and you have received a lot of up-votes, so as they used to say in the Ottawa Valley in prehistoric times, "way to go lad."


Didn't they also used to say "g'day from the valley."?
Hope you added your Can $.02:))))
Edit: Oops. I see u did.
Truth rocks.
I hope to make it to the Toronto event if I can get out of MotoGP party sober and early enough:)))

My submission

Here is what I posted:

"When I went to the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth website today, I found that 1,188 architectural and engineering professionals had signed a petition. This document demanded that the U.S. Congress conduct a truly independent investigation of the events on Sept 11, 2001. In mid-February the number of signatories passed 1,000. That is a growth of 188 engineers, architects, and scientists in that time period. If my arithmetic is correct, that is about a 19% increase in a little over two months

All signatories had their credentials verified. They had degrees or certification in science, engineering or architecture. A few dozen were structural engineers. A significant number had doctorates. Some were professors.

Perhaps these credentialed folk are a gullible lot or have some sort of mental disorder.

On the other hand, perhaps they are just willing to look at science and evidence, much of it published in respectable peer reviewed scientific and engineering journals, and in the U.S. government FEMA , NIST and associated reports on 9/11. Richard Gage, AIA, discusses this in his presentation.

You could go to the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth site, easily found with Google, and inform yourselves before you form an opinion.

It does not seem wise, or even rational, to form an opinion without first looking hard at the evidence."

Not a big issue with most.

Sadly, it's not on most people's radar. Only 77 comments in over 24 hours.
Whatever, we hopefully compelled a few people to think.

Comments closed?

I think the page has been saying "This story is now closed to commenting." for me the whole time, while I've been watching the number of comments increase (from about 40).


Nah. Still open, Up to 84 now. Like I said, it's not on most people's radar.

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This was meant to be a reply to 'Open' by Phaedrus.

I think my connection is being filtered somehow because I still can't comment. The bottom looks like this:

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I tried clearing my cache and it's still the same.

Accessing the site via http://www.anonymouse.org doesn't even show the comments...

This is a comment from "Law Guy"

This comment from "Law Guy" really hit the mark. If anyone reads all the comments, this easily negates all the simple condescending insults and idiotic arguments supporting the official story. Thanks Law Guy.

"I'm not an architect, nor an engineer, nor a chemist, nor a physicist. And although I have (very) briefly flown friends' planes, I am not a pilot.

I am, however, an attorney. I have formal training in the examination, presentation, and analysis of forensic, eye witness, and other evidence.

Approximately four years ago, I learned the truth about 9/11. The thought that we had been lied to by the mainstream media blew me away.

I have studied this issue more than most people. After seeing one of Richard Gage's videos, I actually verified his license with the California Board of Architects.

After seeing in a documentary that burning jet fuel (kerosene) cannot melt steel, I double-checked that fact on the Periodic Chart of the Elements.

When I heard a few months back that unexploded military-grade thermite chips were found in all the dust samples collected for a peer-reviewed scientific journal in Europe, I downloaded and read the entire article.

It is with great pain that I have to say, the Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11 (19 Arabs with boxcutters story...) is nothing more than a monstrous myth.

If anyone reading this is even a TINY bit curious about learning the events surrounding 9/11, I suggest you see these two people speak.

Should Mr. Gage or Dr. Griffin happen to be perusing this very comment, the only words that come to mind that I'd like to say to them are 'God bless you both.'

Since becoming a 9/11 historian (the word 'truther' bugs me), I have never looked at the 'news', politics, or the mainstream media in the same way again.

I am not really an optimist when it comes to "word peace", but I feel the ONLY way it MAY come about, would be once the truth about 9/11 gets out in the mainstream.

I bought six tickets for friends to attend in Montreal."