DJ Green Arrow of Artists and Actors for 9/11 Truth once again vows to set new rap record, inspired by NYCCAN

DJ Green Arrow, the rapper who set a new Guinness World Record™ for "Longest Freestyle Rap" at the "We Demand Transparency" Conference, is about to quintuple his record, in an attempt to gain major media exposure.

"I have some people from the mainstream media who are interested in this event, because it's a chance for everyone to experience the longest freestyle and continuous rap ever performed in
history. I want to, while I have people aware of my accomplishment, advocate that the official story cannot be true and demand a real investigation".

DJ Green Arrow was asked by Dr. David Ray Griffin to be a member of a new group, created by Dr. Griffin and Ed Asner, called Artists and Actors for 9/11 Truth. The website for the group, which has not officially launched yet, is

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DJ Green Arrow has researched 9/11 extensively in preparation for release of his production, in conjunction with Dr. Griffin of an audiobook of "Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory". He is an active member of We Are Change NYC and a supporter of, In fact, Richard Gage briefly made it into his last record-breaking rap, when DJ Green Arrow found himself face-to-face at the conference. Gage briefly danced to the rap. Unfortunately, the camera did not catch it, as most witnesses did.

DJ Green Arrow is a 9/11 Family member, and hopes to inspire other family members to reach beyond all limitations in the name of humanity.

He is shattering his previous record by rapping for an incredible 52 Hours. he will rap for 12 hours straight, then take an hour break, then repeat this 4 times. He has been intensively training to do this for 2 years, including studies in martial arts and reading approximately 5,000 books. "You can't freestyle if you don't know anything," he says, quoting one of the Last Poets. The rap, according to the rules, must be rhythmical, have a storytelling element, and it must make sense. He will start at 3PM, Monday, May 3rd at World Trade Center 7, and will end at the Maysles Cinema in Harlem on Wednesday, May 5, at 7 PM, when he arrives for an event celebrating "Who Shot Ya?" author Ernie Panniccioli, the Hiphop photographer who is known as "The Sixth Element of Hiphop". Paniccioli has said of DJ Green Arrow's attempt, "Real Hip Hop is being Original and doing what has never been done and doing it with Flavor. I Salute him 100."
Chuck D of Public Enemy gave DJ Green Arrow his name and his logo, which is the Public Enemy "man in the crosshairs" logo, with an upward-pointing arrow in the center. Chuck says "(he) is a MASTER of finding different ways of presenting artistic expression".

This event is in many ways a precursor to an event in October, on 10/10/10, where DJ Green and a 150-piece orchestra will break 3 Guinness World Records™ simultaneously. DJ Green Arrow adds: "for THAT event, we have KRS-ONE on film saying that he will be there, and we have Afrika Bambaataa and Dr. Shaka Zulu on film saying that this event is endorsed by the Universal Zulu Nation".

Updates will be provided hourly to DJGreen, and via Facebook and Twitter. FB & TW: djgreenarrow
DJ Green Arrow welcomes suggestions on what he should rhyme about, the best way to reach him during the rap is to send a text to 347-878-7551.

DJ Green Arrow is known by many in the 9/11 Truth Movement as "Building 7 of Hiphop":
"You don't really know about Hiphop until you know about Public Enemy, Afrika Bambaataa, Zulu Nation, who I'm affiliated with, and you don't know about Hiphop until you're aware that there might be a Guinness World Record™ for Rap. And you definitely know nothing about 9/11 until you know about Building 7. My goal is as I get more visible with mainstream media exposure, Building 7 truth will come out. This way, when people think of Building 7 they'll think of me, and vice verca, similar to how when people think of Snoop Dogg they think about herb. And sometimes vice verca. I hope to have a positive synergistic relationship with Building 7 in people's minds. I like to say that when the lyrical nanothermite from my Hiphop ancestors hit me, I fell into my own footprint in seven seconds, and then I rebuilt myself, and still the spirit of Barry Jennings lives inside of me, eternally. I am Building 7 of Hiphop... the one you don't know about, the one you NEED to know about, since I spit the truth".

Last year's "New World Record for Rap":
KRS-ONE supports DJ Green Arrow and speaks on how vital 9/11 Truth is:
Longer KRS-ONE video with Heather LaMastro of NYCCAN and We Are Change: