TIMES SQUARE (*yawn*) BOMB SCARE! Is it me?

Is it me? Have I become so cynical that I believe nothing I see/hear reported in the MSM in particular when it comes to "bomb scares."? Because this latest "bomb scare in my city seemed like nothing more than a prank, or a set-up to show how badly we need two things: 1) police cameras, and 2) to be very, very afraid.

Perhaps I'd be less cynical if within the first 4 minutes of the local news report I was watching the word "terrorism" had not been used 11 times. Or, if there wasn't a blatant suggestion that "home grown" terrorists were become the real problem (i.e, US, the citizens of the United States are the REAL TERRORISTS). Or, if there were not some representative of government law enforcement explaining how hidden and not so hidden camera's are so crucial to the life and death of citizens.

Or, if a brutally ugly and biased piece like this:


from the NY Times wasn't so predictably foreboding in its import. Note: passersby were asked their opinion, as if their opinion mattered in the dissemination of a news story, and what did they have to say?
"Well, we've had to live with this threat since 9/11!"
"I've been expecting a terrorist attack all along..." or,
“It’s just a matter of time,” and,
“It’s the nature of terrorist organizations that they don’t do creative things and worthwhile things; they destroy. The only thing that surprises me is they haven’t been more successful.” We are even told that an "Upper West Side" (we KNOW HE must be smart) neuroscientist keeps an emergency pack flashlight, (duct tape, plastic bags, canned foods) in his apartment and has "rendezvous points" with friends (whatever THAT means. What do they meet to do? Exchange canned foods coupons?)

Maybe I should be more frightened than I am. Maybe I reallly should consider the threat of attack more seriously, that there really are hundreds and thousand of lunatics out there who want me dead because of my freedom.

Or, (*yawn*) maybe I should switch channels and watch old Honeymooner reruns.

You're not alone ...

what are the chances that when this comes to trial, it will turn out that FBI informants and double agents, agent provocateurs, patsies, stooges, undercover intelligence assets or whatever had more than a little bit to do with orchestrating this particular event?

I hate to say it but. . .

. . . I have no doubt whatsoever that this is precisely what we are looking at.

I would be very curious to see IF in fact this comes to trial, if it comes to trial in NYC, and if it will be an "open" trial. Or, will he be kept in prison, for years, without trial, without representation, which,Patriot Act allows them to do.

My God, what has happened to my country? God forgive us.