9/11 Truth as Citizens Intelligence Movement

The global, distributed, decentralized network of independent citizen activists and researchers known as the 9/11 Truth movement actually constitutes a free, open-source intelligence gathering and dissemination system - it could be thought of as a citizens intelligence movement.

This system, or movement, represents a valuable and effective instrument for public security and the protection of hard won civil liberties and political freedoms.

The information garnered, analysed, collated and distributed worldwide via the internet, represents a wealth of knowledge and evidence that can actively hinder or constrain the extralegal activities of state, especially those that threaten grave harm to the citizenry.

Since 2001, the public use of the internet and the consequential surge in the exchange of knowledge and information previously kept hidden by media (self-) censorship, have led to a broadening and a deepening of the social discourse.

Subjects previously kept strictly off limits have gained unprecedented exposure, which in turn has expanded the pool of knowledge and advanced public understanding of contemporary power structures and their covert machinations.

The evolution of this informal, public/citizens intelligence movement offers the possibility of reining in the currently unaccountable and uncontrolled "security state", which clearly threatens the safety and security of civilian communities.

Where did this come from?

A true statement of our progress....where did it come from and who is the author?

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Thanks John ...

I've been reading a book called "Government of the Shadows", an academic tome, edited by Eric Wilson, a Senior Lecturer in Public International Law at Monash University, Melbourne. The book is a collection of case studies that examine the nature of secret government, covert political activity and transnational crime.

In chapter 2, titled Democratic State vs Deep State, the author, Ola Tunander writes ...

"While the 'democratic state' offers legitimacy to security politics, the 'security state' intervenes where necessary, by limiting the range of democratic politics. ... the security state is the very apparatus that defines when and whether a 'state of emergency' will emerge."

"The 'security state' is able to calibrate or manipulate the policies of the 'democratic state' through the use of a totally different logic of politics - a kind of politics that in this book is referred to as 'parapolitics' and which operates outside the law to define the limits of the legal discourse."

While reading this book, it occurred to me that the covert machinations of the security state, which depend very much on secrecy to be effective, are therefore susceptible to public disclosure. In this sense, the activities of 9/11 truth activists, by exposing the covert actions of the security state, serve to challenge, undermine, even threaten, the exercise of unbridled criminality by the deep state.

In this respect, the 9/11 truth movement represents perhaps the best hope we have of confronting and eventually divesting the security state of its inviolable cloak of legal immunity.

Eloquently Worded Statement!

Thank You for putting this into words. You have defined us precisely.

The whole world is awakening

I also thought this was an excellent observation of what is happening. I agree that the internet is instrumental in the awakening process, as well as the formation of this Citizens Intelligence Movement as you call it, to stay awake at home and around the world.

I've been thinking similar thoughts ever since I woke up only a year and a half ago. I had written a few essays back then, inspired as I was, and I finally put them together in a new blog to focus on 911 Truth Awakening. This is my first more public announcement of its existence, and I invite you to participate with your own stories, and references to related stories of others. I'd thought about instead just adding separate blog entries here at 911blogger, but I think it will be important and useful to focus on just this issue of how this awakening process happens, and to speed it along in others.

State Crimes Against Democracy

I have purchased American Behavioral Scientist, Vol. 53, No. 6 February 2010. The February edition is available in print, and can be ordered for $24 for the whole issue.Contact SAGE Journals Customer Service department via e-mail at journals@sagepub.com or phone 1-800-818-7243. I did so, and am about halfway through it. I learned of your interest indirectly through Deep Politics Forum: http://deeppoliticsforum.com/ .

The list of referenced articles and books is comprehensive; they have done their homework. The insights are solid, more advanced than any save perhaps the likes of the known names in the literature. There is certainly food and fodder here for any serious blogger or researcher. I shall report more when appropriate. I will leave you with a taste:

The introductory article by Witt and Kouzmin speaks of a search for "due diligence that can square, among other disparate claims of fact, the two following strands: (a) standard public administration operating procedures, rehearsed, documented, and carried out scores of times each years; with (b) the probabilistically implausible, comprehensive failure of NORAD to respond according to procedure even after the first World trade Center tower had been hit."

This thus far appears not to be a clandestine package of misinformation or misdirection. Though the authors exercise due care not to leap to conclusions and to choose their words carefully, they are unafraid to stray, well-armed with research, into the center of the debate with the apparent purpose of shaping it for future understanding and clarity, reform, and further research.

The third article is about secrecy, "negative information actions". their subversion of checks and balances and the rule of law in a democracy, and sets forth a Negative Information Action Model. It is a deep review of Iran-Contra. The last (so I skipped ahead, sue me) is Witt's "Pretending Not to See or Hear, Refusing to Signify..." is blistering; the opening two paragraphs on the role of TV shows as Hegelian passion plays is worth the price of admission. I find the entire thing to be a compelling read, and it will certainly fuel my further research.

For the record, I used to blog here some time, have had several interactions with Dr. Griffin, have assembled my own contribution in writing online about Dick Cheney and the OODA loop, and the potential application of that war theory inside the electronic worlds of war-gaming, management, computer science, etc., and have assembled a collection of material that draws a picture that connects Iran-Contra with 9/11 and the current mess of bailout.

In connection with the above piece, the academic treatise I am now reading, and so much of the work done in 9/11 and related matters by researchers and citizens, we are beyond connecting dots; we are into pointillism.

Riffing on the themes in framing SCAD research

Riffing on the themes in framing SCAD research

a review of Sage Publications’ American Behavioral Scientist (Volume 53, No. 6, 783-794)(February 2010) (ISSN 0002-7642)(J201), Sense Making Under “Holographic” Conditions: Framing SCAD Research.