The Ameros on 91.5 FM (WRPI)

"Commission Report's covering up for government crimes"
Lyric from the Ameros song: "Weight of the World"

Shortly after the patriot act, the band the Ameros (then Cultural Relativtiy) wrote and recorded the song "Name Your Price for Freedom" that started their long journey of intellectual and musical discovery. (Video Below)

The very night that they posted the recordings of the original demo to myspace, they were contacted by a Columbus DJ from Leaf Pile Radio and told that they would love to start spinning the tune! On that DJ's page just happened to be the movie, "Loose Change." After the jaw dropping realization of the world we really lived in and the anger mixed with clarity, the Ameros started engaging truth groups across the nation. Volunteering their music to the rising tide of youtube video directors. One such person, was Sean Muniz from the War on Apathy in Albany, NY.

At the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth, Jesse and Sean met with, what for many was the birth of an expansive grassroots movement. After a few years, Jesse and Kawari would move from Ohio to meet up with Kiki Vassilakis and Sean Muniz to form the group now known as the Ameros.

Since then, the Ameros have played Cabinfest, Truthstock, Larkfest, and have been interviewed on 104.9 FM the Edge, 99.7 out of the Berkshires, and Revolution Radio Live. They are looking to release a new album in February with the songs "Terminator Seeds" and "H1N1" that have added a harder-rap-metal feel to the ever evolving sound of the Ameros. Listen to "Terminator Seeds" and download "H1N1" when you subscribe to our newsletter.