Has the ball been dropped on BARRY JENNINGS?

One of the most intriguing and tragic stories to come out of 9/11 is the mystery surrounding Barry Jennings. A believeable and open witness to the fact that there were explosions in building 7 long before the collapse his testimony before true investigatory commission would have been devastating to the official story. But since his death (which still remains a mystery) and since Dylan Avery was warned by a PI not to pursue the case, the case has been dropped like a bad habit.

Is everyone afraid of this case? Is there no prominent organization or person that can pick up the trail without fear of retribution? Is Mr. Jennings heroism, courage, honesty and love for this city going to end up in that dustbin we hear so much about? It sickens me.

Is there an elected official who can take up the cause? If Mr. Jennings was a NYC resident, perhaps his Councilman might assist. (NYC Council members see themselves as extremely powerful people with egos to match). Perhaps his Councilman may see this as an opportunity to advance his/her political ambitions.

Or are they more likely to see it as a way to end them? As you can tell I am very frustrated.

Maybe because I'm a fellow NY'er, and I know so many just like Mr. Jennings, hard working, trustworthy, intelligent, liked by all his co-workers, a mature adult male which we see so little of in our youth oriented culture, that I feel so strongly about getting to the bottom of this mess.

Try contacting this gentleman

I have the email address of a Det. John Carroll from NYC, his email is jmkj918@comcast.net and we may be able to find something further there. I got his email off the Alex Jones show over a year ago and I did write him once or twice, I know he is interested in the truth and knows all about the hard core corruption in the NYPD. Maybe you, as a local concerned citizen, could send him a brief message stating your concerns and interests. He seemed like a nice enough guy and would at least have a suggestion of where to go next. Just my 2 cents...

Dave Nehring


Just wrote a note to the good Detective. Let's see where this leads!

Would Appreciate Similar Effort Regarding WTC People Of Interest

A similar effort aimed at locating employees and contractors who worked on suspect renovation projects within the WTC towers during the months prior to 9/11 might yield clues as to exactly how the discovered nano-thermite was applied.

Methods could then lead to people of interest and paper trails.

The answers are out there.


We owe it to the man to spread his testimony far and wide. And to get to the bottom of what happened to him. If we allow political assassinations to go unchallenged (if that is indeed what it was), then the operatives on top side have accomplished their objective and we will lose/ have already lost !!

Thanks for expressing my feelings.

I completely agree that more needs to be done. We have had a few actions and there is the website www.jenningsmystery.com, thanks to David Slesinger. He has been one or the most active on the Barry Jennings issue. I confess that lately my activism has taken a back seat to my survival needs.

I have a gut feeling that Barry Jennings was put in some sort of witness protection program. I see parallels between his case of being an inconvenient witness and the case of Emad Salem, the FBI informant who gave us the information that the FBI provided the bomb for the 1993 WTC bombing.

They didn't use his testimony about this in the trials, but they did put him in the witness protection program.

Of course, once they are in the abyss known as the witness protection program, what keeps them from being eliminated? I don't know.

On the other hand, he may have just been eliminated directly.

Bottom line: Further investigation is needed to find out the facts.


RobinDallas, you raise an interesting idea. But let's think this through. The government runs the Witness Protection Program. They cut a deal with you. Usually what happens is, they get the info, you don't go to jail. And you never see your family and friends again. And you might even get some plastic surgery in the process... So I'm wondering why the gov would offer that to Barry? Just to shut him up? Why would BJ accept? To save his family who were probably threatened? "Shut up, or they all die" or "Shut up, go into the WPP and they live." ?? It's possible, but I think it's unlikely. We need to find out why the PI backed off so quickly. Clearly something is amiss. Personally, I think someone just clicked "delete".

As I said, I was just speculating.

I appreciate your comment and viewpoint milongal. You may be right.

What if Barry Jennings was realizing that he was in the middle of something big that he no longer wanted to be a part of? What if he went to some government official and asked what he could do to get out of the middle of this for the sake of his family's safety. The government might then have offered to put him in the WPP as a way out. Under this assumption Barry may have cooperated with the government and followed their instructions. They fake his death and take him away to the WPP. At that point, they could kill him. He was already dead as far as the public was concerned.

Again, this is pure speculation only meant as fodder for discussion.

I want to know what actually happened.

Well I guess...

... the services of another PI could be used.

If the first candidate didn't have the guts to do the job, some other one might have.


"This is very interesting ... Aparently Jennings was in hospital a few days before he died. Dylan Avery recently hired a PI to investigate Jennings' death and not long after, the highly paid PI refunded his money and said "never contact me again". Also, Jennings' family seemed to have dissapeared."


Surely the disappearance of an entire family would raise some discussion...?!

Why not hire another Private Eye?

Why not hire another Private Eye?

My question exactly

Another private eye could be hired, and some local truthers could also do some digging.

I'm a local truther. . .

.. . and I did some digging today, and I did not like what I found. As what was told to me was told under the promise of confidentiality I cannot share it.

Suffice it to say I believe it will take an organization or a very high profile investigative company to persue this case. I don't know which one but if someone can suggest one I'll be glad to contact them.

Dylan Avery tried to go the "private investigator" route and he went screaming into the night. No. A PI will not work here.

Well I guess you are satisfied.

Thanks for teasing us with that ominous comment.

I guess we will all have to find the answers individually.


I guess I should not have said anything. But someday you'll have someone's confidence and know what it means to keep it.

If you were able to find information that fast....

then I suspect others will be able to find that same information.

I respect your choice to maintain confidence.

Please at least answer this

Was the information I provided useful in bringing you to the conclusion you are at? Did the detective get back to you?

Yes, very useful


He wrote back immediately and yes, told me something that brought me to this conclusion.

I think that he would be

I think that he would be necessary to get the advice of a legal expert to determine what type of action can be made about the mysterious circumstances of the death of Barry Jennings. Hire a detective in order to do an investigation is not maybe the only solution.

Perhaps "Nyccan" can help you?


Understood, but...

... this is very frustrating.

The picture we get is that there just is something too frightening behind Barry's fate and that there is nothing anyone can do about it. All we are left with are the same questions we started with.

the on-screen testimony that barry has already provided. . .

. . . can be used in any official investigation that comes about (e.g., an investigation by the nyc council if the latest nyccan efforts are successful). even in court (where the rules for admitting evidence are much tougher that in an open legislative investigation), there is an exception to the hearsay rule when a witness is unavailable to testify. thus, mr. jennings most valuable statements (for example, see here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRaKHq2dfCI)--should be admitted into evidence and given great weight.
we will be forever grateful to mr. jennings for coming forward the way he did, and hopefully, if those in power (e.g., nyc council) muster the courage to act, mr. jennings' existing testimony will go a long way toward finding 9/11 truth.

I wrote to Detective Carroll

I introduced myself and asked for any information he might have on Barry Jennings along with why Barry Jennings is significant. I'm sure that he is aware. There is no autopsy and there are no death records that I can locate ? What do you make of that ? I'm open to suggestions ?

This is what I make of that

If there are no death records, it is because some person or persons does not WANT there to be death records.

I am at a loss to suggest anything because all I've got takes money, and I'm rather poor. But if someone (or group) has the money to hire a top notch, professional detective AGENCY, one that is high-profile and well known, you just may have a chance of getting some info. Or even the truth.

This is what I heard

I never said anything to protect certain people, but apparently it's known now (more or less), so...
I don't know if Dylan Avery has gone on record about this or not.

I don't have the greatest memory in the world, so this is the story to the best of my knowledge.

Avery stopped by Jennings' house and it was empty. I forget how long after his death this was. Apparently, I think according to neighbors, a day or two after Jennings died, a large moving van pulled up in front of the house, loaded everything up, and drove away. I think most people would think that is odd behavior, that that would occur a couple of days after someone dies. (could be coincidence) The family did not talk to any neighbors that they new fairly well before they left. They kind of just disappeared. And "no one knows where they went."

So Avery hired a PI to look into Jennings' death. (and the disappearance of the family, etc.)

After about a week, or so, the PI contacted Avery, gave him back all of the retainer money (so many hundreds of dollars per day times whatever), told Avery she was going to take what she found to the police, and told Avery to never contact her again. She would not tell him what she found.

Someone should find out if it was ever reported to the police (one would think the local police there), and what was done by them, if anything.
And/or a better PI should be hired who has more cojones.

However, if what she found is "that bad", maybe no PI in their right mind would take the case and follow through with it.

More attention needed

This should not be forgotten. Barry was a good man, who stuck to the truth.

Plus it has the potential to attrack a great deal of interest in 9/11 - Barry's testimony, the BBC distortions, Barry's strange death, the disappearance of the family, the PI's behavior...