Just a Thank You Note

This past Monday, I had the great privilege, along with a spectator-filled room in Montreal, to attend Richard Gage and David Ray Griffin's presentations.

Even if I have been following on a daily basis for the past few years all the News available regarding 9/11, I still learned a few new things from these very efficient speakers. Which just goes to show how important work they are both doing, investigating and constantly reporting new developments regarding the events. They are, truly, OUR mainstream media.

The evening started out with a great introduction where the Maître D' asked the Radio-Canada crew (french equivalent to CBC) reporting the event to stay for the evening, instead of leaving 10 minutes into the first presentation... which they did anyway, of course.

Then DRG stepped up to the plate and delivered another of his precise and fact filed presentation about the legality of the wars going on and giving us an interesting glance at his next book.

During the (very) small break between the two presentations, I went in the back, over DRG's book table, where he was already signing books. I had brought my old copy of "The New Pearl Harbour" for him to sign. So I took it out, shook his hand and we had a very brief conversation about the "New Pearl Harbour - Revisited", which he explains is not just an updated version of the first one, but rather a complimentary book. So I told him I would buy it soon, and jokingly added that "I was too poor, this month"...

Later on, after Richard Gages's presentation, you could easily feel the "awakening" of a few people in the crowd, during the Q&A. I guess it's always the same, everywhere he speaks. But you could also feel a sense or urgency in his tone of voice and his eyes, which made me realize how far we'd all come. The science behind explosives at the WTC on Sept. 11 is now incontrovertible . Gage and A&E911 have done their job of amassing the data and putting hard cold facts on the table. He is now relentlessly repeating it everywhere he goes, like a mantra. All he can do now, is spread it everywhere. Just that, makes him and his staff work extremely long hours every week, he mentioned during the Q&A. But he still does it with conviction and energy.

And as I walked out of the room, two hours or so after his presentation was finished, I saw DRG again, still over at his table, giving a radio interview. It made me wondered why at this point in his life, when most people would prefer a well deserved quiet retirement, he elected to tour across the land, speaking as often as he does, writing book after book on the subject. I think I know what. That sense of urgency again...

I stopped and bought the "New Pearl Harbour - Revisited". If he can sum up the energy to do all that he does at his age, the least I can do is encourage him to keep writing informative material as he has done in the past.

Mr. Gage, Mr. Griffin - your work is important. Thank you. You are two of the Movement's indestructible core columns.

I Can Speak For DRG Regarding This 2010 Speaking Tour

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
I worked with DRG for the past 6 months planning this tour with him as his tour organizer. DRG has shown me how hard he works to uncover 9/11 Truth. It was his work ethic that inspired my work ethic to help him organize this tour. I got to meet him for the first time in Chicago on 4/27 and again when he came to Milwaukee on 4/30 for our speaking event. During these visits to Chicago and Milwaukee he was very gracious and giving of his time to anyone that wanted to talk to him or get a book signed by him. He also spent time socializing with organizers and others after the events were over. It was an honor to work with him and I'm still working with him because at this point in time he has 5 more stops on his 15 city tour in 16 days. Just saying that says it all about his commitment to 9/11 Truth and the 9/11 Truth Movement.
Take Care Matt

Faculty Does a CYA Protest of 9/11

The fuculty simply wants to be on record as opposing the 9/11 Truth topic. Many of their grants are ties to how they cooperate with the status quo. They will complain each and every time 9/11 Truth is spoken.

the fuckulty...too funny

when you really look into history you realize "THE ACADEMIA" ....those in charge the proverbial knowledge pool for a given culture generally complain incessantly each time and every time real truth is ever spoken. Their JOB is the guarding and shoring up of the necessary lies that keep the machine rolling on...doing its dirty job of killing and suppressing the great unwashed.

For shame

The spirit of true learning has been subsumed by the technical training required for corporate domination. in Australia, humanities departments, where a shadow of this real spirit may still exist even today, are starved of funding while the technical training for a raft of occupations required by the corporations or government grows and spits out ever increasing numbers of non-thinking servants of the horrible machine. Universities would once have been the place where 911Truth could have taken hold, but not today. Instead, individuals with their ethical standards intact have taken the load. Shame on the universities.

Academics in the 9/11 Truth Movement

Should be pressing very hard now to make truth events and public forums happen at their local campuses. Because when the powers that be at these UniNurseries refuse, we can raise a ruckus over free speech and the historic importance of intellectual exchange as just happened in Quebec. Screw your tenure; your jobs are getting cut from budgets left and right anyway,so go to your deans and make a fuss; demand some good old fashioned academic debate and then call them out when they shy away. Maybe smaller private colleges would be more receptive.

academia and truth...

is like pickles and ice cream...not a very likely mix.
I once canvassed an entire physics and engineering faculty for a large midwestern university and publicly challenged them to face off Kevin Ryan in a debate...I did this in several different ways, including mailings containing DVD's, posters and even flyers in ALL faculty mailboxes.
They were scared to death.
I got ZERO responses. Kevin gave a remarkable talk and Kevin Barrett and William Rodriguez showed up as well. It was a fantastic event, but I would be surprised if even one so-called "professional college intellectual" made it to hear what they had to say.
That was in 06 I believe...
could times have changed? It would be nice, Chriskin...maybe you will have better luck

You were there early

Those in your wake will create a tipping point. Try again.

I like your spirit!

maybe I will


"The evening started out with a great introduction where the Maître D' asked the Radio-Canada crew (french equivalent to CBC) reporting the event to stay for the evening, instead of leaving 10 minutes into the first presentation... which they did anyway, of course."

You mean they did leave 10 minutes into the first presentation?

What point was there in showing up at all, in that case?

As usual...

They come in to report on the crowd, not the content of the conference....

And of course, they had this spin over the presentation of this event on University grounds, which was the main way they had of avoiding covering the reason for the conference. For days now, in Montreal, everyone was debating about letting groups like the 9/11Truth Movements speak at Universities, and almost no one spoke about the important message being brought through it....

MSM is all about the container. Rarely does it takes a look inside.


The mainstream media came to

The mainstream media came to exercise their customary Pavlovian kneejerk reaction every time there's a 9/11 Truth event. They probably had the framework of their "report" on the event written prior to the event itself. Each MSM "jerk of the knees" will contain the phrase "conspiracy theorists",100% guaranteed. The US/UK/Canadian corporate "weasel" media has emulated (and now overtaken) "Baghdad Bob", Saddam's media henchman, as who might be remembered in future history books as Goebbels' successor.

A fine evening

It was such a great feeling to be there, sitting in this room packed with people of all ages, ethnic origins, and speaking two (and more ) languages. It was a great example of how truth unites people. Obviously, no media was there to take notes and go through the facts point by point. It really makes me angry, but I guess there will have to be something important that occurs in the future to make them change their mind. I wish I knew what!

I was proud to thank Mr Griffin in person and have his book signed. The dedication of this man is such a strong example.

I was sitting with CD67 and it was great to feel that we are not alone in Quebec seeing the obvious facts about 9/11.

Richard Gage amazes me with the way he can explain complex matters in a simple and efficient formula. Repeating day after day the same facts must be exhausting!

Great evening, and a huge thank you to the organizers, especially to JF Ranger!

I did my part a bought all I could buy in books and DVDs, and I also invited two friends who weren't as informed as I am and who were armed with solid info when they came out, to probably spread the word a little more.